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Cocaine is one of most highly addictive substance known today. A cocaine addiction causes an imbalance in the user’s brain. When cocaine is withdrawn users experience a number of painful withdrawal symptoms. This pain is accompanied with intense physical cravings for the drug. Thus withdrawal is difficult to succeed at without professional intervention. Cocaine makes users feel energetic and if great quantities of the drug are consumed users experience violent tremors. As users increase cocaine use a tolerance to the drug builds up. An even greater quantity of cocaine is needed to achieve the desired ‘high’.

Our rehabilitation process

The good news is cocaine addiction is completely curable under correct rehabilitation conditions. Rehab 4 Addiction offers residential rehabilitation for cocaine addiction under such conditions. Your receive 24 hour a day medical observation whilst you tackle ‘withdrawal symptoms’ associated with cocaine detoxification. Withdrawal symptoms include mood swings, fatigue and suicidal thoughts. A full risk assessment will be conducted when you enter our rehabilitation centre and your medical records may be examined by our medical team. Medical records may be requested if you are deemed at risk of high blood pressure and cardiac arrest.

Post detoxification therapy

Since cocaine addiction is more psychological than physical in nature, detoxification alone will not be sufficient to defeat your addiction alone. Our cocaine addiction rehabilitation programme incorporates several therapies and counselling sessions arming you with powerful coping strategies needed to prevent relapse. Therapy comes in the form of group therapy and individual therapy. Cognitive behaviour therapy is employed throughout. During group therapy sessions you take part in small group discussions. Individual therapy is a form of one-on-one therapy conducted in the presence of a qualified psychiatrist or psychologist.

When your cocaine addiction rehabilitation programme draws to a close we set in place a relapse prevention plan. We work closely with local communities in your area. You are encouraged to attend your local Cocaine Anonymous or SMART Recovery group in your area.

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If you are ready to enter residential treatment for cocaine addiction then give Rehab 4 Addiction a call today. Cocaine addiction treatment could save your life and the cost of the treatment is usually miniscule in comparison to the cost associated with the continuation of addiction. Call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or complete the enquiry form.