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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Aylesbury Vale

We understand that recovering from a drug or alcohol dependency is never easy.

We also know that achieving long term recovery on your own is going to be so much harder than it needs to be.

That is why if you are serious about wanting to live a happier and healthier life free of drugs and alcohol, then the best place for you is in a rehab centre.

The Aylesbury Vale area has a wide range of rehab centres to choose from. They all offer different services designed to help different people.

But how do you know what one is right for you and your recovery needs?

At Rehab 4 Addiction we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect rehab centre in your area. We take into account all your needs and really get to know you so that we can refer you to the best possible rehab centre for your individual needs.

We have witnessed first-hand the life-changing effects rehab can have on a person struggling with substance abuse. How these centres and their dedicated staff will do whatever it takes to help you on your journey towards recovery.

We understand the idea of going into rehab can be daunting. That the steps involved in the recovery process can seem impossible at the beginning.

But we assure you that every step of the process is designed to improve your physical and mental health. To help you unlearn your unhealthy coping mechanisms and replace them with tools and techniques to avoid cravings and relapses.

To begin with, why should you consider a private rehab centre? We have the wonderful NHS so why should you pay for your treatment when you can go to them for free?

The sad truth is that while there are free options available they take much longer. Your name will be placed on a waiting list and the UK’s overworked and underfunded mental health services will get to you eventually.

This eventually may not be in the Aylesbury Vale. It may not cater to your specific needs and treat you as an individual that needs one to one care and consideration.

For substance abuse treatment to be successful in the long term, it is imperative that a targeted and consistent approach is used.

As substance abuse is often a symptom of other mental health issues, being able to get to know those in your care is needed to properly treat them.

Rehab services offer 24-hour care and a well structured and supervised recovery programme. None private care facilities tend to rely on disjointed sessions that may prove very difficult for those at the start of their journey towards recovery.

By choosing private you are allowing yourself to make the choice of where you will go. You can talk to our team members about your concerns and needs and we will match you with a rehab centre that can take them into account.

We are able to take the time and allow you to keep as much control as possible throughout the entire process.

We know you are more than your dependencies.

What will happen in rehab?

While every rehab centre will differ slightly depending on the needs of those there. There are some steps you can expect in most centres.

Step 1: Detox

A detox is an important first step as it allows your body to clear itself of all the drugs or alcohol in its system.

Once clean this gives you a fresh start and allows your body to begin to recover from the negative effects of prolonged substance abuse.

We understand that detox can seem scary. That is famously the worst part of any recovery process due to the withdrawals that come with it.

We won’t lie, a detox will not be pleasant but it is necessary. It gives you the best chance at recovery by weaning you off your dependency.

While going through detox you will receive 24-hour care with a dedicated and fully trained staff able to offer you any medical assistance you may need.

They are able to offer medication should the withdrawals prove too much and you need help. Or they can simply be there to make sure you’re safe.

Detox can be a dangerous step in the recovery process. But this is only when it is attempted alone and without medical assistance. It is not quite as simple as quitting cold turkey and then toughing it out until the withdrawals have gone.

It is a delicate process that should never be done on your own.

Step 2: Therapy

While a detox offers wonderful short term results your goal should be for long term recovery.

In order to achieve this, you will need to do more than just flush the drugs and alcohol out of your system. You will also need to understand why you became substance dependent in the first place and how to avoid triggers.

As mental health issues can be the cause of many people’s substance abuse it is necessary to attend therapy sessions so that you can learn to improve your mental state. Depending on the severity this could be done in group sessions or individual one to one.

During our initial assessment, we will find out what kind of needs you have and will make a referral based on that. If mental illness is a cause of your dependency then rehab centres able to cater for your needs will be found.

Most rehab centres will at least offer group therapy, where you will be given the chance to talk to those working through the same process as you. This will help you build a support network and create healthy interpersonal relationships.

Step 3: Aftercare

The end goal of rehab is to help you live a better life once you leave the centre. This will be done through a series of sessions and workshops aimed at improving your physical and mental health.

You will be taught things ranging from how to prepare yourself for a balanced diet and how to connect with others.

All this will be leading towards once you have left and you can look after yourself.

Many people can be worried about life outside of rehab. That they won’t be able to continue on their journey without constant supervision.

That is where aftercare comes in.

During your stay at the rehab centre, an individual relapse prevention plan will be put into place. This plan will include tools and techniques so that you can avoid triggers for your cravings.

It also includes local support groups so that you have accountability and someone to check up on your progress.

This won’t be an easy journey but we can promise it will be a rewarding one. It will lead you towards a better quality of life.

To start the journey all you need to do is call 0800 140 4690 our staff members are ready and waiting to help.

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