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Are you stuck in the cycle of addiction? Perhaps you wake up each morning determined to stop but not knowing where and how to start. The idea of quitting might feel frightening when it’s all you know. If drinking or getting a fix has taken over your life, you might feel overwhelmed. It’s not just quitting any more, the addiction has had negative ripple effects in all areas.

Perhaps you have a loved one who feels trapped in this cycle of substance misuse?

There was a time, though, when you or your loved one didn’t use drink or drugs. With the right support, it’s possible to change.

At Rehab 4 Addiction we know that you can create a future where healing takes place and you recover. You deserve a life without drugs and alcohol.

Alcohol, drugs, and local services

According to the Gov website, around 3.2 million adults (aged 16-59) had taken a drug in the year leading up to the pandemic.(1) The statistic hasn’t changed much from previous years. This suggests that community services aren’t enough. It also suggests that services lack the required resources to provide a comprehensive treatment package.

So what about alcohol consumption? In the UK, it’s estimated that only 18% of people are dependent on alcohol access treatment.(2) The fact that alcohol is legal and is socially acceptable creates a whole new set of barriers to understanding what prevents a person from accessing treatment.

The urge to drink or get a fix doesn’t “just come from nowhere”. This is why addiction isn’t something a person can “just stop”. There are many factors that are at play creating the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours linked to addiction. Being a person who lives with an addiction is tough because it’s not “just” the addiction.

There are underlying reasons why a person drinks or uses drugs. The safest way to recover and the best way to get the results you want is through participating in a rehab programme.

Why rehab is the reliable place to begin your recovery journey

Have you ever said to anyone, ‘I can quit by myself’? Attending a treatment centre and choosing not to drink or do drugs is still you making yourself quit. The treatments you receive at rehab simply provide new strategies so that you can actually stop. These strategies, for many, are life-changing. It can be for you too.

Maybe you’ve tried local alcohol and drug services in Cannock before. The issue with community services is that the funding restricts the treatment options you get. Local services have to hit high targets with minimal resources. There are certain treatments you can access, but you don’t get a full care package that ensures that you stay on the healing path. Local service also isn’t accessible 24/7.

At a rehab centre, the mental, physical, and emotional parts of a person are considered so that the necessary psychological, medical, and behavioural treatments and therapies are put in place.

Why rehab works

Choosing to start your recovery with a stay at rehab gives you the strongest start to ending your alcohol and drug use. Rather than a lifetime spent going in and out of the same community meetings, or waking each morning having drunk or used again, you can go to a rehab centre.

Consciously deciding and making the changes you need to, to quit alcohol or drugs could be the hardest thing a person ever has to do. It’s not just the substance that has to be stopped, but the arrival of facing past and present reasons for drinking and taking drugs. This can feel traumatic.

This is why it’s essential to ensure you have a personalised treatment plan. It’s also why finding the ideal rehab centre to go to is critical. Rehab 4 Addiction makes this part of your journey recovery easy.

To have the best start at recovery, a holistic package of support offers reassurance that you will quit. Every part of wellbeing and health needs to be considered, expert practitioners, treatments and therapies are vital.

Attending rehab offers medication in order to detox (like Librium and Subutex). After detox, specialist therapies (like CBT and 12 step work) and holistic therapies (like music therapy) are offered throughout the stay to provide the optimum chance of success.

Rehab 4 Addiction provides a warm and safe environment for you to recover safely.

What happens if you use drugs and drink alcohol your whole life?

Despite the fact that alcohol is legal and we live in a culture where people are encouraged to drink to relax, celebrate, and commiserate, regular alcohol consumption has negative impacts on health.

The NHS advises that women shouldn’t drink more than 6 units at a time and men 8 units. Anything over this is considered binge-drinking.

To put that into perspective:

  • 3 pints of 5% beer is 9 units.
  • 2 large glasses of 12% wine is 6 units.

Research shows that alcohol dependency shortens life expectancy by 24-28 years.(3) It’s also been proven that regular drinking increases risk of cancer.(4)

Dependent drug use carries the risk of overdose and the negative impact on health and wellbeing.(5)

No matter the reasons behind drinking and taking drugs, it’s dangerous. It affects the vital organs, such as the liver, exacerbates the deterioration of mental health, and increases risk of diseases.

On top of the physical and psychological impact, addiction negatively influences relationships with family, friends, and work colleagues, as well as having worrying financial effects. Life can end up looking pretty bleak and this is why it’s easy for people to feel trapped in the cycle.

It’s common that people who have addictions will also have another mental health diagnosis, for instance, depression, anxiety, psychosis, bipolar, schizophrenia, or PTSD. People who experience symptoms in these areas often feel the need to self-medicate.

Leaving drink and drugs behind might feel worrying. This is why it’s incredibly important to have the best support to provide reliable strategies to use at the beginning of recovery.

Choosing to change now, making that first step, can change the course of your life. By cutting out drugs and alcohol, you not only lengthen your life, but improve the quality of it by finding new ways to bring yourself meaning.

What will you get out of going to rehab?

Going to a treatment centre provides the best support in terms of the service and treatment. Practitioners are concerned by the quality of treatment and providing an individualised service that has the highest chances of success.

Parts of the treatment will feel difficult, but a rehab centre is the safest and most effective environment to start healing.

You’ll start to face where your addiction came from. The therapies provide support to cope with feelings around trauma and gives you the ability to take control of your life going forward. This increases your chance of long-term abstinence and recovery.

Withdrawal is managed in an expert way. When you stay at a Rehab 4 Addiction centre you start with a 7-10 day medical detox (depending on the substance you use) and then begin a customised therapy plan that enables you to get through the uncomfortable feelings of psychological cravings.

You also participate in evidence-based treatments and at the end of your stay, you get a 12-month after-care plan. This supports you in facing the longer-term symptoms and mental health surrounding addiction.

How to take the first step: finding the best for you in Cannock

Taking the first step towards recovery only takes a phone call to Rehab 4 Addiction. During that initial phone call, we’ll ask a short series of questions to ascertain the ideal type of support especially for you or your loved one that is available in Cannock and across Staffordshire.

Call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or fill in the enquiry form.

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