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Addiction is a struggle that many people know all too well. For one thing, it’s truly difficult to deal with the psychological and physical consequences that we inflict upon ourselves through substance abuse. To make things worse, there is the challenge of not wanting to admit – to ourselves or others – that there is a problem to be addressed.

There are many reasons why people stay in denial about their addiction or try their best to hide it from others. It could be a sense of shame, a stubbornness to change, or not wanting to worry those who care about us.

Whatever the reasons, staying in denial and struggling on through addiction is not sustainable – in the long run, it only makes things more difficult.

Change can begin when a person who is in addiction is able to accept that there is a problem, to acknowledge the effect that addiction has had on their life, and to commit to lasting, positive change. Whenever you’re ready to take that step, we at Rehab 4 Addiction are here to help.

We are a UK-wide rehab referral service, whose purpose is to get people like you into a rehab facility that is the best possible fit for that person.

You see, the process of recovery depends a lot upon the individual – everyone suffers in a different way, and therefore everyone’s treatment will need to be slightly different.

What we do is identify your needs and, using our in-depth knowledge of the various rehab centres in the Alfreton area, arrange a placement that will give you the best possible chance of recovery.

Call us on 0800 140 4690 to speak to a Rehab 4 Addiction advisor, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about rehab.

What to expect from rehab

There are many misconceptions about what rehab actually involved, that are sadly still perpetrated in some parts of the media. Some people get the impression that rehab is only for the rich and famous, or that it’s a prison-like environment in which you have little-to-no freedom.

Neither of these is true. Quite simply, rehab facilities are locations that combine all aspects of recovery treatment within the same building. Its goal is to educate you about addiction, teach you how to cope with your condition, and guide you through to a full recovery by the time you leave.

When you arrive at rehab, one of the first things on your agenda will be to put together a personalised plan of treatment with the help of an on-site professional.

This will involve a number of different therapies, including traditional counselling, group therapy, and motivational therapy, as well as slightly different activities such as art therapy, motivational therapy, and mindfulness meditation.

The idea of this treatment plan is to help you get to the bottom of the issues underlying your addiction, to effectively deal with withdrawal and cravings, and to understand your own condition better overall.

How the referral process works

Once you reach out and call us on 0800 140 4690, our aim will be to get to know you a little better, so that we can make an informed decision on your treatment. This will involve a telephone consultation, the purpose of which is to get a clearer picture of your addiction and how it manifests in your daily life.

We may ask you questions about the length, severity, and impact of your addiction, as well as some questions about your current life circumstances.

We appreciate that it may be difficult for some to open up to a stranger about sensitive issues like this. However, please be assured that our telephone advisors are approachable, highly-trained, and will treat your information with the strictest of confidence. We are bound by all applicable data protection laws of the UK.

Once the assessment is complete, we will be able to match you with a rehab facility in Alfreton or the surrounding areas. We will also talk you through all the practicalities around moving into rehabs, such as costing, timeframe, and suggestions on taking care of dependents while you’re away.

Drug & alcohol withdrawal

A necessary part of drug & alcohol rehab is a proper rehab process, in order to rid your body of all traces of the substance that you have been using.

This will be carried out under the watch of the on-site medical professionals, which is vital – do not attempt to detox alone, or go ‘cold turkey’. This is extremely dangerous and can result in serious illness or death.

For those suffering from alcohol dependence, it is likely that your detox will involve gradually reducing your alcohol consumption, rather than stopping abruptly. There are many medical reasons for doing it this way, which the medical staff at the rehab facility will be happy to explain to you.

As you consume less and less, it is likely that you will experience some physical side effects of withdrawal, which can be quite unpleasant. This could include profuse sweating, headaches, muscle aches, and other types of general discomfort.

Although this can be a very challenging experience to go through, it is a necessary part of recovery, and the professionals on-site will be able to help you through the pain.

Attending rehab in Alfreton

We offer rehab placements to service users all across the UK, including here in Alfreton. We find that most people who go through rehab tend to prefer to do so at a location close to home, rather than attending a retreat further afield. There are many reasons for this, such as convenience, and being as close as possible to their own support network.

Attending a rehab close to home also opens the possibility of involving your loved ones in some of your therapy sessions – although this will only be recommended if appropriate for your specific treatment plan, and only if you consent to have them involved in your treatment.

There is also the potential to attend rehab as an outpatient if you stay close to home. Again, this is something that will only be suggested if it is right for you and your particular set of circumstances.

If things are currently a little chaotic or toxic at home, you will be encouraged to attend as an inpatient. This is something that will be discussed during your initial consultation.

Get addiction help in Alfreton today

If you’re ready to acknowledge your addiction, you are ready to reach out for help. All you have to do is call us on 0800 140 4690 and complete your initial assessment.

Once we have more information about your circumstances, we can get you into a rehab facility in the Alfreton area in Derbyshire as soon as practically possible.


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