Rehab 4 Addiction

At Rehab 4 Addiction in Carshalton, our job is to lead you to the path of recovery and show you how to stay there.

It can be tempting to maintain your lifestyle of addiction, but this produces zero positive effects for yourself and others around you. Moreover, continuing to give in to your addiction will prolong your recovery process, so why not make it easier for yourself?

Do I Have An Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol?

Many Brits have unhealthy relationships with alcohol, so what qualifies a certified addiction?

What starts as the odd glass of wine after a stressful day can easily morph into daily drinking, as treating your trauma with alcohol and drugs is a catalyst to addiction.

Addiction looks like: the inability to go a day without substances; the sabotage of work and relationships as a result of drugs and alcohol, and making dangerous decisions due to drug and alcohol consumption.

If you identify with any of these statements, you may be addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.

Fortunately, this addiction doesn’t have to last forever. With the help of Rehab 4 Addiction, you can choose to work through your struggles and come out the other side stronger.

Carshalton Drug and Alcohol Rehab: What is it?

Drug and alcohol rehab in Carshalton uses the classic dual method to encourage sobriety: detox and therapy.

Before you get started with this, we will look at your personal needs in terms of physical and mental health in order to arrange the appropriate programme for you.

Once your individual needs have been recognised, you can begin the detox. This involves freeing your body from toxins, which comes with potential withdrawal symptoms. Any symptoms will be closely watched by medical staff to ensure the detox is as safe as possible.

The second step is therapy. Rehab centres offer a multitude of options for therapy, ranging from talking therapy to group therapy. You will work with addiction specialists to find the best type of therapy for you.

If you have any mental health conditions that have contributed to your addiction, these are often unearthed in therapy. This first step of acknowledgement can be followed by treatment.

Do I Have to Stay in a Rehab Centre in Carshalton?

Registering with a residential rehab centre in Carshalton and across London is the ideal way to assure long-term sobriety, as you are surrounded by a team of addiction specialists and fellow survivors of drug and alcohol dependency. This will spur you on in your recovery and hopefully prevent relapse.

It is possible to commute to a rehab centre daily, however relapse is more likely in this scenario due to the lack of community.

What Does Life Look Like Post-Rehab?

We know that staying sober in the real world is immeasurably harder than in a treatment facility.

For this reason, at Rehab 4 Addiction we provide you with a prevention plan to encourage the continued pursuit of sobriety. Additionally, we can point you in the direction of local AA meetings and other types of support groups.

How Do I Sign Up for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Carshalton?

When you’re ready to receive treatment, you can call us on 0800 140 4690. We offer a free consultation where you can inform us of your struggles, helping us to find the ideal rehabilitation centre for you in Carshalton.

Contact us today to regain control of your life.

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