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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Ashby de la Zouch

The idea of rehab for most people is a new prospect. This means that you probably have a lot of questions about what drug and alcohol addiction treatment consists of.

Do you have worries or concerns that are stopping you from reaching out for professional help?

You may have researched rehab and what it can provide for clients or you may not be familiar with it at all.

At Rehab 4 Addiction we understand that rehab is a huge decision to make and can feel very scary. However, rehabilitation is needed if you are looking to successfully overcome an addiction.

By calling our team on 0800 140 4690 we can answer any queries you may have related to private rehab.

We can also offer professional support through advice and referrals helping you source the most suitable rehab clinic.

To experience the services we have to offer, reach out to our team today. You can also read some of the most frequently asked questions below.

How can you help me source a rehab clinic in Ashby de la Zouch?

At Rehab 4 Addiction we can help you find a rehab clinic in Ashby de la Zouch. By utilising the services we provide you can expect to enter rehab as soon as your referral has been processed.

One of the greatest benefits of contacting Rehab 4 Addiction is that we can reassure you during your journey that you are visiting the most suitable treatment centre.

Choosing the right rehab centre on your own can feel overwhelming when there are so many options available.

Because of the availability of private rehab, it can be difficult to decide which programme is the most fitted to your criteria.

Our team can help you make this decision by offering assessments during your consultation.

We conduct assessments to ensure we have a good understanding of you and your relationship with drugs and alcohol. We also take into consideration your budget and goals for recovery.

Once we have compiled this information, we can produce several recommendations for the most suitable centre for you.

By getting in touch with Rehab 4 Addiction today you can access a multitude of benefits and begin your journey to sobriety.

Can I try to recover alone?

Many people in the UK attempt to recover from drugs and alcohol at home. This is mainly because of the privacy and convenience it offers.

However, attempting to withdraw alone can have dangerous and even fatal effects.

Lone detoxes are never encouraged by Rehab 4 Addiction and are very different to home detoxes offered within an outpatient treatment.

Addiction is a chronic illness meaning it can change your behaviour and mindset without your control. This means that there is a lot of work that needs to be done to successfully work through your issues.

It can also be very hard for those with severe addictions to reduce consumption levels which is why we always recommend sourcing professional treatment at all times.

Attempting to recover alone means you have no access to care like that provided at a residential facility.

To increase your chances of lifelong recovery we recommend you visit a residential treatment centre to begin your rehabilitation journey.

Will I be able to avoid drugs and alcohol after rehab?

By investing yourself into rehab provided in Ashby de la Zouch recovery can be an attainable goal. The main aim for most clients is long-term recovery.

This means that you must be willing to remain committed and dedicated to sobriety daily.

To help you achieve your goal of sobriety you will lay foundations during your time in treatment.

With a support worker, you can create a relapse prevention plan which can support you during your transition back into the home environment.

You can also learn how to form healthy coping mechanisms and positive lifestyle choices which can help when posed with obstacles in your life.

After you have completed treatment you will have access to ongoing support for up to twelve months from your chosen clinic. This ensures you can lead a life of sobriety and wave goodbye to drugs and alcohol for good.

Call us today

We understand that this is a lot of information to be presented with and you may have further questions you would like to ask our team.

Our team can offer judgement-free advice at all times and many of them are in lifelong recovery too so understand the hardships you are facing.

If you are ready to commit to treatment and would like to discuss your options for treatment in Ashby de la Zouch call us today on 0800 140 4690.

At Rehab 4 Addiction we want to help you and stand by your side during this challenging time.


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