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Are you struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and looking for somewhere close to home that will provide treatment and support towards your recovery? Recovery is a difficult journey and many people won’t want to be uprooted from their family, friends and daily life in order to receive the right help for their addiction problems.

If you’re based in Atherton, then our helpful referral services here at Rehab 4 Addiction will be well-placed to help you find a local treatment centre.

Rehab 4 Addiction

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we’ve helped many local clients in the Atherton area to find the right drug and alcohol addiction support services. We can guide you towards recovery, recommending rehabilitation programmes that are individual to your specific needs, as well as treatment centres and aftercare services nearby.

Our team members are experienced, free from judgment and empathetic to your situation. Simply complete our simple online assessment today, and we’ll be able to point you in the right direction for the most appropriate and acclaimed drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Atherton.

Taking the first steps to reach out for help can be daunting, but with this guide, we hope to help you understand and feel confident in what you can expect to experience when you decide to approach a rehab centre in the Atherton area.

Is a rehab centre absolutely necessary?

There are different levels of rehabilitation programmes, each of which has its own treatment options, however, for the best outcome, having the support of a qualified rehab centre is strongly recommended.

There are a number of consistent aspects to addiction treatment that are used as standard, regardless of which centre or which area of the country you experience rehab services in. When visiting a treatment centre in Atherton the following targeted approach to rehabilitation treatment must be followed:

  • Structure
  • Motivation
  • Personalisation
  • Assessments
  • Progressive programmes
  • Diverse addiction treatments

Recovery without the help and guidance of an experienced rehabilitation facility will very rarely result in full recovery. What you need to ask yourself is, how much of a change you want or need to see in your life. If you’re determined to sustain a long-term lifestyle change and be free from the shackles of addiction entirely, then investing in the services of a reputable drug and alcohol treatment centre will give you the optimum chance of success in your endeavour.

Will I be able to find the type of treatment centre I need in Atherton?

Atherton has local and effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres available to aid in your recovery. It’s most likely that a residential rehabilitation programme will be suggested, in order that you are properly accommodated and cared for throughout the initial withdrawal process.

If you opt for outpatient recovery, it’s unlikely that you will experience the same level of success as you would in residential rehab. Many of the triggers that you experience in daily life will continue to be an issue if you don’t remove yourself from them, at least temporarily, whilst you attempt to recover.

Being open to a short stay in rehab will have an enormously positive impact on your success and staying locally in the Atherton area will minimise the disruption to your life, whilst you do so. Reach out to us here at Rehab 4 Addiction and we can start the process of finding the best treatment and rehabilitation option for you.

How long will rehab take?

This really depends on what sort of programme you opt for, how much personal help and guidance you require and how committed you are to your recovery. Every single experience of rehab is different based on the individual, as well as their mental health and personal circumstances at the time of treatment.

Twenty-eight days is considered the preferred timescale within the rehabilitation services community, to allow adequate time to adopt the following traits:

  • Disruption of negative habits
  • Formation of positive habits
  • Form healthy routines and coping strategies
  • Create a positive and healthy outlook

Our helpful and friendly team members are here to answer any more specific questions that you may have surrounding rehabilitation timescales.

Does the treatment involve full drug and alcohol detox?

In order to completely overcome your addiction to drugs and alcohol, the body will need to undergo detoxification. This provides the best chance to remove any toxins from the system, as well as counteracting the level of tolerance that your body will have gained throughout periods of excessive consumption.

As addictive substances create both psychological and physical dependency, both that reliance and your bodies increased tolerance due to high levels of substances in your cells, must be broken, in order that your addiction can be entirely diminished.

The detoxification process

Detoxification is necessary for anyone struggling with addiction to make a full recovery, however, it should not be approached without proper medical advice and support. Once your body has become dependent on a substance, removing that substance immediately can be incredibly dangerous, not to mention result in relapses and further addiction issues.

When you visit a drug and alcohol treatment centre based in Atherton, you will be monitored closely throughout a safe and medically assisted detoxification treatment programme. The specially trained staff can ensure that your detox experience is as comfortable and successful as possible by minimising your withdrawal symptoms and helping you to cope with the changes in your mind and body.

Will treatment involve looking into the underlying causes of my addiction?

For the vast majority of those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, there are mental health or psychological issues that are either the cause of and/or exacerbate addictive behaviours.

It’s important to address both the psychological effects and, if applicable, causes of substance abuse. This is usually carried out through a series of therapy sessions, including cognitive behavioural therapy, coping strategy sessions and in some cases, group therapy.

Trained therapists will help you to disassociate your psychological triggers from your addictive behaviour patterns, as well as forming the foundations for your post-rehabilitation life.

Psychological addiction treatments are personalised based on your individual needs and your own experiences with drug and alcohol addiction. The common goal throughout any form of rehab-associated verbal therapy session, however, is to provide you with the confidence and strength in yourself to continue with your recovery outside of rehab and to avoid relapses.

Once I’ve been through treatment, will I be sober permanently?

That first step towards your recovery starts when you reach out to a rehabilitation centre in Atherton. They will support you throughout your drug and alcohol withdrawal and set you up with a treatment plan including the tools and information that you’ll need to begin living a sober life.

The longevity of your sobriety is ultimately down to your own drive to maintain what you’ve learnt throughout your rehab journey. You’ll have worked on the associated mental health and psychological issues surrounding your addiction, as well as breaking your physical dependency. To truly succeed you will need to fully commit to putting into practice in the outside world, what you’ve learnt in rehab.

There are a variety of aftercare treatment services that will help you to not only transition more smoothly into a sober life but to help ensure that you stay away from your triggers and high-risk situations. Support is available to help you stick to your relapse prevention plan and maintain your newly learned positive routines. This will give you the absolute best chance of staying sober and achieving a full and long-term recovery.

If you’re ready and committed to changing your life, speak to our referral team today to find yourself the most suitable Atherton-based drug and alcohol rehab centre for you.

Call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or fill in the enquiry form. We offer help and support across Greater Manchester.

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