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Addiction can affect anyone, in any walk of life, from those who come from those in poor socioeconomic situations to backgrounds to lawyers and doctors. If you are struggling with addiction, and are ready to reach out for help, we at Rehab 4 Addiction are here to make that process as easy as possible.

There is a wide range of options out there for addiction treatments – these range from 12-step programs with group meetings to self-help apps and books. Although some of these might have a beneficial effect, none of them will be as comprehensive and transformative as rehab.

We are a specialist rehab referral service whose purpose is to get people like you into a rehab facility that is the right fit for them.

We take into account the specifics of your addiction and make the right choice for you based on that. Furthermore, we have the ability to refer to centres across the UK, including here in the Bingley area in Bradford.

There are millions of people across the UK who suffer from addiction and substance abuse, Despite this, there is still something of a stigma around addiction and drug use as a whole.

As well as being unfair and unkind, this stigma can lead to a delay in people reaching out for the help they need. Please be assured that whenever you are ready to call us, your information will be treated with strict confidence, and all of your data is protected under UK law.

If you’re ready to tackle your addiction, please call us on 0800 140 4690 to speak with a friendly, highly-trained advisor. They will be happy to tell you all about the process, but if you’d like to know a bit more about the process, read on.

How do you decide upon the right rehab for me?

When you are ready to call us, one of our advisors will conduct an initial telephone assessment, in order to find out more about the specifics of your addiction, and how it is affecting your life. Based on this information, we will be able to make a decision as to where to refer you. There are a number of factors involved in this decision.

Firstly, we take into account location and accessibility. We find that most people who use our services would prefer to stay close to home when going through rehab.

There may be any number of different reasons for this, including familiarity of surroundings and staying close to their support network.

Being close to home also opens the possibility of involving family members in some of your therapy sessions, although this will only happen if appropriate for your personal treatment plan, and if you consent to have those people involved.

Another consideration is budget. At the moment, we only refer to private facilities, so there will always be a financial cost involved. Prices vary greatly depending on the facility and how long you will need to stay there.

This is something that we will discuss with transparency in your telephone consultation. We also take into account other life circumstances such as your current home life and any dependents that you might have.

For example, certain service users will have the possibility of attending rehab as an outpatient, and travelling to the facility from their home each day. However, if you are currently suffering from toxic home life, this is not something that would be recommended.

Will I need to detox?

Yes, detox will be necessary during the early days of your treatment – this is an essential part of any recovery process. Detox and withdrawal from substance abuse can often be painful and uncomfortable, but at rehab, you will be in the safest possible environment to go through that process.

If you are an alcoholic, it is likely that your detox will need to be carefully planned and managed – in other words, your consumption will decrease gradually over time, rather than stopping immediately.

As your consumption diminishes, perhaps over a number of days, it is likely that some unpleasant side effects of withdrawal will crop up. This may include physical symptoms such as muscle aches and sweating, as well as mental symptoms such as mood swings, irritability, and trouble sleeping.

Although these experiences are obviously unpleasant, your detox will be supervised by a team of medical professionals who will be able to manage your pain and discomfort in a way that does not put your recovery at risk.

Please note that under no circumstances should you attempt to detox by yourself. This can be extremely dangerous, especially if you have been using it heavily for a long time. In some cases, going ‘cold turkey’ can be fatal, so please do not attempt to go it alone.

What treatments will I go through in rehab?

This is something that will be discussed on your first day at rehab, after which a personalised treatment plan will be drawn up for you. This is likely to include a combination of different therapies, include traditional approaches one-to-one counselling and group sessions, to more in-depth exercise like cognitive behavioural therapy, and slightly different activities such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, and art therapy.

The idea is that all of these different activities will have an accumulative and beneficial effect on your wellbeing and chances of recovery. There will likely be some activities that you haven’t tried before or were unaware of.

This is perfectly normal – all the staff at the centre will ask of you is that you approach each activity with an open mind, and be mindful of the fact that it is meant to help you.

As you approach the end of your time at rehab, you and a professional will put together some kind of relapse prevention plan, in order to maximise your chances of staying in recovery once you leave.

This is something to be mindful of going in – completing rehab successfully is a great achievement, but it is only the beginning of your recovery journey.

Get addiction help in Bingley

The first step of addressing any addiction is admitting to yourself that you have a problem. If you’re prepared to accept that and acknowledge your addiction, then you are ready to reach out for help. Call Rehab 4 Addiction on 0800 140 4690 today, and we can make the process of getting into rehab as quick and seamless as possible.


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