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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Blaydon

Are you experiencing a drug and alcohol addiction problem and find yourself unsure of where to turn for help? You may not be aware that high-quality professional addiction treatment is available in the Blaydon area.

We can help you to find and access the help that you need if you’re looking to recover.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we offer a drug and alcohol addiction treatment advocacy and referral service. Our call handlers are experienced in the area of drug and alcohol rehab, most of them having direct experiences with addictions of their own.

This allows them substantial insight into your situation; and the ability to advise you without judgement.

It can be difficult to admit that you need help, and we know that, so we’re here to make things as easy as possible. Whether you want to recover in Blaydon or elsewhere, we can refer you to our partner rehab facilities, all of which operate at a high standard and provide impressive success rates.

Contact us today on 0800 140 4690, all calls are completely confidential and free of charge.

Long term addictions lead to long term health issues

One of the issues prominent in drug and alcohol addiction is the misplaced idea that your addiction problem is not bad enough to warrant professional intervention or rehab.

This way of thinking leads to prolonged addictions, which advance over time, as drug and alcohol addictions generally get progressively more severe.

Unfortunately, whilst everyone has the potential to recover from their drug or alcohol addiction, recovery does become harder, the longer the addiction is present.

This means that recovery efforts will usually require more time, commitment, and money, the longer you leave your addiction untreated.

Leaving a drug or alcohol addiction problem untreated also gives the substances more opportunity to leave lasting damage to both physical and mental health. It’s also likely that the number of drugs or alcohol will increase over time, in order to fuel your growing addiction.

This leaves you more vulnerable to lasting changes to the brain’s functionality, as well as damage to the internal organs.

Aside from psychological issues, long term drug and alcohol use can result in permanent disabilities and a wide range of comorbid conditions, such as liver disease, heart attack and nerve damage.

By retaking control of your life now and overcoming your addiction before it causes lasting damage to your body and mind, you will avoid much of the misery that addiction can cause, both to yourself and those around you.

How to locate a reputable drug and alcohol rehab facility in Blaydon

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we can provide you with a wide range of recommended rehab facilities both in Blaydon, and the wider UK.

A short assessment will help us to recognise the level of addiction you have present, which will allow us to make recommendations of the most suitable addiction treatments.

All of our partner facilities are pre-approved by us as offering a high standard of care and are regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission) which means that you won’t need to worry whether or not you are in safe hands.

If you have a moderate to severe drug or alcohol addiction, there is a strong likelihood that we will recommend a residential rehab programme, as this offers the most comprehensive level of addiction treatment available, as well as achieving the highest success rates.

What does a residential rehab programme consist of?

When you enter residential rehab, a personalised programme will be provided, which aims to address your addiction holistically, considering both mental and physical reliance on drugs or alcohol.

Once you have undergone a full medical assessment by one of the doctors based at the rehab facility, you will usually be sent to the medically assisted detox clinic onsite. This will offer a safe and more comfortable experience of detox, with a gradual reduction in substances resulting in fewer withdrawal symptoms.

Your withdrawal symptoms can also be managed with prescription medication, and you will be monitored day and night to ensure your safety.

The next phase of rehab will be addressing the underlying psychological cause of your addiction problem. There are often dual diagnoses found, either through the discovery of pre-existing mental health issues, or mental health issues that have developed as a result of your addiction.

Through one-to-one counselling and group-style psychotherapy sessions, you will work on reducing the impact of your triggers and social influences, allowing you to develop new healthy habits in place of your addictive ones.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is commonly used, amongst others, to help you develop a healthier mentality surrounding your addiction and personal value.

Alternative therapies and educational classes also help you to understand your illness and express any associated feelings.

What will happen to me after rehab?

You will leave therapy with a relapse prevention plan in place, which will help you to maintain your sobriety out in the real world.

All of our partner rehab programmes are also supported by extensive aftercare services, which will ease you back into normality with less of an abrupt end to your care and support. These are often arranged in your home area, so you are able to remain in Blaydon.

Whether you’ve already committed to recovery and are looking for a local resource, or just need to talk through your addiction concerns with someone who has been there, contact us now on 0800 140 4690, or ask for a call back via our web contact page.


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