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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Christchurch

Are you based in the Christchurch area and have begun to consider getting treatment for a drug or alcohol dependency?

Does it feel like you are no longer able to tackle your drug or alcohol dependency on your own and now require professional help?

If that is the case then you are in the right place to start your journey towards long term recovery.

At Rehab 4 Addiction we are dedicated to finding you the perfect rehab centre in your area. We take the time to get to know you, your wants, your fears and most importantly your goals and take it all into account when making our referral.

You may be wondering why you should use our services rather than relying upon the wonderful care provided by the NHS free of charge.

First of all, while the NHS is a wonderful service and as a country, we are lucky to have it. The sad truth is that the country’s mental health services are vastly overworked and underpaid.

There are so many people in need of help looking to the health care services to provide it, unfortunately, this has resulted in most people seeking help for substance abuse being placed on a waiting list for weeks, possibly even months.

Even when you are able to get the treatment it is likely it won’t be done within the Christchurch area.

The treatment themselves also tend to be sporadic outpatient visits that can lack the supervision and support for those struggling with a more serious drug or alcohol dependency.

With our services, you will be matched with a rehab centre with facilities that help you with your specific needs during your residential stay. You will be supported at every step of your journey towards long term recovery by fully trained and dedicated staff.

A staff who are not overworked and paid fairly for the important work they do.

By simply calling 0800 140 4690 you can begin your free assessment of needs and then relax knowing we will find you the rehab centre you deserve so you can focus on your recovery journey.

What happens in rehab?

Tv programmes and movies have unfortunately painted rehab centres as a scary places. While having anxiety about going into rehab is normal, we promise it isn’t as bad as you think it is.

The first treatment you will likely take part in will be a detox.

A detox is famously the worst part of the treatment offered within a rehab centre. People wrongly assume it will be like it’s shown in the media where you are locked in a room to suffer through the withdrawal symptoms alone.

This is simply not what happens.

First of all, it is very dangerous to attempt detox on your own as the withdrawal symptoms can put too much strain on your body.

Because of this when you are experiencing a detox you will be monitored 24 hours a day by fully trained medical staff dedicated to keeping you as safe and comfortable as possible.

You also will not be expected to just suffer through your withdrawals and instead will be offered various medications to make the process easier on your body.

The point of a detox is to wean your body off its drug or alcohol dependency so that you can focus on other areas of your treatment without having to worry about cravings.

It isn’t an easy process, but when done inside a rehab centre it is perfectly safe and ultimately better for your long term recovery journey.

Following your detox, you will be expected to take part in various therapy sessions the rehab centre will offer.

We know that drug or alcohol dependency tends to be a symptom of an underlying mental health problem rather than just a bad habit that has been picked up.

Substance abuse can be done because of a multitude of reasons such as anxiety, depression or past trauma that was never treated.

The most common form of therapy rehab centres do is group therapy.

Group therapy is when those staying at the centre at the time are given the opportunity to all sit down together and work through their issues together. These sessions are supervised by a fully trained therapist who will help lead the group discussions.

These sessions will help you see you are not alone in your problems and do in fact have others that understand what you have been through.

By surrounding yourself with others working towards the same goal of long term recovery you should be able to make progress towards understanding why you rely on drugs or alcohol.

In some cases, individual therapy sessions may be recommended.

This is normal and is simply done in response to your individual needs. Sometimes you need one to one support from a therapist to best unpack your trauma and get to the core reasons behind your substance abuse.

A very important part of your stay at any rehab centre will be the creation of your relapse prevention plan.

Your relapse prevention plan will be made specifically for you and provides you with the tools to avoid triggers for your cravings.

It is designed to give you the best possible chance of continuing your journey towards long term recovery following your stay at the rehab centre.

Life after rehab

Right now it may be hard to think of what life outside of rehab will be like.

But it is an important part of the process. Your time in rehab will give you the tools and the fresh start you need in order to continue the work when you are no longer being monitored.

One of the best ways to further your progress is to accept the aftercare services that the rehab centre will offer.

These services tend to include follow up therapy sessions where you are able to continue to improve your mental health.

You will also be referred to a support group within the Christchurch area where you will be able to interact with others at all different stages of the recovery process. It will give you the ability to build a support network and create better interpersonal relationships.

What now?

Your journey towards long term recovery has only just begun. To continue onwards all you have to do is call 0800 140 4690 and let us handle the rest.

We are standing by to help you on your way to a happier and healthier life.

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