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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Broughton in Furness

Drug and alcohol abuse is dangerous. Across the globe, there is a worryingly large number of people, families and communities being affected by the adverse effect of drug and alcohol abuse.

As the impact of drug and alcohol addiction grows annually, so does the need for efficient and high-quality rehab services. [1] [2]

Does this remind you of your life? Has life become a constant battle against drug and alcohol compulsion? Suppose addiction has made focussing on your responsibilities, career, or family a near impossibility.

In that case, Rehab 4 Addiction can help you break free from the shackles of addiction from a highly professional rehab service.

The Benefits of Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction affects people from all over the globe, from various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. People can withdraw inwards as they fill with shame at the prospect of suffering from an addiction.

But there is nothing to be ashamed of, and there is nothing wrong with signing up for a professional treatment programme. Why should you feel bad about wanting to get your life back on track, back to life before you encountered drugs and alcohol?

Unfortunately, the stigma that surrounds those attending rehab can put people off. The media often perpetuates this common stigma which surrounds our social and professional lives.

This stigma often causes delays in admission to rehab because individuals are worried about how they will be perceived.

This isn’t the only barrier to agreeing to addiction rehab. Deciding to attend a professional rehab service is also likely to be clouded by endless questions, with several other factors also influencing your decision.

When you call our friendly helpline at Rehab 4 Addiction, our highly trained staff will ask you questions about your medical history, commitment to recovery, and any other needs to create a treatment plan tailored to you.

These factors may include:

  • Budget: You probably won’t be surprised to find that private rehab treatments incur a cost. Finances will always be a worry for some, as they consider if the price is feasible and worthwhile. But don’t worry, our approachable staff can discuss your options so we can help you find an addiction centre that fits your budget
  • Are you ready for recovery? This is potentially one of the most important considerations you’ll ever need to make before attending rehab. But there’s good news. First, the fact that you’re here reading this suggests you are ready or at least serious about achieving sobriety
  • Location and accessibility: Often, those attending rehab would prefer a location nearer to home. Accessibility is usually preferred due to its familiarity and convenience for family visits. Rehab 4 Addiction can find the most suitable, easily accessible, and well-located rehab centres in Broughton in Furness
  • Treatments Available: The most important consideration on your list when choosing a rehab centre should always be what addiction treatments are available. For example, a centre may have the most relaxing scenery or the best room service but not the right treatments

Without the right combination of physical and psychological therapies, you’re likely to achieve the life-long recovery that you’re no doubt looking for. So we’ve put together a list of the essential treatments you’ll receive at Rehab 4 Addiction to get the recovery you need. [3]

Your First Step at Rehab: Our Detox Clinic

Your most important and first step will likely be a detox process. We understand that this first step is incredibly problematic, with the prospect of detox enough to put many people off rehab.

It’s well known that drug and alcohol withdrawal can present individuals with highly unpleasant and distressing symptoms.

As your body withdraws from drugs and alcohol, you will likely experience physical withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, severe nausea, insomnia, blood pressure fluctuations and psychological symptoms such as hallucinations and delirium tremens, to name but a few. [4]

These symptoms only need to be terrifying when experiencing detox alone. However, under the care and guidance of our highly trained medical staff at Rehab 4 Addiction, you can go through the detox process safely and with minimal health risk, allowing for a more comfortable experience.

Our detox clinics ensure that you are always highly monitored to ensure your safety as you go through the detoxification process. In addition, as you go through the medically assisted withdrawal process, your side effects are closely controlled to keep you comfortable and healthy.

After completing this essential and positive step in the safety of our detox clinic, you can put your foot forward to take on the rest of our highly effective treatments.

Other Treatments at Rehab 4 Addiction

As mentioned, you’re best to follow a treatment programme that combines both physical and psychological treatments for the best chance of success. Because we know this, we offer a vast selection of treatments.

Our treatments enable us to work with individuals personally with a tailored treatment plan that gives you the best chance of sobriety.

Some of the essential treatment you’ll receive include:

Detailed Dual-Diagnosis: Unfortunately, those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction can often find themselves suffering from co-occurring mental health problems. These mental health problems often come from the addiction or as an initial factor that potentially led to drug and alcohol use.

Our detailed psychological evaluation means Rehab 4 Addiction can provide essential psychological intervention to help with any mental health problems your addiction has been masking. The best treatments can be part of a dual diagnosis, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and exposure therapy.

Therapy via One-To-One Sessions and Group Therapy: Psychological interventions combines with other treatments as an essential part of any rehabilitation programme.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we provide access to high-quality therapists, including one-to-one therapy, group therapy, and sessions focussing on supporting families.

Alternative Therapies: Stress Management and a focus on wellness are vital during recovery. With stress and buried feelings having a significant impact on the manifestation of addiction and other harmful habits, combining this treatment with standard treatments provides more optimum success levels.

Stress management courses in meditation, mindfulness, yoga and art therapy allow patients to find new ways to cope with stress and poorly internalised emotions that can become addiction triggers.

Long-term success with our 12-Month Aftercare Programme: No rehab facility should allow you to walk out of their facility without a long-term plan in place. At Rehab 4 Addiction, we help you to become and stay sober with our 12-month aftercare programmes.

You won’t need to worry about returning home, as Rehab 4 Addictions provides ongoing treatment on an outpatient basis. This aftercare gives you the best opportunity to remain sober for life.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Broughton in Furness

You may find other rehabilitation centres and facilities in Broughton in Furness, but at Rehab 4 Addiction, we are incredibly confident in our private drug and alcohol addiction services.

Highly effective physical and psychological treatments will set you up with the best chance of success, focusing on healing both the body and mind. Doing this at our state-of-the-art facilities through our professional and skilled staff makes us the perfect choice for rehab.

Our staff understand that all addiction battles are individual and need a personalised approach. Therefore, our practical and professional recovery services allow for short-term and long-term success with a drug and alcohol treatment programme personalised to each individual.

Learning More About Rehab 4 Addiction

Although we are more than confident that a treatment programme at Rehab 4 Addiction will allow you to get back to a healthy life, we know you might need to learn more.

So, to get your life back on track and free from addiction, make the essential first step of picking up the phone and calling us today.

You can reach us quickly for a free assessment on 0800 140 4690, through the contact us form on our website.

Feel free to call us if you’re also worried about the addiction of a loved one. We’ll be able to talk through your worries and their options to best support you and them.



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