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Are you struggling with substance abuse or alcoholism? Is it affecting your daily life and straining your relationships? Are you wondering how to recover from the affliction? Or evaluating the value of rehabilitation?

Often times, drug & alcohol abuse can take over your life. It changes your mindset and alters your perception of life. Substance abuse can cause a strain on relationships, both familial and with friends. It can affect your ability to work and sustain routines.

It can break down the fabric of who you were before and going ‘cold turkey’ can feel like a daunting task when going it alone.

At Rehab 4 Addiction in Cheshunt, we’re here for you. With our highly trained medical experts in addiction recovery and relapse prevention, we want you to know you’re in safe hands with support available around the clock.

What is substance abuse?

Substance abuse is not just about illegal drugs, and it’s certainly not something you should take lightly. Commonly abused drugs include alcohol, prescribed medications, tobacco and other legal or illegal substances that are ingested in the wrong way or too much. This is where substance abuse differs from addiction.

Many people with substance abuse are able to change their behaviour or quit much easier than someone suffering from addiction – which is where you can’t stop using despite the condition harming you and those around you.

Substance abuse occurs when a drug changes the way your body or mind works, giving you a pleasurable high that eases your stress or helps you to avoid liver problems.

What are the signs of substance abuse?

As substance abuse can easily lead to addiction, it is important to understand the signs of the problem and act on them fast.

Some key signals of substance abuse include: Lack of interest in the things you used to love doing, changing your friends a lot, spending more time alone than you usually would, eating more or less than usual, sleeping at odd hours, having problems with work or family members, switching quickly from feeling good to bad, craving or having a strong desire to use a substance and taking less time to look after yourself.

What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism is the dependency and addiction to the consumption of alcoholic drinks. It is the most common addiction in the UK, with a severely low rate of those seeking help.

It is so commonly looked over because of the society we live in, pub gardens in summer, drinks after work, a glass of wine with dinner – all are instances where alcoholism may not seem a problem to many but where dependency is prevalent.

Since the 50s, alcoholism rates in the UK have more than doubled and there has been an increase in alcohol-related mental health problems, hospital admissions and deaths. Drink-driving alone has taken more than 600 people in the last year, along with 3,500 serious injuries related to a drink-driving incident.

Alcohol is so easily accessible and normalised within our society it often gets overlooked as a major problem. So, if you’ve come to the realisation that alcoholism is affecting your life; whether it be ruining relationships, having an effect on your financial health or physical health please seek help today.

Rehab 4 Addiction is here around the clock to help you through your darkest days and lead you into a better mindset away from those situations that can trigger the addiction.

What is drug addiction?

Taking drugs is not an innate craving for humans. Addiction often starts through the voluntary use of the drug and once the body becomes used to the drug, addiction sets in. Addiction is a disease and must be looked at in detail to encourage recovery.

Here is where detoxification is necessary. When it comes to the psychological attachment to the drug or substance, searching for the root of the problem is paramount.

Simply alleviating the physical need for a drug, by going ‘cold turkey’ is not enough to treat addiction. Through guided psychological help, understanding your addiction and the need for the drug, intervention is a pivotal process for relapse prevention in the future.

What is Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Cheshunt?

At Rehab 4 Addiction in Cheshunt or around Hertfordshire, we believe that every person should have the help they need, at the right time and continued support along the way.

No one should ever feel they have to go it alone and we work hard to produce the best programme for your individual need. How our assessment works is a quick and simple phone call to explain your abuse or addiction, we can talk about your living situations and fears and tailor a programme to suit your best needs.

Next up we will invite you to a residential stay for detoxification and counselling sessions, this can also be provided as an outpatient experience to suit your needs.

We’ll be with you every step of the way and lead you to a better lifestyle, we’ll work on solving the root of the affliction and ways to combat triggers and avoid the wrong environments.

We work together through one-to-one sessions or support groups to help you feel at ease and offer extensive guidance on avoiding relapse in the future.

Call us today on 0800 140 4690, and take the first steps into your new life.

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