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When you are struggling with substance abuse or addiction, it is common to downplay the severity of your issues. You may have had a healthy relationship with drugs and alcohol, to begin with, and you are choosing to deny that it turned into a serious addiction.

However, denial is incredibly damaging. Addiction destroys lives, and it is at its most destructive when it is hidden away.

What will get you out of the cycle of addiction is recognising the severity of your problem and resolving to tell someone. Even just telling family and friends can help to stop the addiction from thriving in secret.

However, this is not enough. After confessing to your loved ones, it is vital to seek professional help in order to recover successfully.

Though treatment may seem daunting, once we tell you what it involves, you will realise just how necessary it is. With the right treatment, you could see healing in your health, work, and relationships. This is not down to a magical cure, but to hard work and techniques backed by science.

What is the Difference Between Substance Abuse and Addiction?

If your experience with drink and drugs is more than just an occasional involvement in social situations, you may be a victim of substance abuse. You will notice that you are dependent on substances, which is affecting various aspects of your life.

Addiction varies from this as it is a serious disease that dominates every aspect of your life. With addiction, you are biologically dependent on the chemicals released by drugs and alcohol.

This means that it is much easier to stop abusing substances than it is to overcome addiction. With substance abuse, you are not necessarily hooked on substances so you could stop at any time.

On the other hand, if you are addicted to drugs and alcohol and you decide to give them up cold-turkey, you will experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that can become very dangerous.

While addiction is clearly more severe than substance abuse, we would encourage you not to downplay the significance of the latter. You may feel as though you can currently give up drink and drugs at any time, but you would be surprised how quickly addiction can take over your life.

If you relate to the description of substance abuse or addiction, Rehab 4 Addiction can help. We will show you how to leave your addictive behaviours in the past and chase after sobriety.

How Can Rehab 4 Addiction Help Me Find Treatment in Copeland

When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction, we will perform a needs assessment to see exactly which type of treatment would serve you the best. We want to know how severe your problem is, how long it has been going on for, what types of therapy you have experienced before (if any), where you would prefer to have treatment, and which activities appeal to you the most.

It is important to us that you are happy with your chosen treatment, so you must speak up at any time if you feel as though something is missing. For example, if you feel strongly about the benefits of CBT, we will research centres in Copeland that prioritise this successful form of therapy.

In terms of your options, you could be referred for a home detox, outpatient treatment, or inpatient treatment (rehab). Unless your addiction is very mild, we are likely to suggest inpatient treatment thanks to the intense structure and the offer of a personalised treatment plan.

Is Residential Rehab in Copeland Safe?

Residential rehab is the safest way to recover as you have access to medical help at any time of the day or night. This is particularly useful when you are going through the detox as doctors can intervene if there are any bad reactions.

However, it is also useful during the rehabilitation phase of inpatient treatment as you can seek psychological or emotional support whenever you need it.

As you are living away from your home at rehab in Copeland, you are safely separated from the temptations that you would usually face such as social events, premises that sell alcohol, and even drug and alcohol advertisements.

What Support Will I Have After Residential Rehab in Copeland?

After rehab, some people are concerned that they will be unable to resist temptation when it arises. However, rehab provides you with a wealth of coping mechanisms to guide you through life after treatment.

Hopefully, your life will look very different after rehab. Your friends and family will be aware of your addiction and may have even engaged in family therapy with you, so they will be better able to support you in your sobriety. Furthermore, you will be encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle involving exercise, healthy foods, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness.

It goes without saying that this is not the perfect solution to addiction; there is always a risk of relapse. For that reason, your rehab centre will provide you with an aftercare plan to ensure you receive professional support for a year after you complete the official treatment. This involves therapy sessions, regular contact with the centre, and access to their helpline.

Do Not Let Denial Destroy You

Denial stops many people from seeking help, and we do not want that to be the case for you. When you deny that you need help, you put your physical and mental health at risk, as well as that of your friends and family. The longer you do this, the longer it will take to recover when you eventually seek help.

Try to manage your denial by looking to inspirational people who have recovered from severe addiction. You may identify with their stories which will help you realise how serious your addiction is. At the same time, their recovery will serve as a helpful reminder that you can beat your addiction, too.

Another way to avoid denial is to make friends and family seriously when they express their concerns about your wellbeing. It is easy to jump to your own defence, but this will only push your loved ones away and potentially damage your support system.

When you decide to seek help, you will need this support system to carry you through the challenges that come with pursuing sobriety.

Take the Next Step With Rehab 4 Addiction

To put an end to your addiction, call Rehab 4 Addiction on 0800 140 4690. Our wonderful advisors will talk you through your treatment options and find you help in Copeland as soon as possible. We look forward to helping you.

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