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In this section of the website, we discuss certain categories of addiction. If you or somebody you know is suffering from a certain type of addiction, this section of the website aims to educate you so you are aware of the implications this addiction may bring. More importantly, we arm you with information you so may act in helping to eliminate this addiction before it is simply too late.

In this section on addiction, we outline addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling and eating disorders. Many of these addictions are officially recognised in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), whilst others are controversial and may not be regarded as an addiction proper. This includes sex addiction, porn addiction and video game addiction.

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Substance misuse and substance addiction

Substance misuse is unarguably the most common form of addiction. Alcoholism and drug addiction both feature heavily in the DSM-5. Substance misuse is also known as substance abuse and substance dependency. All of these terms are commonly used interchangeably, and they are all understood to take on the same meaning. Substance misuse does not necessarily equate to addiction. Substance misuse is about the harmful use of substances, often for non-medical reasons.

Addiction to substances and the associated substance misuse may be physical and/or psychological in nature. Some of the more common characteristics of addiction include cravings, an inability to stop using drugs and a dysfunctional lifestyle directly attributable to drug use.

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Behavioural addiction

Behavioural addiction does not involve substances. A behavioural addiction may be an impulse control disorder (these include kleptomania, pyromania and intermittent explosive disorder) or an addiction proper. Currently, the DSM-5 only recognises one behavioural addiction, and this is known as gambling addiction. There are many other purported behavioural addictions that will probably enter the DSM-5 in due course. This includes sex, love, porn and video game addiction.

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Alcoholism is a form of substance misuse that requires special attention due to its prevalence. Alcoholism is a disease of the mind. One of the signs of alcoholism is the habitual consumption of alcohol. Those affected by alcoholism continue to drink despite the fact this level of drinking negatively impacts their mental and physical health.

Alcoholism creates both a psychological and physical addiction. Alcohol acts to depress the central nervous system. This is why alcohol is commonly termed a ‘depressant’. Because of this, alcohol is known to reduce anxiety and lower inhabitations. Because alcohol is a toxin, it damages the organs it comes into contact with. This includes the heart, the liver and the brain.

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