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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Bollington

Do you live in Bollington and find yourself struggling with the effects of drug or alcohol addiction? If so, it’s possible to seek local help from professional drug and alcohol addiction treatment centres easily through Rehab 4 Addiction.

If, like many with drug and alcohol addictions, you are under the false illusion that independent recovery is likely, then don’t feel bad. Many people with addiction attempt to recover through personal detox.

Unfortunately, aside from being incredibly dangerous, very few people actually succeed in prolonged recovery this way. Addiction is a complex disease, which often affects the body and mind, so simple cutting substances out is not the solution.

That being said, you are definitely in the right mindset if you have decided to recover, so it’s important to ensure that you take full advantage of your decision, by using a recovery method that offers you a substantial chance of success.

Rehab programmes operated by our partner centres, both in Bollington and across the UK, use a holistic and structured approach to addiction recovery, which addresses both physical and psychological aspects of your condition.

All of our partners are pre-approved by us as high-quality addiction treatment facilities, who are regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission) and have highly specialist addiction recovery teams.

We can help you to source the help you need, so call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or request a callback through our contact form.

How can I source a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Bollington?

Our team of addiction referral specialists are experienced in the field of drug and alcohol addiction, with many in recovery themselves, so we can offer advice about your symptoms and the rehab process.

Through a telephone assessment, we’ll also be able to make educated recommendations about the best course of treatment for your particular addiction experience.

We will ask about your substance use, including type, amount and frequency, as well as your current lifestyle and needs. Pre-existing medical and mental health issues, as well as budget and your location preference, will also be considered.

Some people prefer to travel outside of their hometown to recover, either for privacy or focus reasons.

Whichever type of drug and alcohol rehab you opt for, we have partners available in Bollington and the surrounding areas who can help you.

Our relationship with this network of addiction recovery specialists means that we can secure you an admission date quickly and without the need for a GP referral.

Why you should prioritise residential rehab treatment

Some people with minor drug or alcohol abuse problems or minimal addiction behaviours find value in outpatient treatments available in the area, such as local NHS or community-based projects.

Unfortunately, as well as being difficult to source a place on this sort of recovery programme, they require more self-management than most people in the throes of addiction can manage, making them largely unsuccessful.

Residential rehab is proven to be the most successful method of addiction recovery for those suffering from moderate to severe drug or alcohol addiction problems, so in most cases, this is what will be recommended as your most effective treatment option.

This immersive form of addiction recovery treatment will be tailored to your own specific needs, to ensure that all aspects of your addiction are diminished.

What does residential rehab entail?

Once you have been admitted onto the programme and assessed by a specialist doctor who specialises in addiction treatment, you will begin your recovery with a medically assisted detox.

This consists of a gradual reduction in substances, to minimise the withdrawal symptoms involved with detoxing. You will be monitored throughout for your own safety, and, where possible; offered prescription medication to help with any withdrawal symptoms that you do experience.

Following detox, your mental health needs will be addressed through a range of psychotherapy treatments. This gives you the opportunity to discover the root cause of your addiction and what triggers your use, in an attempt to retrain your brain to avoid this type of behaviour in the future.

Alongside a one to one addiction recovery counsellor, you will have access to therapy sessions such as:

You will have a relapse prevention plan in place before you leave rehab and will have ongoing access to aftercare services to help you maintain your newly found sobriety, in the long term.

Don’t delay, it’s important to reach out right away

One of the major barriers to overcoming addiction can be putting it off until a later date. Whether you feel that you are not ready or don’t feel that your addiction is yet at a stage where it’s become problematic, delaying your recovery is not the right path.

The longer an addiction is present, the higher your tolerance to the substances will soar, increasing usage over time. This will lead to an increase in severity of the addiction problem, as well as giving the substances time to further damage your body and mind.

If you’ve made the brave decision to tackle your drug and alcohol addiction, get in touch today before you lose the desire to do so. The earlier your attempt to resolve your addiction, the more easily sobriety is generally achieved.

Reach out now on 0800 140 4690, or ask for a callback via our web contact page and take the first steps to a sober future.

Calls are confidential and free of charge.


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