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Accepting that you have developed a substance addiction is a big step to take, but is necessary if you want to recover from that addiction.

If you have arrived at the point where you are willing to accept that you have a problem and reach out for help, we can help you get into a private rehab clinic that best suits your needs.

Call us on 0800 140 5690 to speak to one of our team about rehab referral, or read on for more information about how rehab can help.

How can I tell if I have developed an addiction?

A lot of people can go through life occasionally drinking alcohol, or even taking drugs, without it becoming an addiction. However, there are many people for whom any level of alcohol or drug usage will constitute a problem.

It is hard to be exact about when casual drug use develops into an addiction, but there are several tell-tale behavioural signs to look out for, either in yourself or in others. Here are some examples that would indicate addiction:

  • You have lied about or otherwise concealed the level of your substance abuse from family or friends
  • You spend almost all of your time either using or trying to find ways to use
  • Your drug or alcohol use has affected your work life or your career prospects
  • Your drug or alcohol use has put a strain on your relationship with your partner or family
  • You cannot go for a single day without taking drugs or drinking alcohol

If one or more of the above sound familiar, it is time to accept that you have an addiction and commit to changing your life for the better.

We at Rehab 4 Addiction are here to help you with that journey in any way that we can.

How can Rehab 4 Addiction help me?

We provide two main services, both designed to help people towards rehabilitation. Firstly, we provide free expert advice on anything to do with rehab and addiction in general.

If you have questions about detox, or you want to ask about how to intervene in the substance abuse problem of someone you know, we can help.

The other main service we provide is that we arrange referrals to high-quality private rehab clinics across the UK. Since we were founded in 2012, we have helped to get thousands of people into a rehab that is right for their needs.

We can do the same for you, by way of a telephone assessment. We have direct links with all of the top private rehab clinics in the UK, and can make your referral into your chosen clinic as straightforward as possible.

Is detox a part of rehab?

Yes, it is a key part of your overall treatment, and will usually be the first thing on the agenda once you arrive at the clinic.

Anyone who is still using will need to go through their detox, which will take place over a period of around a week, although in some cases it can be 10 days or longer.

Detox procedures will be carried out under the close watch of a dedicated medical team, all of whom specialise in this type of addiction treatment.

They will be able to explain the process to you in detail, as well as helping you through any unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that you might experience as your body adjusts to its new reality.

Depending on which drugs you have been abusing, and how severe and long-term your substance abuse has been, the approach taken to your detox will differ substantially.

If you have been using ecstasy or cannabis heavily, the chances are the emphasis will be on maintaining your psychological wellbeing.

In the case of alcohol, opiate, and benzodiazepine withdrawal, there are much more severe physical symptoms of withdrawal, which will need to be carefully managed.

Those withdrawing from opiates may be put onto temporary substitution medications, while heavy drinkers may be directed to reduce their intake of alcohol gradually over a week or so before stopping.

In any case, this will all be managed in-house at rehab – you should never attempt to detox by yourself at home – this is extremely risky, and can often result in death. Please be safe and wait until you get to rehab.

What types of treatment can I expect at rehab?

Getting through detox is a great achievement, but it is only the beginning of your treatment plan. Next will be a therapy schedule that spans the remaining weeks of your time at rehab.

This will include a wide variety of different therapies, probably including cognitive behavioural therapy, one-on-one counselling, group therapy sessions, psychotherapy, and educational workshops on addiction and coping mechanisms.

The idea is that you will be able to examine your own behaviours and address the underlying issues and how they interact with your addiction.

Mental illness and addiction are very strongly linked, with undiagnosed mental health conditions often making things worse. With access to some of the best mental health clinicians in the country, you will be able to address these issues in a safe and constructive way.

Your schedule will also include a number of activities that, while not strictly therapy, will certainly go a long way towards your overall healing. This might include forms of light exercise such as yoga, pilates, and tai chi.

It might also include mindful activities like gardening, art therapy, and meditation classes. Some of these may be unfamiliar to you, and that’s fine.

The only requirement is that you approach these activities with an open mind, and accept that they could contribute to your overall wellbeing.

Addiction is a mental, physical, and spiritual disease. Therefore, in recovery, it makes sense that all of these different aspects are catered to in your healing plan.

The final part of your schedule will be preparing for re-joining the outside world as a sober person, with the help of a personalised relapse prevention plan. The mental health team will help you to put this together.

Get a rehab placement in Chagford

We have helped countless people to get into recovery through private rehab placements, and we can do the same for you. You can call us on 0800 140 4690 to start your journey.

If you are serious about recovering from addiction, going to rehab is the best thing you could possibly do. At Rehab 4 Addiction, we take the hard work out of choosing a clinic, so you can focus on recovery.


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