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Coming to the decision that you want to stop drinking or using drugs means that you’ve probably realised you have an addiction. Using drugs and drinking long-term affects people throughout the country. It can feel like there is no way out, that the trap of the substance will never end.

The ripple effects that spread across every aspect of life can feel insurmountable. Not only is the physical effect on your body damaging, but drugs and alcohol can also destroy mental health as well as having a negative influence on social and financial situations.

With the increase in addictions rising throughout Britain to the hundreds of thousands since the 1970s, there has also been an increase in treatment availability. Whatever the type of addiction, severity, and a person’s circumstances, there are rehabilitation programmes that can provide the most solid of start to your recovery.

With the focus and desire to stop, we at Rehab 4 Addiction know that you can start healing your mind and body. With the most suitable treatment option for you in Ashington in Northumberland, you can begin a new life of rehabilitation and sobriety.

What makes a person start drinking or doing drugs?

There are many causes. For each person who attends rehabilitation, there will be a unique story. The compassionate and experienced staff who work in the treatment centres in Ashington work with an individualistic and humanistic approach.

People might use alcohol or drugs because it’s all that they know. These habits are often passed down through families. There are also the traumatic events that life can throw at people which drive a person towards addiction. Trying to manage underlying mental health issues also causes many people to turn to self-medication as a form of coping.

Every part of society has its people who suffer from addiction. It doesn’t matter who a person is or where they come from, addiction can have a real and upsetting impact on the people experiencing the problem as well as for those around them.

Once an addiction has formed, withdrawal becomes the usual reason for people continuing to drink or take drugs. The symptoms of withdrawal are felt within the mind and body.

They can be extremely unpleasant. This coupled with the initial cause for using alcohol and drugs in the first place can cause repeated use and relapse.

With the right treatment and care, it is possible for people to recover. By contacting Rehab 4 Addiction, we can explain what your local options are.

What do you need to begin a successful recovery?

The most important thing after admitting to yourself and others that you have an addiction is being dedicated to stopping. Breaking the habits that have formed around physical addiction will probably be one of the biggest challenges you ever face, perhaps even the biggest. Having a determined attitude and one of self-compassion is essential.

After this, accessing the best support through highly trained professionals sets the most substantial foundation for your recovery to begin.

In a rehab centre, there are therapies that enable people to heal the mind. This involves learning how the mind works and how to change thoughts so that a person can take back control of behaviours. There are also holistic therapies that enable people to express themselves and communicate difficult thoughts and feelings.

Professionals will provide you with techniques to manage your cravings and to help you stay focused in the future. It will take some time, but investing in your health and wellness rather than alcohol and drugs can literally save your life.

The treatments on offer

Whether you access government-funded services in Ashington or opt for a private rehab clinic in the area, there are a vast amounts of treatments available. These cover all aspects in terms of physical, psychological, emotional, social, and practical support.

The physical treatments include support around detox. When attending a private rehab, detox is held at the initial phase of the residential stay. This ensures the body is rid of any toxins. Medical professionals ensure a safe and monitored detox so that a person is able to do so as comfortably as possible.

The psychological treatments provide methods of managing addiction and mental health within a person’s own mind. This is when cognitive behavioural therapy and rational emotive behavioural therapy come in. Motivational interviewing and 12-Step work is also used to support your mental wellbeing and resolve to stay focused on healing.

Sessions are provided to ensure that future life goals can be achieved. This includes taking into account potential education and career prospects, as well as thinking about financial and housing issues.

Finally, by meeting a specialist team who want you to recover and other people in a similar situation, you can begin to create a new social life that doesn’t involve alcohol and drugs.

What’s the most suitable rehab option for you?

There are different types of treatments a person can access in order to begin the healing process.

There are various factors that influence the programme you access, such as the following:

  • Current lifestyle responsibilities (for example, do you have children to look after or a job to attend?)
  • How you want to approach treatment. Will you want a casual or immersive type of treatment?
  • How severe the addiction is. This means thinking about the level of tolerance, how long the addiction has lasted, and how much it’s affecting your life in other areas.
  • Which is more suitable between outpatient or inpatient support.
  • Whether you have a budget to go towards treatment options and what this is.

It’s our job at Rehab 4 Addiction to find the most appropriate option for you in Ashington. Through taking part in a pre-assessment with us, we can decipher what will be the most suitable.

How do I find out about treatment in Ashington?

If you’re ready to quit alcohol and drugs, then give us a call. One of our friendly and experienced advisors will guide you through options and be able to refer you.

Get in touch with our helpful team today. You can do this by calling us on 0800 140 4690, or by contacting us through our website.

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