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Behavioural addictions are also known as process addictions or non-chemical addictions. Behavioural addictions are characterised by compulsions to engage in harmful and self-destructive actions. Behavioural addiction is a chronic disease of the mind. Notable forms of behavioural addiction include kleptomania, shopping addiction and gambling addiction.

Currently, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) only recognised one behaviour addiction in the form of gambling addiction. The DSM-5 also recognised one impulse-control disorder (kleptomania) and three behaviour compulsions (excoriation, hoarding disorder and trichotillomania).

Although there exists no ‘cure’ for behavioural addictions, they may be successfully arrested using behavioural therapy. This therapy commonly takes place at a residential rehabilitation centre or through hourly sessions on an outpatient basis.

Common types of behaviour addiction





Eating Disorders


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