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Are you someone who struggles with an addiction to drugs and alcohol but have some difficulty accepting it? Do you believe that your drug and alcohol consumption has increased to an excessive amount?

Do you find that your friends and family members are commenting on your consumption more often? But despite all that, you are still finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact you have an unhealthy relationship with drugs and alcohol?

You are not alone. Living in a state of denial when it comes to their addiction is very common for people who suffer from it. In most cases, denial is a coping mechanism used to blur out the dismal nature of their reality and to suppress the true severity of their addiction.

For others, however, this blurred viewed of their reality can come down to their own cognitive adaptations, which is caused by overly excessive drug and alcohol consumption. Denial is also often used to protect the loved ones of the sufferer and to help them maintain some self-value and avoid judgement.

These are all very valid reasons for denial, but unfortunately, no matter how you may use denial in your life, it can aggravate your addiction further, enabling your drug and alcohol consumption resulting in a warped justification of your behaviours.

Keeping this in mind now may be the time to begin reaching out for help and support. To be able to give yourself the best chance of living a life you can be proud of, it is vital that you acknowledge your addiction and the negative ways it impacts your life. When you’re able to do this, the easier it’ll be to fully commit yourself to your recovery journey.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we understand what a momentous step this is for you to take, not to mention it can be the most difficult of all. We understand that you may have some reservations and doubts, that you may struggle to break your current cycle of consumption and denial.

However, we also know that with our professional help and support behind you, you will be able to begin this process with ease and truly be able to start imagining a life of sober living for yourself.

We do this by helping you link up with a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in the Lincolnshire area (or beyond) that is best suited to you and your circumstances, ensuring that you give yourself the absolute best chance of reaching a point of sustainable recovery.

So why wait? Start your journey to recovery today by getting in touch with the Rehab 4 Addiction team.

Rehab 4 Addiction’s referral services

Rehab 4 Addiction has a vast number of partner rehab clinics who we work with, and with our referral services, we are able to ensure that you have access to all the highest-quality rehab facilities and drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs not only in the Cleethorpes area but across the whole of the UK.

In order to do this as efficiently as possible, we will carry out an initial assessment over the phone when you get in touch with us. We do this in order to get a clear idea of who you are, what your addiction history is and what your future goals may be.

Our assessment of you will provide us with accurate details regarding your drug and alcohol addiction, which will then help us gauge your rehabilitation suitability and needs.

We will also be sure to assess important factors such as your physical and psychological well-being, your willingness and motivation to recover, your current environment, your financial standing and whether you wish to complete your treatment locally or from another location.

All this confidential information should then put us in a strong position to help you narrow down your search, and we will always be sure to recommend the most suited treatment programme and rehab centre – in fact, many times we will recommend a handful of options, so that you may make an informed choice yourself.

In addition to all this, we will also offer you addiction treatment endorsements, which will highlight the most appropriate options for you when considering your own personal strain and severity of the addiction.

When it comes to our referral services, personalisation is a key factor. Our goal is to work with you thoroughly, in order for us to ensure that you will find yourself experiencing a worthwhile and very personal rehab experience. By doing so, the chances of you eventually reaching a point of sustainable recovery increases.

Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Cleethorpes

If you already find yourself wanting to recover from your addiction, and you believe you’re in the correct mindset to commit to a treatment programme or you’re hoping to be in the near future, Rehab 4 Addiction can help you find the most suitable drug and alcohol rehab centre.

Through our referral services, we will locate the most fitting treatment clinic for you to complete your rehabilitation journey.

Today there are a vast amounts of drug and alcohol treatment centres scattered around the UK, which could make it difficult for you to select the most appropriate one for your own individual needs. In some cases, we find that our clients prefer to relocate for their drug and alcohol addiction treatment altogether.

However, if you’d prefer to remain within the Cleethorpes areas, below are some benefits you would experience by using our services:

  • We offer a comfortable and efficient transition into your chosen residential rehab centre.
  • You’ll experience a personalised approach when conducting your search, ensuring that you commit to the most fitting rehab centre possible based on your needs.
  • Familiarity, localised support and the opportunity to complete family therapy.
  • Your loved ones will also experience a constant stream of support.
  • You will be given access to efficient and consistent aftercare services once your time in rehab is complete.
  • You’ll experience an easy transition back into a “normal” life post-rehab.
  • You’ll be able to access your chose rehab programme quickly with our support.

In order to benefit fully from our specialist support and industry-leading services when finding the best possible place to get your life back on track and combat your drug and alcohol addiction, reach out to Rehab 4 Addiction today.

Overcoming your denial

As mentioned previously, denial is a common coping mechanism that is often experienced while suffering from addiction and mental health issues. It’s seen as a way to adapt to a sufferer’s current reality, a way that they are able to see themselves and to control how others see them too.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we understand why denial is used as a coping mechanism by people who do suffer from an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Due to our years of experience in this field, we can appreciate what a challenging time you’re going through, and what worries you may have in regard to being judged and the shock of unintentionally, and in some cases unknowingly, developing an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

However, by continually justifying your denial, your addiction cycle will continue, potentially causing even more damage to your physical and mental well-being than it may already have. The longer you use denial as a coping mechanism for your addiction, the harder it can be to overcome. So how do you?

To overcome your addiction, the denial linked to your addiction must first be diminished, especially before you commit to starting a drug and alcohol treatment programme at rehab.

When it comes to overcoming your denial, there are some steps you must take, which aim to prepare you for visiting a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in the Cleethorpes area.

First of all, it’s important that you truly understand how drugs and alcohol fit into your life, the impacts they have on you and those around you and the experiences you’ve endured because of it.

From there, it’ll help you to open up to your affected loved ones, to support groups and to addiction counsellors. This step should enable you to process your feelings appropriately.

We will help you find the most suitable rehabilitation centre for you and your circumstances, get you familiarised with rehab, its processes and its benefits, and give you the opportunity to be able to start seeing your future life without a dependency on drugs and alcohol.

Once you believe yourself to be undoubtedly prepared to face your recovery and once you can truly acknowledge the negativity associated with your ongoing substance abuse, we will be there to help you find the most appropriate drug and alcohol treatment programmes within your local area. Or, if you prefer, we can help you find somewhere away from your local area.

Give yourself the best possible chance

If you are someone who suffers from drug and alcohol abuse, but you want to be able to take back control of your life, now is your time to give yourself the best possible chance of achieving a positive future.

By visiting a reputable and well-suited rehabilitation centre, you will be given the opportunity to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction demons, work on yourself, work on your personal relationships, work on your mental health and improve your quality of life overall.

Drug and alcohol rehab centres are there to help and support anyone who needs it when they need it. Be sure to give yourself the best possible chance at a better life by making use of these services, benefitting from our referral services and checking into a fitting drug and alcohol rehab facility in the Cleethorpes area within as little as 48 hours.

Understandably, this all may be a very new process for you. You may feel incredibly unprepared for rehab and the things expected from you, so allow us to put your mind at ease and help you through the whole process.

Give Rehab 4 Addiction a call today on 0800 140 4690. Alternatively, you can contact us via our website. Reach out for the help and support you deserve and give yourself the best possible start on your sustainable recovery journey.


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