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The idea that alcohol can cause life-threatening health conditions may seem farfetched to many residents of Dartford. However, the truth is, thousands of Dartford residents and many other towns in the United Kingdom are faced with the risk of severe illness.

It gets worse for those suffering with substance use disorder. They have one choice to make. They either stop drinking and live or continue drinking and die.

Alcohol and drug addiction are manifested in many ways. Some who abuse substances become addicted to other activities such as gambling or other drugs. In most cases, the addiction causes financial problems which can be detected easily.

Fuelling any addiction is usually expensive. Those suffering from substance use disorder need money to buy alcohol and drugs, yet they aren’t usually in a capacity to work and sustain their addiction.

As a result, they turn to activities like gambling that offer quick and easy money. It doesn’t matter how addiction manifests itself.

How we can help

Rehab4Addiction is a drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford dedicated to helping those suffering from substance use disorder in Dartford. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, you can call our free helpline: 0800 140 4690.

We offer secure and confidential services, so feel free to get in touch. When you call us, we will share our various alcohol and drug addiction treatment options. In most cases, we recommend all our patients to take our treatment programme offered in our residential clinic.

Our Residential Clinic Programme

Patients who take this programme have the opportunity to stay in a drug-free environment while they take to undergo detoxification followed by treatment. If you find yourself in a drug & alcohol rehab in Dartford such as Rehab4Addiction, you are assured of going through a complete rehab treatment process that boosts your chances of recovery.

Most people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs tend to suffer from anxiety and clinical depression. These mental health problems are usually caused by traumatic events that have happened in a person’s past.

During your time in our Dartford rehab clinic, you will take part in counselling and therapy sessions meant to help you overcome these traumatic events without having to resort to alcohol or drugs.

Treatment Steps: Drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford

Step 1: Assessment, detoxification, and counselling

Treatment commences with a psychiatric assessment after which you will be given prescription medication to manage withdrawal symptoms experienced during detoxification. Once you complete your detox programme, you will be taken through a wide range of therapy and counselling sessions.

We offer daily individual and group therapy sessions tailored to your needs. You can opt for as many sessions as you need to address your underlying addiction problems conclusively before you conclude residential treatment.

Step 2: Making life changes

After psychiatric assessment and therapy/counselling sessions, Rehab 4 Addiction will help you make long-term life chances. We have tested and proven that all successful addiction recoveries in the long-term are dictated by the changes you make in your life going forward.

Quitting alcohol or drugs verbally without making any practical fundamental life chances increases the chances of a relapse. This is precisely why we recommend treatments that ensure you study your life and introduce fundamental changes that make you the strongest and most vigilant person towards addiction triggers.

We equip our patients to deal with all signs of relapse immediately before they occur. Our programme focuses on avoiding triggers such as situations and environments that are likely to make you start abusing alcohol or drugs again.

We have an inbuilt aftercare programme in Dartford that is specifically meant to help you stick to the life changes you make while in rehab. It can be challenging sticking to significant lifestyle changes on your own in the long-term.

Our aftercare programme has been designed to allow our patients to return to the rehab a year or so after completing the residential treatment programme. The programme assesses a patient’s progress and makes the necessary recommendations.

How to find out more today

Contact us today to get more information about the top drug and alcohol rehab in Dartford and treatments offered. You can also complete an online enquiry. We respond fast. Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Kent, including Maidstone, Gravesend, Canterbury, Dover, Margate, Folkestone, Gillingham, Ramsgate, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Dartford.

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