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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Clitheroe

Drug and alcohol addiction is a significant problem in Lancashire and across the whole of the UK, so if you’re living in Clitheroe or the surrounding areas and are concerned about your substance use, you are not alone.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we provide addiction advice, recovery advocacy and referral services completely free of charge.

Drug and alcohol addictions are serious issues that should not be dismissed and can lead to long term physical and mental health issues. We understand that it can be difficult to admit that you need help, however, there is plenty of our team in recovery, so you will receive no judgement here.

We applaud those willing to take a step in the right direction for their health and seek professional drug and alcohol addiction recovery help and advice. Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we can help you to determine whether you have a current addiction issue, the severity and how it can best be treated.

We can also recommend one of our highly regarded partner rehab facilities in your local area of Clitheroe, should you decide to recover locally. Contact us now on 0800 140 4690 or reach out online through our enquiry form.

How can Rehab 4 Addiction help me?

Rehab 4 Addiction provides a range of services, from free advice and support through to referral and pre-admission onto a renowned drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme.

We understand that it can be difficult to approach us for help, but we will make the whole process as simple as possible for you, and there will be no lengthy waiting lists involved.

Once you’ve decided that addiction recovery treatment is the right path for you, contact our team for a simple assessment.

With a few questions about your substance usage and your personal circumstances, we will be able to assess the severity of your addiction and the type of help that would be best suited to your needs.

It’s highly probable that if your addiction is moderate to serve, we will recommend residential rehab. This offers the universally agreed most successful recovery option for those with drug and alcohol addictions.

You will have the option to recover in Clitheroe or further afield, depending on what you feel more comfortable with. There’s no need for a GP referral and once you’ve chosen the programme and location, we can begin your pre-admission immediately.

What will my addiction recovery treatment entail?

Once you have been admitted and the doctors have examined your current level of health, they will explain your tailored programme, which will include physical and psychological treatments, for a holistic approach to recovery.

You will then undergo a medically assisted detox, during which you will be monitored day and night for your own safety. Detox is a risky process that should not be attempted independently, however, in this setting, it offers a safe and more comfortable detox experience, which is vital to your recovery.

Withdrawal symptoms will be managed by reducing your substance use gradually and using prescribed medications, where possible.

Once the detox process has reduced the body’s physical connection to drugs and/or alcohol, your sober mind will be prepared for the next step, which is psychotherapy treatments. This will be in the form of a wide range of sessions, dictated by your personal need, but including a private counsellor.

Throughout these treatments, you will become familiar with the cause and triggers of your addiction, helping you to overcome them going forward.

Residential rehab facilities are calm and comforting environments that have been designed to aid in your recovery. There will be state of the art treatment rooms, as well as recreational facilities and a nutritious diet provided throughout your stay.

Some of the therapy sessions available may include:

Your progress will be monitored throughout to ensure that you are on course for your expected discharge date. There will need to be some flexibility with regards to the length of your stay and your discharge date, however, a typical stay is around 28 days.

Aftercare services are available

Full post-rehab aftercare treatment services will be made available to you, once you leave rehab. This is an important part of the overall programme and will be provided to you in the form of a substantial plan.

This is intended to help you maintain your newly found sobriety back at home in Clitheroe, and will include regular appointments to review your level of continued motivation.

Another part of your aftercare plan may include attending group-based abstinence meetings, which can provide a strong support network outside of the clinic. So reach out to Rehab 4 Addiction today, we can help you to find the help and guidance necessary to turn your life around.

Call today on 0800 140 4690.


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