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Getting help for alcohol rehab in Amersham

Alcoholism, also known as an addiction to alcohol, is a serious condition where individuals abuse drinking. The extent of this drinking is to the point where a dependency on alcohol is created in order for their bodies to function.

It is harmless for most people to have an alcoholic beverage or two on occasion. But for those suffering from alcoholism, drinking is a frequent, damaging behaviour that creates an extreme addiction.

One of the best ways to help yourself or a loved one suffering from alcoholism is to go to rehab. These programs are designed to provide assistance and alternatives to eliminate a dependency on alcohol.

Do I need to go to rehab?

There are several signs that rehab is the best choice for someone with alcohol addiction. If there are physical health concerns as a result of alcohol use, or relationships among family and friends have become highly tense or strained, rehab would be a good option.

If alcohol becomes a necessity every day and you’re valuing it over other responsibilities, causing school or work to suffer, you would benefit from attending rehab.

Other signs that rehab would be a good choice are legal concerns over your use, denial, or lying about alcohol consumption Being absent at important obligations is another. Lastly, if your loved ones are concerned that you’ve tried but failed to stop drinking before, rehab is the best course of action for you.

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What is the importance of medically-assisted detoxification during the inpatient rehab process?

It’s essential that medical assistance and staff are present during the detox period and inpatient rehab processes. Medical professionals know how to properly conduct alcohol detox in a safe, more comfortable manner. Those undergoing detox with medical help are also given support, monitoring, and have the peace of mind knowing that if they need it, intervention is there.

Private, inpatient rehab facilities are often able to deliver the best quality medical care throughout the stages of alcohol rehab, but especially during the detox phase. Detoxification is necessary and helpful, but it can very damaging if done incorrectly or without medical professionals.

What to ask when looking for a rehab centre?

Beginning the search for an alcohol rehab centre can appear daunting at first; however, it does not have to be an insurmountable task. Asking the right questions is the key to making the best decision for you or your loved one.

First, ensure the rehab centre treats alcoholism, as there are several forms of rehab facilities for any number of disorders. Next, inquire about the kinds of therapies the facility conducts, like counselling, family therapy, group programs, or more holistic treatment methods. Ask about the kinds of options and support provided by the facility for living sober after the rehab is complete.

Check the credentialing and licensing of all facilities you look into to make sure that you’re working alongside professional, high-quality programs. Lastly, check payment options to ensure that the facility works with your preferred insurance, payment method, or other financial needs.

What happens during alcohol rehab?

During an inpatient program for alcohol rehab, there are a number of processes and treatments that may take place. First is the detoxification process, which is crucial to the remainder of treatment as it clears the body of alcohol to allow for the best engagement with subsequent therapies.

Detoxification for alcoholism usually involves certain medications to reduce the desire or need for alcohol. Experiencing extreme withdrawal from alcohol can be potentially deadly without medication, which means you shouldn’t do it alone. There are both group and individual therapy sessions typically, where you can share experiences and bond with others.

Clients are often offered fitness or wellness options to create healthy self-esteem and promote fitness during rehab processes. Alongside fitness, there is also nutritional support to make sure you’re eating the right things. Should participants choose, spiritual concerns and development are options as part of a holistic method of treatment for alcoholism.

Other care involves various workshops that are designed to engage individuals in both experiential and educational ways. Rehab is a multi-faceted process that takes care to involve every aspect of participants’ lives to create a whole, healthy life post-intervention.

How long does alcohol rehab last? 

Alcohol rehab is a time commitment; however, it is more than worth it to live a life that is unfettered by a harmful addiction. Typically, inpatient rehab lasts for one month, but the NIDA states that treatments lasting for about three months are typically more effective.

In Amersham, participants can expect to stay at a hospital site for approximately 28 Medically-assisted detoxification will be performed if needed, then you will undergo both personal and group therapy for alcohol addiction.

Our Amersham rehab facilities use the widely-acclaimed 12-Step method coming from the AA organization. Our approaches are fitted to personal circumstances and needs, while also aligning with NICE guidelines. You can also expect family or couple counselling, then free aftercare and family support for one year post-treatment.

How can I prepare for rehab?

To best prepare for alcohol rehab, it’s important to understand that anxiety and stress are very common feelings before beginning treatment. While they may seem uncomfortable, rehab staff and processes are trained to care best for you even while feeling these emotions.

Before starting treatment, make certain that you have taken care of familial or workplace responsibilities for the duration of rehab. Complete any financial tasks necessary, or arrange for these to be taken care of while you’re in treatment. Bring only the essentials with you during the rehab process to ensure you’re adhering to guidelines and allowed items.

Enjoy your company, reach out to your friends and family to let them know what’s going on, and tell them how much you appreciate their support, even if they don’t ask. While in rehab, bring a journal or diary to record feelings and track progress.

Be sure to relax as much as possible, avoid unnecessary stress, and clear your head to prepare for rehab. Engaging in rehab for alcoholism is a brave decision that will assist you to lead a more balanced, healthy life without addiction.

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