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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Bishops Waltham

When battling a drug or alcohol addiction, it can be difficult to navigate the complicated processes of finding suitable treatment, whilst also dealing with daily life and the many temptations and cravings that come with addiction.

This is where we, Rehab 4 Addiction, can come in and take the weight of finding appropriate addiction treatment off of your shoulders.

We work with rehabs and outpatient clinics across the country in order to match our clients with their perfect treatment facility and methods, giving the individuals that we deal with the highest chances of reaching full and long-lasting recoveries.

To see what we could do for you or to know more about the prospects of a drug and alcohol rehab in Bishops Waltham, contact us today on 0800 140 4690, or fill in our online form to receive a call back at a better time.

How we can help you find a rehab

Our main goal here at Rehab 4 Addiction is to get you the help and treatment that you deserve. To do this, we need cooperation and information from you in order to help us narrow down your options.

When you first enquire with us, you will undergo a short and simple assessment of yourself and your addiction.

We will ask questions and gather data about the overall severity of your addiction, the substances you have used, the length of time you have used for, and the method of your use.

This information will allow us to filter through the vast network of rehabilitation centres and outpatient clinics that we work with and determine which facilities and methods of treatment will be most beneficial to you and your recovery.

The results of this assessment, along with another short assessment performed when you enter rehab which will further evaluate your mental and physical health, will also go towards creating your bespoke treatment plan.

When you have decided on your choice of drug and alcohol rehab, we will help get you placed and settled straight away, so that you can start working through your treatment plan as quickly as possible.

The importance of bespoke treatment

As mentioned earlier, we help to create a personalised treatment plan for you based on the results of the two assessments you undergo during the admissions process. But why is this necessary?

The main benefit of having bespoke treatment is that is created with you and only you in mind, and is therefore tailored to your personal addiction and your personal needs rather than a generic drug and alcohol addiction.

We know that all addictions are different, and so too is each client that we deal with.

This means that each treatment should be different too, for what works incredibly well for one client may not be effective at all with another.

Bespoke treatment means that you receive only the treatment that is proven to be beneficial towards your recovery, rather than experiencing a blanket, one-size-fits-all treatment and simply hoping that it works for you as it may have done for a select few other clients.

Our treatment plans don’t just rely on technical data such as the substances you have used either, they are also created with your characteristics and personality in mind.

For example, even if particular aspects of your addiction show that group therapy is necessary, your shy and introverted personality may mean that you are likely to not work well in that type of environment, so we tailor the treatment to fit both of these pieces of information.

With bespoke treatment, we can work around the problems of some forms of treatment and usually reach a solution that is perfect for the client at hand.

We’ve been there before

We’ve been in your shoes. Many of our team here at Rehab 4 Addiction have experienced some form of addiction themselves in the past, and are now living in recovery.

We are living proof that a successful and long-lasting recovery is possible for anyone, no matter the individual circumstances.

We know what it is like to battle addiction, deal with daily life, and also attempt to seek help for your situation.

Experiencing this ourselves has not only made us stronger but has also made us the best equipped to help others like you, who are now going through the same things that we have before.

We are honest and open with you so that you can hopefully feel comfortable doing the same.

In order to get you the best possible care and treatment for your addiction, we will need to know about your particular circumstances and any personal requirements you may have.

We will also need to know information about you and your addiction, such as the length of time you have been using for, the substance or multiple substances you have used, the method of abuse (snorting, injecting, smoking, etc.), and also the general severity of your addiction.

To do this, you will need to put aside any feelings of shame or embarrassment you may be feeling about your situation and be completely honest with us.

Though this may be difficult at first, we work hard to ensure that our helpline and our admissions team are as friendly and understanding as possible, so that you can feel more relaxed when discussing this sensitive topic.

By working together and talking openly about these complicated emotions and symptoms you may be experiencing, we can find you suitable and local treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction as soon as possible, meaning you will be all the closer to a life in recovery.

Rehab 4 Addiction is a safe and judgement-free zone, but if you do ever believe we can improve, please do not hesitate to let us know.


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