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Throughout the UK, thousands of people drink and take drugs every year. This might be for social reasons for many, but a smaller amount will go on to develop addictions.

Although many will access treatment services, many won’t. Sadly, not accessing support can mean a lifetime of struggle.

There are huge problems in the UK created by how difficult it is to feel comfortable in admitting a substance problem.

People often forget that addiction is a health issue and deserves to be treated by health professionals, just like any other health concern.

Being that substances affect both the psychological and physical aspects of a person’s health, treatment for both is essential.

When a person has access to a team of professionals who can support their recovery from all angles, their chances of achieving sobriety in the long term is much higher.

Do I really need to stop taking drugs and alcohol?

People begin taking substances because they enjoy the psychoactive effects. For some, drugs and alcohol make them feel relaxed; they can ease distressing symptoms related to mental health or uncomfortable events.

On the other hand, substances create mental health problems. With ongoing problematic use, physical illnesses develop too.

Lots of people living with drug and alcohol issues might assume they’re getting along just fine, but the damage caused internally by the buildup of toxins is serious.

There are certain signs you can also look out for which will give you an idea as to whether you’re using too much and if the damage is likely to be being caused:

  • Thinking about the next time you can drink or take drugs.
  • Worrying about not being able to get more.
  • Trying to hide how much you use and being secretive.
  • Finding it hard to concentrate on tasks.
  • Losing motivation to do things.
  • Experiencing mood swings.
  • Insomnia and irregular sleeping patterns.
  • Impact on appetite and weight.
  • Feeling generally unwell.

There are also the social aspects of substance use that can be extremely worrying. Many relationships are destroyed through the repercussions of drugs and alcohol.

People might lose jobs or homes, and accrue huge amounts of debts.

Recovery is possible through treatments and therapies

In the Brading area, there are lots of rehabilitation options for you. There are many factors that need to be considered before choosing the best clinic for you.

The type of addiction you have has to be thought about. This includes both the main substance of choice and how severe the addiction is.

How much you take and how often will provide insight into the most appropriate types of treatments.

For people who have developed physical dependencies to substances such as alcohol, heroin, and alprazolam, a tapered approach to detox is essential.

The reason for this is how dangerous it can be for people to withdraw. These are seriously harmful substances that can cause people to have fits.

Rehab clinics are vital for those living with physical dependencies as they enable a person to be medically supervised through the detox period.

Staff prescribe medication that supports a person to be able to go through this process in as comfortable a manner as possible.

The mental aspect of addiction is treated following the detox. This takes time.

Just as people have spent many years in the grips of addiction, it takes a lot of effort and focuses to unravel what has caused it and how to change a person’s outlook.

Cognitive and dialectical behavioural therapies are really important in supporting people to rethink their habits. These therapies focus on what makes a person use without much thought going into the action.

Therapists support their patients to see new ways of thinking and this is how behaviours are changed.

What alternative treatments are there?

Many will feel more comfortable expressing themselves through other means. Art and music therapy provide alternatives to speaking.

This can be really helpful for those who have hidden how they feel about drug and alcohol use.

There are also yoga and mindfulness activities. These relaxing groups support people in becoming more aware of their bodies and how to sit at the moment comfortably without feeling the need to escape or drink or use drugs.

Will I need to take part in group therapy?

The 12 Step approach has proven highly successful in supporting millions of people worldwide to recover from addiction. The structure of it provides a guide for people to follow in order to recover.

It’s imperative that people approach groups with an open mind.

The success of these groups is largely built on the emphasis of human connection. People support each other and hold each other to account.

This is also a space where friendships can be formed. Finding new people to spend time with is incredibly important when it comes to overcoming an addiction.

There will also be the option for family therapy. It’s highly likely that relationships have become strained with those close to you.

Having a psychotherapist or counsellor guide you and your close family or friends through therapy sessions enables people to rebuild their bonds and trust.

What happens after you leave rehab?

Leaving rehab and returning home means that you’ll return to the area where you were drinking and taking drugs. This might cause feelings of anxiety.

However, the point of rehab is to equip people with skills they can use to keep them focused on healing.

An aftercare plan will be in place and this will make it much easier for a person to stay on track.

It’s essential that people act on their aftercare plans. This often involves making lifestyle changes and starting new hobbies.

Finding new value in life is linked to learning about yourself, what you’re interested in, and how you want to develop.

\This might be as simple as connecting more to your family, or becoming a regular tai chi participant, on the other hand, it might mean becoming an avid marathon runner.

Your life is no longer defined by the substance but by you.

To take your step towards recovery, contact Rehab 4 Addiction to find out about your treatment options.

Call us on 0800 140 4690.


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