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After spending months or even years trying to quit drugs or alcohol, you might feel at your wit’s end. The vast majority of people who have addictions usually reach a space in their lives where they want to stop using the substance.

Quitting drugs and alcohol, though, is far from simple. It’s likely that you have had a lot of days determined not to carry on using substances and within a day or two have started again.

The way addiction works means that it’s incredibly easy to feel like you’re facing an impossible challenge. The truth is, trying to break the cycle on your own is one of the hardest things to face and addiction is a serious illness that is made up of many elements.

In order to stop using drugs or drinking for any length of time, you need support. Your physical, psychological and higher self needs ways of moving forward which are different to what you already know.

Only through changing your approach to living can you begin a life of recovery. Knowing where to begin is a hugely daunting task.

Rehab 4 Addiction supports people in your position every day to move towards sobriety. We can guide and advise you on your options in the Burnham On Sea area.

What difference does professional input make on recovery?

Many people will first attempt to quit alcohol and drugs on their own. After some time, they might ask friends and family for support in this area.

As much as having support from those who care about you is important, actually, having emotional ties can create challenging moments, especially in relation to managing triggers.

Also, being supported by people who don’t have a professional understanding of how addiction works mean there are things that will be missed.

For instance, it’s highly common for a person quitting cannabis that they will experience vivid nightmares which can last for an entire month. This might be very distressing for some.

Different substances come with different withdrawal effects. When a person receives support from a team of professionals, their entire physical and psychological health is addressed.

There are common symptoms that will be experienced and the staff at a rehab clinic can see you through this by advising you as well as prescribing medications should this be necessary.

What do professionals help me to do to become sober long-term?

To achieve and maintain a lifelong future of sobriety, you need to make changes. A professional with years of experience working in addiction knows what has worked for thousands of others in your position.

They come with a wealth of knowledge and the desire to make you well again.

Rehabilitation programmes will include a timetable of activities that support your healing. Self-development and change are encouraged.

You’ll discover new activities that have two main goals:

1. To support your healing and relaxation

2. to introduce you to new hobbies that you might keep doing in the future.

Lifestyle changes are absolutely essential to your long-term healing. This, for many people, can mean changing your friendship groups, spending time in new places, and participating in new activities.

The staff at a rehab centre help to support you in breaking all these aspects down and identifying areas to focus on.

After completing an initial rehab programme, you can access various peer groups and counselling support at rehab clinics.

These are extremely beneficial in preventing relapse and providing consistency in a person’s life even when difficulties might arise in other areas.

98% of people who go to rehab leave sober. With this new fresh start and an aftercare programme in place, thousands go on to live an abstinent lifestyle.

Are there rehab facilities in Burnham On Sea?

There are various options in the Burnham On Sea region. As well as traditional inpatient options where you stay at rehab for a length of time, there are outpatient services, where you remain living at home and go to the clinic to receive treatments or input.

Due to addictions and people being so individual, there are different ways to tackle treatment. Each person requires a unique programme designed to give them the highest chances of recovery.

The Rehab 4 Addiction team is here to guide you through your options. We’re able to identify what programmes that will suit your needs most.

When you contact us, we hold a pre-assessment. This gives us all the information required to understand what services will suit us.

How do I get into rehab?

After being advised as to which rehab clinics are most appropriate to treat your addiction and goals, it’s time to decide which clinic you want to go to and make contact with the professionals there.

This can be a challenging moment for some, which is why the Rehab 4 Addiction team can take care of your referral and secure you a place in a local clinic.

We’re able to manage all the arrangements and support you through the time leading up to your treatments.

Inpatient and outpatient services: what’s the most effective?

The two types of services rehab programmes fall into are outpatient and inpatient. There are pros and cons to both ways of receiving treatment.

Your circumstances will inform what is most suitable for you.

Outpatient services

These are especially useful for people who need to remain living at home while accessing and receiving particular treatments.

After a psychiatric assessment, a timetable of one-to-ones and group activities will be provided for you to attend each week.

People who have to keep working or running a household often find this option very beneficial.

It’s also useful for people where mild substance misuse is a problem, or for those who have already gone through inpatient services and want more input.

Inpatient services

This format of treatment means that a person becomes a resident of a rehab clinic and stays there overnight for up to a month.

This approach to treatment is immersive and includes daily treatments such as therapies and relaxed activities.

Inpatient services are especially brilliant at treating those who have moderate to severe addictions.

Contact Rehab 4 Addiction to ask any questions and find your ideal treatment programme today. Call us on 0800 140 4690.



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