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If you are someone struggling with addiction and considering a drug and alcohol rehab in Argyll, Rehab 4 Addiction are here to help.

We can take over the challenging part of searching for suitable addiction treatment and an appropriate rehab, and get to work seeking the treatment you need.

We understand that the prospect of rehab can seem daunting and overwhelming, so we strive to make the process of admission and treatment as smooth and as comfortable as possible for all our clients.

We ensure a quick and easy transition from your home to a drug and alcohol rehab near you, and successful recovery to follow.

If you are still unsure about rehab or wish to know more about our referral services, please do not hesitate to give us a call today on 0800 140 4690.

A few of our frequently asked questions are answered below, but feel free to get in contact with us if you don’t find the information you need.

How likely is an at-home recovery?

For a lucky few, an at-home recovery can and will be a viable option for addiction treatment.  However, this can only be possible if the individual attempting a recovery fits into a few specific categories.

If addiction is not severe, the substance the individual uses is not a high-class drug, the person has a network of friends and family ready to help them if they need, at home detoxes are performed safely and with the proper medical knowledge, and the individual is a strong-willed and self-motivated person.

These are a few of the deciding factors behind whether or not a recovery at home will be successful.

If you are suffering from an addiction that is considered serious, are using a high-class substance, do not have the support you need at home, or are someone who is unable to motivate themselves and stay on track, at home addiction treatment options are not recommended.

There is no shame if the latter sounds more like you, in fact, this is the situation for thousands of people all across the UK.

At home detoxes are always risky, even for those who fit the categories mentioned above. Mistakes can still be made when there is no guidance from professionals, and even if you do succeed in withdrawing physically from drugs or alcohol, many emotional triggers may still remain at home and can interfere with your recovery.

Relapses are much more likely when you are alone at home, and drugs and alcohol are more easily accessed when you are not in a rehabilitation centre, or surrounded by people ready and willing to offer support.

For these and many more reasons, we almost always recommend rehab as the best addiction treatment option.

Why opt for professional treatment?

As mentioned above, any attempt of recovery at home is risky and can lead to a relapse, dangerous long-term effects on your body and mind, and sometimes even death.

This is why professional treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is always advised by us here at Rehab 4 Addiction.

Not only does it lessen the risks of recovering at home by a huge amount, but it also comes with a host of benefits that other treatment options do not.

Around the clock care, support from highly-trained medical professionals and therapists, treatment tailored to fit your needs and created to be the most beneficial to you, constant monitoring of your progress and improvement, alterations of your treatment as you need them, detachment from possible triggers of your home environment, and a general welcoming, judgement-free zone to work through your addiction at your own pace.

These are just a few of the advantages that are attached to drug and alcohol rehab, and some that you will come to experience as you begin your journey to recovery.

Rehab is the most effective route for reaching a full and successful recovery and is the best way to ensure that this recovery is long-lasting, as rehab treats the root causes of addiction as well as the physical symptoms.

This ensures that even when you leave our care, you leave with the necessary knowledge and coping techniques to be able to continue your improvement back in the real world.

Working through your addiction in therapy and counselling sessions also give you the opportunity to come to terms with your addiction as an illness, and begin to treat it as such.

Everything you undergo during your time in rehab will prepare you for a drug and alcohol-free life back home, which non-professional treatment cannot always guarantee.

What is the cost of rehab?

When discussing your addiction, where the most suitable place for you to receive treatment is and what methods of treatment you should undergo, we can also discuss budgets.

We understand that not all of our clients will have a huge budget readily available for rehab, and some will have fluctuating or unstable finances. We want to ensure you that no matter your financial situation, we will strive to get you the care and treatment that you need.

Discussing money can be a taboo and sometimes uncomfortable topic, but rest assured that our admissions team are ready and willing to help regardless of your budget, and are there to find you treatment, not judge your situation.

How long will I be in rehab?

Due to the differences between client’s addictions and needs, treatment plans and the time needed in rehab will differ greatly.

The average amount of time for a rehab programme is around 28 days, however, this can change depending on what you require throughout your stay, and whether you end up needing more or less support than others.

We suggest that a minimum of 28 days is what you go by when letting any friends, family, or workplaces know about your situation, but be sure to mention that this is subject to change.

Call us on 0800 140 4690 or contact us through this website. We’re ready and waiting to help you combat your addiction once and for all.

Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Scotland, including Aberdeen, Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Strathclyde, Stirling, St Andrews, Prestwick, Perth, Peebles, Paisley, Motherwell, Midlothian, Lothian, Livingston, Kilmarnock, Irvine, Inverness, Berwick, Hamilton, Glenrothes, Galloway, Falkirk, Dunfermline, Dundee, Dumfries, Dumbarton, Clydebank, Bathgate, Bannockburn, Argyll, and Angus.

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