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Having to defeat is an addiction is the biggest obstacle anybody could ever possibly deal with. There is addiction help available, though. Nobody is alone when it comes to the realm of addiction support. The idea behind addiction treatment is tailoring the program to the specific patient. Everybody has a different reason for developing an addiction, and only through customised programs can these issues be revealed and dealt with.

Art of the Custom Program

Addictions manifest themselves in exactly the same way, much of the time. Having a drug and alcohol addiction for a long time would reveal the same symptoms of hallucinations and problems with sleeping, but it doesn’t mean two people with the same symptoms have the same problem.

Addictions are caused in a variety of different ways. Somebody could have been abused as a child, other people do it to help relieve stress, and some people bowed to peer pressure and now they can’t stop. Addiction help has to be tailored to the individual, or it’s impossible to get them to cope with their own individual issues. Cleveland treatment programs will always be looking to give patients exactly what they need; there are no ‘one size fits all’ policies here.

Treatment Areas

Whilst addiction support won’t just come in one form, the different treatment areas do connect each treatment method together. Here’s the breakdown of the addiction treatment methods which will be brought into play each time:

    • Individual counselling is the one-to-one level of getting to the heart of the individual’s issues. It will involve speaking of the most serious issues related to the patient. They won’t be forced to talk about anything they don’t want to and they won’t have to worry about confidentiality since everything is private. When they do speak, they are helping themselves to cope, and that’s the solution to addiction.
    • A drug and alcohol addiction will be dealt with through doses of group support each time. Nobody can cope by themselves. They say no man is an island, and it’s true when it comes to addiction. Studies have shown those who have the support of people who are going through the same issues are much more likely to successfully beat their addictions.
    • Additional support is provided through classes. These classes will help to teach residents the life skills needed to function in the outside world. It’s hoped they will be able to find employment and build a better life for themselves. Furthermore, it helps to distract them from their cravings and withdrawal symptoms.


All Cleveland clinics will always be looking at full support. Full support involves ensuring patients are properly reinforced after they graduate from residential treatment. Directing them to a walk-in centre for a few sessions each week is the most common form of aftercare, but there’s more to it.

Some clinics will give patients the chance to speak to a counsellor over the phone for a few weeks after leaving, which allows them to speak about the challenges they are facing to somebody who knows what they are doing.

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