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According to a recent GOV survey, the South West has the highest prevalence of illicit substance use in The UK. Over the past year, a worrying 11.7% of people reported their use of an illicit drug, while many more remain unreported.

In line with a national trend, Gloucestershire has seen an increase in those suffering from alcohol addictions- a problem exacerbated by the recent pandemic.

With a multitude of lives at risk, it’s more important than ever to give this chronic illness the attention needed to treat its victims. That’s why here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we provide professional guidance for Substance Use Disorders, and craft personalised referrals to leading treatment providers.

With years of professional experience, our team can provide your bespoke referral to a drug & alcohol rehab in Cinderford.

What is Substance Use Disorder?

Once labelled as a lifestyle choice, addiction is now recognised as a debilitating brain disease- otherwise known as Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

Though ranging in severity, SUD is characterised by uncontrolled use of a substance, in spite of negative consequences.

Over time, a variety of both short and long term symptoms manifest as addiction takes its toll. Of these, the outward physical decline is the easiest to recognise as it often affects an individual’s daily routine.

Both sleeping patterns and eating routines are likely to suffer- producing chronic fatigue, insomnia, and weight loss, amongst other symptoms. Psychologically, individuals with SUD may notice increased anxiety, agitation, depression, and drastic mood swings.

An addiction can become life-threatening when an individual’s consumption levels reach new highs. As the amount taken increases, so too will someone’s tolerance to said substance.

In these cases, the body acclimatizes to the effects of a drug or alcohol- meaning more is needed to achieve the same high. If consumption levels remain uncontrolled, the chance of an overdose increases drastically- which can be fatal in many instances.

Achieving long-term recovery

For someone in the throes of SUD, it’s imperative to seek professional help if long-term recovery is to be achieved. While the initiative needed to start individual recovery is commendable, detoxing without medical assistance is often dangerous.

There may be temptations present in the home, or even exposure to a substance that could trigger a relapse. Moreover, any withdrawal symptoms experienced while detoxing can be difficult to manage alone.

To maximise the chances of a full recovery, choosing a drug & alcohol rehab in Cinderford is recommended. With one of our affordable treatment partners, you’ll receive a care programme that’s fully personalised to meet your needs.

As each case of SUD is different, you’ll be treated as an individual, with all facets of your lifestyle, personality, and substance history taken into account. Through a range of psychosocial therapy, patients are able to learn about the root cause of their SUD, and be treated accordingly.

Finding a drug & alcohol rehab in Cinderford

Oftentimes, the pressure of finding a suitable clinic is enough to discourage someone from seeking professional help. Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we’ve simplified the process with an easy to navigate referral system.

We’ve selected leading rehab centres across the country- each certified by The Care Quality Commission for providing quality treatment. By booking a consultation with us, you’ll be one step closer to finding the optimal drug & alcohol rehab in Cinderford.

Each phone consultation is free of charge, fully confidential, and performed by a non-judgemental member of our team. Once you’ve reached out, we’ll book a time most convenient for you with a consultant psychiatrist.

First, they’ll carry out a short health assessment. This will consist of a few questions to identify your state of psychical and mental health.

We’ll also ask about your history of substance use, and will need to know about any pre-existing conditions for the prescription of future medication.

What happens after I check into rehab?

Upon arrival at your chosen drug & alcohol rehab in Cinderford, you’ll undergo a medicated detox. You’ll check into a safe, comfortable environment, where the level of a substance in the body will be gradually reduced.

During this time, patients have round the clock access to medical professionals, who will be there to guide you every step of the way. In the event that you experience withdrawal symptoms, a consultant will be on hand to prescribe medication- specifically designed to ease detoxification.

Examples of this include Subutex: a low dose opioid used to treat withdrawal from opioid use disorders.

Following the medicated detox, patients typically undergo a range of psychotherapy. Split into individual and group therapy, these sessions aim to uncover the reasons behind a substance use disorder.

In individual talking therapy, patients work with an addiction psychiatrist to interrogate the thoughts and feelings surrounding an addiction. Typically, methods such as Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioural therapy (DBT) will inform sessions of personalised therapy.

While CBT aims to rewire the thought patterns leading to substance use, DBT focuses on emotions and how to manage them post-rehab.

Together with psychotherapy, patients have the chance to partake in holistic therapy workshops. This interconnected approach uses the idea of treating the individual as a whole- by connecting mind, body, and spirit.

Patients are asked to form goals for long-term recovery, and what they want their lifestyle to look like outside of rehab. Workshops can be on anything that’s conducive to healthy living- including yoga and exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness.

After your short term residency in rehab, you’ll be guaranteed the ongoing support of our aftercare package. For 12 months at no additional cost, you’ll receive regular check-ins from a professional, and access to local therapy sessions.

These support groups, such as narcotics and alcoholics anonymous, provide a much-needed community for those on similar recovery journeys.

Don’t hesitate to reach out

The first stop on your road to recovery is just a phone call away.

Contact us by dialling the number 0800 140 4690. We’ll create a personalised referral to select the perfect drug and alcohol rehab in Cinderford for you.


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