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The human body is a complicated thing.

Even with all the advances modern science has made, there are still many aspects of ourselves we don’t fully understand.

But just because we don’t have all the answers yet doesn’t mean we haven’t worked hard to find solutions that work.

While we don’t completely understand the human brain and why some people develop a drug or alcohol dependency and why some don’t, it doesn’t mean we don’t know how to help someone struggling with it.

As a people, we can make educated guesses and work to do what we can to either prove or disprove our theories.

There has been much research done into drug and alcohol dependencies over the years to understand what causes them and how to help people.

It was a long journey, but now more than ever, treatments are safe and accessible for those that need them.

Do you worry that you are in need of the treatments available in a drug and alcohol rehab centre?

But do you also find yourself hesitant because you either don’t fully understand what has caused you to develop a drug or alcohol dependency or if you even have one in the first place?

We are here to put your worries to rest and help you understand yourself and drug and alcohol dependencies better. So hopefully, one day soon, you will be able to seek the help you need.

Because if you are able to see it or admit it right now. A good sign that you need professional help that is available in a drug and alcohol rehab centre is that you are thinking about finding a rehab to check yourself into.

The different factors

When trying to understand what causes a drug or alcohol dependency, it is essential to remember it won’t be just one factor.

Humans are complex creatures that can be influenced on many different levels resulting in them developing a dependency.

While there is no definitive cause for every person, it is important that you understand the factors so you can examine the impact they have had on you and then find a rehab centre that can cater for your specific needs.

The main factors are:

  • Biological
  • Mental
  • Environmental

They each cause a dependency to develop in different ways and tend to build off the others.

Drug and alcohol rehab centres in Charlbury offer different kinds of treatments to combat each factor so that you can work towards long term recovery.

Biological factors

How your biology is formed depends on the genetics passed down from your parents and their ancestors.

For example, they could give you the gene for brown eyes or blond hair or even a gene that makes developing a drug or alcohol dependency much easier.

This means that anyone with this gene would require less substance abuse to take it from a bad habit to a full-blown dependency.

So you have to ask yourself, do you have a family history of dependencies?

They don’t have to be just drugs or alcohol. The gene can go beyond a chemical dependency and also relate to gambling, video games, anything really.

If a family member is unhealthily attached to anything and believes they need it no matter what, then they also have a dependency.

Another biological cause is that of dopamine deficiency.

Drug and alcohol dependencies are formed because when you first abuse substances, you cause your brain to experience a huge rush in dopamine.

As dopamine is the chemical that causes you to feel pleasure, joy and overall happiness, your brain craves more of it.

A healthy brain could experience this rush and never develop cravings from it again and again.

But a brain with a dopamine deficiency can become used to the extra rush of dopamine much more easily.

Far too soon, the brain will begin to believe it needs drugs or alcohol to produce any dopamine at all and will react violently when its cravings are ignored.

This reaction is known as withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms can be incredibly dangerous if experienced alone as your body is attempting to rid itself of all the toxins.

This leads to vomiting, sweating, migraine, chills, hot flashes and in some cases, seizures.

Many people choose to live with a drug or alcohol dependency rather than work through the withdrawal symptoms.

They are acting out of fear.

Within a drug and alcohol rehab centre, you will work through the withdrawal symptoms in a safe process known as the detox.

The detox, to put it simply, is a process that allows you to work through your withdrawal symptoms while being monitored by medical staff. They will keep you as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Most importantly, they will be able to provide medication to relieve the withdrawal symptoms should they prove too much.

Mental factors

The leading cause of substance abuse is trauma.

When a person experiences trauma, their brain chemistry is changed. It changes the way they are able to respond to stress.

For example, a person who has not experienced trauma is able to respond to being late for work and crashing their car differently. But someone living with trauma will experience these at similar stress and anxiety level.

Substance abuse often will be used as a way to regulate their stress so they can try and live normal lives.

Unfortunately, while this may work in the short term, it will eventually only cause your mental health to worsen.

The second leading cause of substance abuse is undiagnosed mental illnesses that are being self-medicated.

It is no secret that in this country the mental health services are difficult to work with. While the NHS tries its best, they just don’t receive enough funding from the government to help everyone living with a mental illness.

This often leaves people without a diagnosis and help to look after themselves.

Often people with depression or anxiety turn to substance abuse as a last resort. They may feel they have no other choice because they have no other way to make themselves feel good.

Again this may work in the short term, but eventually, it will just make everything worse.

This is why in drug and alcohol rehab centres, therapy is a big part of the treatments you will receive.

It is designed to help you unpack what caused your mental health to get so bad in the first place and teach you healthier coping mechanisms to replace your substance abuse.

The environmental factor is more of a widespread problem than something that can just be contained to your own actions.

First of all, as a country, we have a very big drinking culture to the paint where alcohol abuse is considered normal and simply a part of everyday life.

Many people can feel pressured to drink excessive amounts to try and fit in with others.

Peer pressure doesn’t just go away when you stop being a teenager. It just changes form.

It can be hard to avoid drugs and alcohol when they seem to be everywhere. Inpatient rehab centres are designed to give you a break away from being surrounded by temptation and pressure.

Think of it as a break.

One where you can trust those around you who want what’s best for you and will work to keep you healthy.

Getting help

We are Rehab 4 Addiction.

We act as a helpful presence, matching our clients with rehab centres in the Charlbury area that have the best possible facilities to help them.

We do this by asking you to give us a call so that we can begin your free initial assessment and get an idea of what you want to and what you need to get out of your time in the rehab centre.

We are here as a calming presence to make this difficult time easier on you.

So please give us a call and let us help you help yourself.

0800 140 4690

Good luck.


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