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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Bolsover

When it comes to treating drug and alcohol addiction in Bolsover, the options are endless. Depending on your wants and needs, you could have a home detox, outpatient treatment, or inpatient treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab.

Whichever option you select, Rehab 4 Addiction will ensure you are on the receiving end of high-quality care. We only liaise with centres that boast excellent success rates and wonderful facilities.

If you have a complicated relationship with drugs and alcohol, seeking professional help is a must. It could strengthen your relationships, improve your employment prospects, and restore your mental and physical health.

What are My Treatment Options in Bolsover?

As previously stated, there are three main choices for treatment in Bolsover: home detoxing, outpatient programmes, or residential rehab programmes.

If you decide to have a home detox, medical professionals will visit your home to perform an evaluation of your mental and physical health.

Once they have assessed your wellbeing, they will begin the detox, ridding your body of harmful chemicals. If necessary, they will provide you with medication to reduce cravings and prevent dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Outpatient programmes are more intense than home detoxes as they include the second stage of therapy. After the detox, you will travel to the centre for regular therapy sessions both individually and in groups.

Finally, residential rehab is an inpatient service that provides you with accommodation and 24/7 care for around 28 days.

You will progress through the programme by having a detox, attending daily therapy sessions, and engaging with other rehabilitation methods such as motivational talks and educational workshops.

It is possible to have a combination of these methods. For example, you could have a detox at home and then spend just 10 days in an inpatient facility for the rehabilitation stage.

Another option would be to split your time between residential rehab and an outpatient clinic. We will work with you to decide which type of treatment will fit into your lifestyle in the best way.

Is Residential Rehab in Bolsover Affordable?

There is a wide range of drug and alcohol rehabs in Bolsover so we can help you find one that is within your budget.

However, it is important to remember that rehab always is an investment as you are paying for high-quality services such as:

1. Accommodation

You will be provided with an ensuite bedroom that is likely to have beautiful views of the Derbyshire countryside.

2. Round-the-clock-care

There will always be staff on duty to help you stay on the path to recovery, from doctors and nurses to psychologists and addiction specialists.

3. Facilities

Depending on the rehab centre that you select, you could participate in hiking, fishing, swimming, and even horse riding. Inside the facility, there is often a gym and common rooms.

4. Aftercare

When you pay for rehab, you do not just pay for the 28-day stay, but for all the support you receive afterwards from therapy to frequent check-ups.

Rehab is an investment for life. The alternative is to continue to spend money on drugs and alcohol, which will be much more costly than a one-off payment for residential rehab.

How Long Does Treatment Last at Rehab in Bolsover?

Generally, drug and alcohol rehab lasts 28 days, however, this does depend on how quickly you progress through treatment. You could attend rehab for as little as 10 days, but equally, your stay could extend past a month if necessary.

Will Rehab in Bolsover Benefit Me?

Drug and alcohol rehab takes you away from common triggers, which makes it much easier to avoid relapse.

Whether you are struggling with substance abuse or addiction, detox and therapy will teach you how to resist temptation and pursue sobriety successfully.

The intense rehabilitation is what makes residential rehab so successful. You will learn how to live a healthy lifestyle that is conducive to sobriety. This involves eating well, exercising regularly, and practising mindfulness.

Transform Your Life With Rehab 4 Addiction

Contact us today at 0800 140 4690 to find out how we can help you access treatment in Bolsover.

After listening to your experiences with addiction and any concerns you have about seeking treatment, we will begin to research rehab centres in Bolsover to find the best one for you.

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