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Is substance abuse or addiction taking over your life? At Rehab 4 Addiction we understand how addiction can take control of how you function in your daily life, as well as cause stress on familial relationships and employment functionality.

We know that it’s a difficult problem to overcome and a huge change is necessary to bring back some control.

When undetected and ignored, drug and alcohol addiction can destroy your life and cause long-lasting psychological and physical damage in the future.

Many addicts feel shame and embarrassment over needing access to rehabilitation or seeking help, but oftentimes those same people come out the other side wishing they had asked for help sooner.

If you’re looking to take back control of your life and overcome your illness, Rehab 4 Addiction in Barnes is here to get you where you need to be. We have a wide range of therapy options available to tailor a rehabilitation programme to your specific needs.

Speaking to partners, family or friends about your drug or alcohol consumption can feel like a daunting task, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Understanding your support network and seeking professional help is a strong way to reach a successful and healthy recovery.

So, if you’re ready for an honest conversation about your drug and alcohol use, why not reach out to Rehab 4 Addiction in Barnes today? We offer completely free and confidential consultations over the phone as a pre-rehabilitation assessment with no obligations.

Understanding Addiction

Addiction is a disease that can quickly take over your life if undetected or treated. What may feel like an innocent activity such as gambling can soon develop into an addiction and harmful problems will follow.

Once a dependency has formed and addiction has developed, it is difficult to break the cycle without the use of professional help. Despite a wide range of information about addiction is accessible to the public, it is often the individual’s own denial that acts as the largest barrier for change and recovery.

Denial is visible in multiple behaviours. You may notice yourself or a loved one excusing certain behaviour or downplaying the severity of such behaviours. Denial can also look like avoiding conversations about substance consumption or dismissing others who reach out to you.

Your first barrier to break on the pathway to recovery is denial, and purely the fact you have landed on our page shows that you have some acknowledgement of your problem. From here, Rehab 4 Addiction can alleviate the stress of searching for the right treatments and programmes specific to your needs.

Treatment Options at our Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Barnes

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we believe that a residential rehabilitation is always better for the individual’s recovery and relapse prevention.

Committing to a 28-day programme can grant you the benefits of detoxification with professional guidance, prescribed medications for severe withdrawal symptoms, one-to-one counselling sessions or support groups, alternative therapies and a higher chance of relapse prevention through our proactive techniques to avoid triggering situations, places and people.

Through your first phone call assessment, we’ll get to understand your struggles, the strength of your support network and your personal communication preferences. That way we can tailor a plan suited to you. Although we offer outpatient treatments, we do recommend our inpatient services for many reasons, but most importantly by lowering your chances of relapse in the future.

Upon arrival at our drug & alcohol rehab in Barnes, you’ll discuss your commitment to the rehabilitation process and view the services available. For those suffering from acute alcohol addiction, we recommend 5-to-10-day detoxification, followed by extensive counselling sessions to eradicate the psychological attachment to the substance.

This way we can remove the drug or alcohol from the body, as well as reach an understanding of the reasons behind the dependency. You’ll be able to do this process in the comfort of your luxurious and welcoming drug & alcohol rehab facility where our friendly and dedicated staff will be on hand every step of the way.

For those with severe withdrawal symptoms, you will also have the guidance of medical professionals to overcome this step-through counselling and with prescribed withdrawal medications to help make the process run smoother. We want you to feel at home and in good hands, so we work around the clock, so you don’t have to go it alone.

To reach an understanding of the inner workings of your addiction, psychological help is required. For those who find it hard to express their feelings and emotions, art or music therapy can be a lighter route to solving and exploring this part of the recovery stage.

However, those who find solace in speaking to others with similar struggles can often find group therapy sessions more comforting. Support groups can also afford a stronger support network post-rehabilitation and thus strengthen your ability to stay sober in the future and prevent relapse through group motivation and community.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we pride ourselves on long-term recovery and not just a quick fix. We’ll be there for you every step of the way and furthermore offer aftercare such as avoidance techniques for areas of your life where you may slip back into your old ways. We know that changing your life is pivotal to success and that’s what we’re here to do.

Confidential Consultations

If you’re ready to change your mindset and get on the path to a better, healthier lifestyle, all we’ll need is five minutes of your time. Drop us a call on 0800 140 4690 any time of day to speak to one of our friendly staff about your struggles, the people around you and how you feel affected by your addiction or substance misuse.

We’ll get to work on mapping out a plan tailored completely to your individual needs and invite you in to discuss further how we can help.

Want to make that change and break the cycle? Give Rehab 4 Addiction in Barnes a call today and let’s get to work on a brighter future for you.

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