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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Cannock Chase

Are you concerned about how drugs and alcohol are impacting your life? Many people throughout the UK are living with addictions. There is a huge range of services available that can support a person towards creating a life of healing and recovery.

With top-quality support, you can get the help you need to make a healthier and happier future for yourself.

What do you gain through accessing support?

It can be a difficult time deciding to change your life. When a person decides to give up drink and drugs, it comes with a whole host of areas that need to be considered and worked on.

Many people with addictions feel they want to quit alone. Unfortunately, unless a person is able to move to another part of the world without the ability to get hold of the substance then quitting alone is rarely a realistic option. 

Just as a person would see a doctor about their physical health, a person needs to access treatments for conditions that are mental and physical. An addiction requires both types of input.

By deciding not to change anything when a person lives with an addiction, it’s highly unlikely that the addiction will end. This is why accessing support is incredibly important. To make the unhealthy behaviour stop.

Accessing support also means there will be many positive consequences in life. A person will begin to see their physical and mental health begin to improve. 

When a person feels well they are able to achieve more. This might simply be through starting new hobbies or investigating passion topics. On the other hand, a person might realise that there’s a career choice they’ve always wanted to follow.

The sooner a person enters treatment, the less damage the addiction is able to create. However, even after years of addiction, the body has a miraculous ability to heal.

With the removal of toxic substances and the introduction of healthy food, drink, and regular exercise, a person’s health can improve ten-fold.

Rehab 4 Addiction understands the importance of supporting you at the moment when you make the move towards recovery. We’ve got years of experience treating people from all walks of society. 

When you contact us for a referral, we will make sure that your transition to rehab is as smooth and relaxed as possible.

Rehabilitation treatment services in Cannock Chase

There are different services on offer in Cannock Chase to support your recovery journey. Researching what’s available locally can feel stressful. This is why Rehab 4 Addiction exists: to make your decision easier. 

Our team has extensive knowledge of rehab programmes throughout the UK. We can explain to you what your options in Cannock Chase are.

Types of services

The majority of towns in the UK have both outpatient and inpatient services available to treat addiction.

If your addiction is out of hand, you’re trying to hide it, or have cause for concern because of the withdrawal effects, then going to rehab is highly beneficial.

Severe addictions require a comprehensive package of support from a highly skilled team who are experienced in treating patients.

When people are able to plan how much alcohol they want to drink, or how much of the drug they want to take and stick to this, a different service might be required. For a person who is in control and whose life is still functioning well, then outpatient services are often more useful.

Types of treatments

There are a variety of treatments available when you enter a rehab programme. A private rehab clinic provides the most extensive programme of treatments. After an assessment, residents are also provided with a tailored treatment package.

Detox provides a safe way to remove toxins from the body. Staff support people through it. It can be a dangerous and uncomfortable time which is why people are monitored during this phase. Medications are often prescribed to ease the symptoms,

Therapies provide people with mental health support. This is a space where the underlying thoughts that cause the addictive habits are worked on. People are supported to understand themselves and provided with useful strategies to manage their cravings.

Holistic treatments are also provided when a person enters a private clinic. Many enjoy this aspect of treatment as they positively encourage a person’s wellbeing in a very comfortable and healing manner. People have access to massage, yoga, and mindfulness sessions.

Can you enter rehab with mental health problems?

Addiction and mental health problems are very highly linked. People often use alcohol and drugs to self-medicate when they experience anxious or depressive symptoms, for example.

When substances are used regularly over a period of time, however, it’s common for addiction to develop.

Once addiction has developed, or regular drinking, mental health problems can also occur.

Practitioners at rehab clinics fully encourage people to enter treatment when they have mental health problems. It’s a high priority for staff to treat people in both areas. Only when both conditions are addressed can real healing begin to take place. 

Recovery is possible for people who live with both addiction and mental health issues. Rehab 4 Addiction is happy to talk with you about how Cannock Chase services can support you in this area.

How will Rehab 4 Addiction support you?

If you’d like to find out more about drug and alcohol treatment options in Cannock Chase, you can speak with our team of advisors. We’re aware of all your local services and can guide you through these.

We would lead you through a pre-assessment which is a series of questions. After understanding more about you and your recovery goals, we could make a recommendation as to what would be most appropriate for you.

With your consent we can lead you through the referral process. This would mean securing you a place in a local programme. Our team would then be at the end of a phone to support you up to your admission date should you need it.

Give us a call on 0800 140 4690 to speak to a member of our friendly team. Alternatively, you can also reach us through our website.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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