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Getting help in Colchester

If you are currently in need of drug and alcohol rehab in Colchester and have been unable to get the assistance and support you require via the NHS, talk to Rehab 4 Addiction today. At Rehab 4 Addiction, we have been helping people overcome their addictions to substances including alcohol, prescription and illegal drugs for many years and have strong links with a host of treatment providers around the UK. When you seek help through us, you don’t need to worry about lengthy waiting lists, which means you could be receiving the support you need to break your addiction within days.

Don’t suffer in silence

Talk to us today if you are tired of suffering in silence and have accepted that you have a problem with addiction. We are specialists when it comes to arranging the residential care you might need to overcome your problem and can provide the round-the-clock care you require should you start to experience withdrawal symptoms or side-effects as a result of abstinence. What’s also great about residential care is that it takes you away from people and scenarios that may fuel desires for drugs and drink. Furthermore, you will also receive helpful one-to-one and group therapy to boost your chances of making a full recovery.

Support doesn’t need to come to a halt after your stay thanks to the valuable aftercare support that we offer, which comes in the form of weekly sessions in which your development and progress is continually monitored. Aftercare is designed to help you stay on the path to recovery and help you avoid temptation. When you first call us, we will ask you a few questions about your current circumstances and medical history, so we can identify the right clinic for you. On your first stay on site, you will undergo a thorough assessment and will have a treatment programme developed for you. This programme will be tailored towards your specific needs.

Medication and therapy in drug and alcohol rehab in Colchester

Finding the right clinic can be tough if you don’t have the in-depth knowledge you need, but we are here to speed up the process. Any information you provide is completely confidential, and your treatment will also focus on identifying any mental health issues that may have played a role in your addiction. You may also be provided with medication to weaken the symptoms of withdrawal and will be continuously monitored for safety purposes. To find out more about drug and alcohol rehab in Colchester, call 0800 140 4690

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