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If you have been struggling with substance abuse, it can be a scary position to be in. The symptoms caused by the condition can be disruptive and dangerous, and the prospect of treatment can cause incredible doubt and worry.

When faced with drug or alcohol rehab, it is common to have a lot of questions. Why is it necessary? How long does it take? What methods are used to treat it?

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we understand that these concerns are both common and troubling, and you might be avoiding treatment as a result. That’s why we are here to help!

Why should you seek support?

When the addiction becomes a problem, the sooner an individual gets into treatment the better. It is normal, however, for individuals to doubt this.

Fear and anxiousness about the rehab process can take over, making them doubt whether it is really worth it.

Unfortunately, the nature of addiction means that reaching out for support is ultimately for the best. Substance abuse only gets worse as time goes on – pushing an individual further and further into physical and psychological dependency – and does not slow or stop by itself.

The only way to help this cycle of addiction is to interrupt it with rehab, which disrupts this addictive trend.

How long do you spend in rehab?

In addition to this initial worry, it is also common for individuals to be concerned about the duration of drug and alcohol rehab. The process can often take people out of their day-to-day routines, so it is natural to have reservations about whether to start it or not.

On average, rehab tends to take around 4 weeks. However, the reality is that the length of time an individual needs to spend in rehab will entirely depend on both the severity of their addiction and how well they take to detox and therapy.

The sooner an individual beats their physical addiction, and therefore the sooner they get a chance to tackle their psychological dependency, the faster they will make progress and have the opportunity to leave.

With this being said, the sooner an individual chooses to enter rehab can also make a massive difference. The less developed the addiction, the easier it will be to unravel and work through.

How is rehab treated?

Once you have made the decision to seek treatment and take on your addiction, rehab can seem like a long and confusing process. Addiction may seem like an impossible barrier to overcome, so how does drug and alcohol rehab intend to beat it?

Luckily, rehab tends to look fairly similar from case to case. While the specific focus of an individual’s recovery might vary slightly – depending on the substance an individual is addicted to and how their symptoms manifest – the core components of treatment tend to be the same.

To be specific, drug and alcohol rehab tends to comprise of two main treatment methods: detoxification and therapy.


The first stage of addiction is detoxification, a treatment method with the purpose of helping an individual overcome their physical cravings for their chosen substance.

In many cases, the primary motivation for an individual to sustain their addiction is the dependency their body has developed for it. When the body has been exposed to the substance over and over again through sustained use, it can react adversely when it is taken away.

Uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous withdrawal symptoms spark as a result of this dependency, and individuals often choose to continue their substance use rather than face such pain and chemical imbalance.

Detoxification looks to step in and aid individuals in this fight, tapering off substance use and allowing the body chance to gradually adjust to a slow reduction in the substance’s presence. This process slowly continues until the body can handle receiving none of the substance at all.

In spite of this patient process, however, withdrawal symptoms can still occur as detoxification plays out. These can threaten progress, so medicinal substitutes can be prescribed to help reduce their impact if required.


Once some progress has been made on this physical dependency and an individual is in a better position to handle their cravings, rehab then turns to their psychological recovery.

Another large contributor to the reason why individuals continue with their addictions is the skewed perceptions and beliefs they have regarding their substance use.

In many cases, individuals with addictions tend to view their behaviour less as destructive and more as necessary. As many of them also struggle with mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, they see their substance use as a viable means of self-medicating.

They use drugs and alcohol, they believe, as a way of limiting or reducing their difficult thoughts and feelings. They use them in order to function as normal, and so are unable to stop.

While an individual may believe this to be normal, this is a dangerous and damaging way to perceive substance use. Rehab looks to change this with therapy, utilising a range of methods to make individuals see their addiction for what it is.

Support groups, one-on-one counselling, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can all be used to identify what thoughts, feelings, and situations cause an individual to want to use a substance and help them develop healthier ways of handling them.

Finding rehab support in the Billingshurst area

If you are currently struggling with addiction and facing a range of associated symptoms, it can be a physically and mentally draining position to be in. Substance abuse takes it out of you, and trying to beat it is not any easier.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we understand exactly how this feels, and we know that you are likely to be filled with questions regarding both what rehab you might need and wherein the Billingshurst area you might be able to find it.

By getting in touch with us and completing a free and confidential telephone assessment, we can take a look at your situation – taking into consideration how long your addiction has been going on, how severe it is, and what symptoms you are experiencing – and figure out what rehab programme and facility will suit you best.

Addiction is an impactful and long-lasting condition, and finding a way to beat it can be a lot to handle. But you don’t need to take it on alone! Let us help you find the right treatment for you, and let yourself focus on what matters – beating addiction and getting your life back.

Contact us at Rehab 4 Addiction

When addiction strikes, getting the right care and attention is essential to making a full and lasting recovery. If you need help finding the right drug or alcohol rehab centre in Billingshurst, let Rehab 4 Addiction help!

Contact our team today for free advice and recommendations. Call us on 0800 140 4690 and let us help you start the road to recovery.


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