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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Charnwood

Consuming drugs and alcohol on a regular basis is likely to make you feel unmotivated and fatigued. This puts you in a bad position to arrange help.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we know how important it is to seek professional help for addiction, so we will not let your symptoms get in the way.

When you speak to a Rehab 4 Addiction advisor, they will listen to your addiction story and tell you what your treatment options are.

The main options are home detoxing outpatient clinics and residential rehabilitation centres. As soon as they know what your preference is, the advisor will take over and research facilities in the Charnwood area.

When you arrange rehabilitation with us, you do not have to deal with overwhelming admin and long waiting lists.

Frequently Asked Questions about the rehab process

Below, we have outlined a number of  FAQs relating to the rehab process:

1. Where is rehab?

Most drug and alcohol rehabs in Charnwood are based in the countryside, giving you access to wonderful outdoor activities and incredible views. Being away from the chaos of everyday life helps you to rest and focus on your recovery.

2. When can I go to rehab?

You can call Rehab 4 Addiction at any time. From there, we will discuss your situation and explain exactly how we can help you. Our advisors are expert researchers and will find you a referral to residential rehab in a matter of days or weeks.

3. Why should I go to rehab?

If you are trapped in addiction, rehab can provide you with freedom. When you leave behind substances, you move further away from isolation, broken relationships, poor health, and work issues.

4. What is the cost of rehab?

The cost of rehab is dependent on the centre that you choose to attend. If you have concerns about the financial aspect of treatment, mention it on our phone call and we will try to find a centre that is within your budget.

5. Can I see my family in rehab?

Living away from family for 28 days can be difficult, so many rehab centres have visitation days on a weekly basis. You also may have the option to engage in family therapy with your loved ones.

6. Who is eligible for inpatient treatment?

Anyone struggling with substance abuse or addiction can enrol at a rehab centre. Regardless of the severity and duration of your addiction, rehab staff will prepare a personalised treatment plan for you consisting of detox, therapy, and general rehabilitation.

7. Who will take care of me at rehab?

There will be a team of trained professionals consisting of addiction specialists, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists.

8. What facilities are provided at residential rehab in Charnwood?

You can state preferences regarding facilities at rehab. However, some of the centres that we have previously worked within Charnwood have offered gyms, saunas, steam rooms, common rooms, televisions, fishing lakes, and horse stables.

9. What happens after residential rehab in Charnwood

When you exit rehab, you will take with you a relapse prevention plan. This may be a lifeline in moments of temptation as it provides you with extra support.

This may be in the form of helplines, accountability calls, group therapy, or individual therapy.

Additionally, you will leave rehab with a host of tools to tackle temptation. Staff will teach you tools such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, distraction techniques, and thought challenging.

If you continue to practise these methods, you will be less likely to relapse.

We strongly recommend building a support network to encourage you in your sobriety. As well as being accountable to friends and family, you could attend local support groups in Charnwood such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings.

Here, you can open up about your struggles in a safe environment without fearing judgement.

If ever you need support before, during or after treatment, you can get in touch with Rehab 4 Addiction. We understand that recovery is a rollercoaster, and we want to be here for you in the good times and the bad.

10.  Why You Should Contact Rehab4Addiction

Nobody enjoys the side effects of addiction, from nausea and fatigue to isolation and low self-esteem. Reaching out to us could see you on the road to recovery within days, leaving behind these awful symptoms.

Accessing help with us is a low-stress experience. Not only do we take full responsibility for finding you a local referral, but we do it incredibly quickly.

There should be no waiting around when it comes to addiction; what seems like a minor issue can spiral into a catastrophe in no time.

Something we are very proud of is the fact that many of our helpline advisors have experienced addiction themselves.

When you make the call to us, our advisors will listen intently to your concerns and provide you with expert advice based on years of experience.

Even if they have not dealt with substance issues themselves, they have helped countless people onto the path of sobriety.

Make the call today

What’s stopping you from calling us today? We are contactable at 0800 140 4690. If you are uncomfortable with making the call, we can contact you providing you fill out the request form that is available on our website.

If you are concerned about a family member or friend who is exhibiting signs of addiction, we would love to help. Our advisors can guide you through the process of confronting your loved ones, and if this is successful, they can find a suitable treatment for them.

Unfortunately, it is wise to prepare yourself for a defensive reaction, as many victims of drug and alcohol abuse are in denial about their issues.

If your loved one’s life is in danger and they will not accept help, it may be necessary to stage an intervention with medical professionals.

Our helpline advisors can explain this process in detail over the phone.

It is also important to mention that we have contacts all over the UK. While Charnwood is full of leading drug and alcohol rehabs, you may prefer to complete treatment elsewhere.

In that case, browse our website to see the choices we provide. From the rolling hills of Yorkshire to the outstanding beauty of Surrey, your options are endless.

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