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Getting help for alcohol rehab in Conway

With many modern rehab centres, we provide people with many alcohol and drug treatment services in Conway to make their life much better. We believe that everyone who suffers from addiction should have an opportunity to come back.

That’s why there are many treatment options to meet different needs and budgets.

In fact, many alcohol and drug addicts in Conway keep abusing these products. This leads to worsened health conditions, both mental and physical.

More importantly, they don’t know that there are still many services that can support and guide them through the rehab process.

Which kind of drug and alcohol rehab treatments are available in Conway?

Drug addiction and alcoholism are increasingly becoming major health issues in many countries in the world, including the United Kingdom.

To deal with this problem, there are many methods and technique. In most cases, the rehab process often starts with an initial assessment of the overall condition.

These include the history of consuming drugs and alcohol as well as the psychological and physiological needs.

After the assessment, a treatment plan will be designed to ensure it can fit the needs and conditions of the patients.

Regardless of the treatment option, there are basically 3 stages of recovery that would include many programmes, including detox, rehab, and abstinence.

Do you have to undergo a detox for your alcohol and drug rehab?

The first stage of alcohol and drug rehab in Conway involves detoxification of the body. This process will help get rid of all of the substances in your body, thus minimizing the effects that would lead to addictive behaviours

Some withdrawal symptoms might occur during detox, including seizures, hallucination, shaking, sweating, or nausea. They could vary greatly in intensity, depending on your condition.

But all of them will be monitored closely by our staff. In some severe cases, some replacement drugs might be prescribed to lower the severity of these issues.

What happens after detox?

After the detox phase, you will go through the rehab treatment, which gives you the necessary skills, knowledge and tools to recover fully. There are 3 main forms of rehab in Conway, including:

  • In-patient rehab: This is the most effective type of drug and alcohol addiction recovery in Conway. It ensures that the patients will immerse fully into the recovery process and be free of any obligations of distractions of the daily life. You can get 24/7 care in our in-patient rehab facilities with high-qualified experts and staff
  • Outpatient rehab: In this option, a residential stay isn’t needed. You will follow a closely monitored and carefully designed treatment plan to maximize flexibility. This programme typically consists of 1 or more therapy sessions with our licensed therapists and might include group work as well
  • Day rehab: It is a combination of these both options. You won’t have to live in a treatment facility, but follow a strict plan while still working around your daily schedule at work or study

How can you stay abstinent after drug and alcohol rehab?

The end goal of drug and alcohol addiction treatment is abstinence. This process involves the constant maintenance of sobriety. Thus, it requires a lot of commitment to follow until the end of your rehab.

The key to achieving this is to find a support network for your on-going recovery. This might come from family, friends, or a support group in the area.

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction should be seen as your daily tasks. Staying drug and alcohol-free is not simple when other people around you are consuming these products.

The temptation can always be there, so it is better to stay away from these triggers to help you recover fully.

How can you learn more about alcohol and drug rehab in Conway?

To learn more about available treatment options for your alcohol and drug addiction in Conway, do not hesitate to call us or request our free brochure.

Our staff can conduct a free initial assessment to help you find out the underlying causes of your condition, thus designing a suitable treatment plan.

No matter if you or your family members are struggling with these health issues, we are the best place to seek help and support in Conway.

Contact us today on 0800 140 4690 or submit an enquiry via our online contact form.

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