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It takes a lot of courage for a person to admit that they have a drug and alcohol problem. Mainly due to what this means next. Admitting there is a problem brings the question of what a person should do about it.

The nature of addiction means that control over thoughts and behaviours is often lost. Therefore, admitting there is an addiction and then deciding you want to quit means that you have to learn how to regain control of your behaviours.

For an addicted person where the substance can literally take control of a person’s bodily functions, this is hugely difficult.

Drugs and alcohol impact chemical and hormonal balances in the body. Alcohol physically restructures the brain.

Heroin causes pain when it starts to leave the body. All of these issues introduce a challenge. Although a person may desperately want to stop using in their heart and mind, the physical brain and body are working against them.

There usually comes a point where a person’s health, as well as financial and social lives, are negatively impacted. For many, the repercussions are extreme and painful.

They also ripple out affecting the people who love the person with the addiction.

What rehab services are there in Chickerell?

There are both inpatient and outpatient services in the Chickerell area. Each person will be suited to a different service and variety of treatments.

Outpatient services are where people access a centre or clinic to be supported as and when outlined with a worker. There will be a series of activities every week, such as SMART or 12 Step groups that people can attend as they wish.

There will also be some one-to-one support. The structure of this will be discussed with the caseworkers.

Inpatient services are where people go to rehab for a length of time. This offers people 24/7 care and support.

There is a total approach to healing and recovery. A timetable of therapies and group activities are provided and people are expected to participate in order to gain the most they can from rehab.

Is it better to stay at rehab than attend a clinic as an outpatient?

It really depends on a person’s circumstances as to whether they would be advised to have a stay at rehab or not. However, where severe addictions are present, a residential stay is usually recommended.

This offers a totally fresh start in a healing environment which makes quitting the substance as easy as possible.

For many, the initial part of a rehabilitation programme can be extremely challenging. This is where many trying to quit alone will struggle.

When faced with the same set of circumstances it’s hard to change behaviour. At rehab, while being supported by staff in a place where you can’t drink or take drugs, it’s much easier to get through the withdrawal and cravings.

A stay at a rehab clinic also provides a relaxed and calm environment. There are private rooms as well as communal rooms.

You get both your own space when you need it as well as getting to spend time with others who are also in recovery. Nourishing food and drink are provided. This helps to replenish the body.

To heal, both your physical and emotional needs are catered for.

What happens in terms of treatment?

There are a wide variety of treatments available for drug and alcohol treatment. Addiction impacts every aspect of who a person is, which is why it’s important for people to receive medications as well as therapies.

There are physical, psychological, and alternative approaches that together form a well-rounded package of support.

Physical dependencies require physical detox. This can be extremely uncomfortable. At a rehab clinic, the staff prescribe medications such as Librium and Subutex to manage the effects of withdrawal.

When patients are addicted to substances like alcohol and heroin, withdrawal can be painful, distressing, and even dangerous. Staff aim to keep patients safe and make the detox as simple as possible.

It’s essential that people are supported to recover from addiction from the root causes. Only by addressing the causes and taking into account what maintains an addiction, can a person truly expect to gain long-term recovery.

Evidence-based therapies support a person to understand how to become aware of their thoughts and then reframe them. Taking back control of thoughts is where the key to change lies for many.

Through this people are then able to regain control of their behaviours.

It’s important for people in recovery to connect to others. A lot of drug and alcohol issues are exacerbated by the person feeling isolated.

12 Step groups provide a comforting environment where many people with substance problems are able to connect in a meaningful way.

How do you stay sober after leaving rehab in Chickerell?

During the time a person is staying as a resident at rehab, they discuss with counsellors and other workers how to maintain abstinence long term. There will be lifestyle changes that you need to make.

Many have to cut ties with people they used to drink or take drugs with. Some will need to stop spending time in particular places.

Self-discovery makes a huge difference for those seeking to quit a substance.

This means finding new meaningful activities to do in life. Exercise, such as walking, yoga, and swimming provide a healthy space for people to develop.

Others might take up a new hobby, like playing an instrument or art classes.

These changes are incredibly important in making life feel valuable. Along with lifestyle changes, residents at rehab are supported in developing a relapse prevention plan.

How do I find out about going to rehab in Chickerell?

To find out what your treatment options are in Chickerell contact the Rehab 4 Addiction team. The team is experienced in matching people with drug and alcohol issues to the most suitable rehabilitation programmes.

We can also explain in more detail what treatments you can access. With your permission, we’ll refer you to a rehab clinic and arrange everything to support your admission.

Call us today on 0800 140 4690.

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