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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Billinge

Drugs and alcohol affect people all over the world. On a personal level, it might affect you or somebody you love. Either situation is particularly difficult to face.

A person with an addiction will live an uncomfortable life of craving and being out of control of behaviours related to it. The people close to this individual will witness the substance slowly destroy the person’s life.

For various reasons, it can be very challenging to admit the problem and to find a way of overcoming it. Although many people sadly lose their lives to addiction, thousands choose a life of sobriety and recover.

Recovery creates a space within yourself and in relation to your life and others where you are able to take back control of habits.

When the substances are out of your body and you have ways of facing cravings, the future becomes easier.

Not only that, the future becomes one where hope is. Rehab 4 Addiction can support you in making the first step towards healing.

Different types of services

Rehabilitation differs according to where you go and what programmes you access. Firstly, you can get both NHS-funded and privately-funded clinics.

NHS-funded services have very limited placements available in terms of residential stays. There is usually a long waiting list and also various hoops to jump through in order to meet eligibility criteria.

Private rehab clinics are open to anyone who has an addiction. They offer flexibility around start dates and much shorter waiting lists.

This is especially beneficial to people who want to enter rehab as soon as they’re made that decision. It’s very useful to go while the motivation is high.

Some people might have concerns about having enough money to afford a private clinic. There are many options that affect the cost and it’s worth having a conversation with Rehab 4 Addiction around this.

The length of stay and the types of treatments can make a big difference on how much it will cost as well as what outpatient options you’d be interested in.

What happens at rehab?

Each rehab clinic has a slightly different atmosphere according to where they’re located and how the staff chooses to run them. Ultimately, however, rehab centres are friendly and welcoming.

The goal of professionals working to support your recovery is to make you feel relaxed. When you’re calm it’s easier to be open to treatments.

Talking therapies are much easier as well as alternative therapy sessions.

You’ll receive a programme of counselling and group sessions to attend throughout the days.

This enables you to self-reflect, gain self-understanding and discover ways to reframe thoughts in order to change behaviours.

Treatments include:

Are there treatments for mental health at rehab too?

Yes, you can be treated for both mental health and addiction at a private rehab clinic. In fact, it’s encouraged. Practitioners recognise that the two conditions have a deep relationship.

The vast majority of people entering treatment for addiction also have mental health problems.

There are various things that contribute to this comorbid health condition. When people live with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD, it’s very common that they will use alcohol and drugs to self-medicate.

The substances ease the symptoms for many in the first instance. Unfortunately, as time passes, tolerance builds up, people consume more and addictions start to develop.

What happens when a substance enters and leaves the body is that the bodily systems that regulate mood are affected. When this occurs, people develop symptoms related to depression and anxiety.

The cycle of mental health and addiction is a vicious one that needs professional input. With support, people have a much higher chance of achieving a sober life.

Programmes for dual diagnosis will be constructed to support your individual needs. This will ensure you’re looked after and treated with the therapies and medications that are most appropriate.

Factors that will influence choosing the right rehab option for you

It might be difficult to decide where to go to rehab. At the point where you want to quit, the situation can feel overwhelming.

This is where Rehab 4 Addiction can support you. We can break everything down for you in detail to help you choose.

Firstly, it’s important to consider where it is you’d like to go. Some people prefer to stay in the Billinge area. When people stay local they’re able to face usual environmental triggers head-on.

Others might choose to go far away from Billinge in order to be able to concentrate more on the programme.

The severity of the addiction also needs to be thought about. If you have a mild substance misuse issue then you won’t need as much support as someone who has completely lost control of their alcohol and drug-taking.

A future without drugs and alcohol

When people reach rock bottom, life feels hopeless. It might feel impossible to be able to see a way towards anything positive.

The great thing about entering a rehab programme is that you immediately connect to other people without an emotional attachment but who totally understand where you’re coming from. When this happens it is easier to listen and learn and to heal.

Positive connection and a safe healing environment will start to reveal that life isn’t hopeless. The lifestyle changes you begin to make at rehab create new foundations for your future.

You’ll be supported with a 12-month aftercare plan following a stay at rehab.

Referral and admission

To make the process of looking at rehab options, referral, and admission easier, Rehab 4 Addiction is connected to clinics throughout the UK.

By contacting us, we can lead you through a short set of questions and explain what clinics would suit you most.

Our team can handle all of the arrangements and liaise with the clinic on your behalf. This not only reduces the amount you have to do but also minimises your stress levels.

To find out more about your treatment options in Billinge or further away, contact us now on 0800 140 4690.


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