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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Corsham

Do you live in Corsham? Do you want to receive professional treatment for your addiction? If so, contact Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690.

There are a variety of addiction treatment options in your area, however, it is important to select the right one as this can shape your future success.

We understand this can feel overwhelming, but Rehab 4 Addiction is here to support you.

Our team can guide you through the process and recommend the best rehab clinics for you, taking the weight off your shoulders.

Residential rehab is the most recommended option for all clients as it allows you to step away from the home environment.

This fresh beginning can see you focus on yourself and your recovery rather than triggers and distractions that could be found at home.

Committing to a treatment programme for 28-days can also allow you to begin a new chapter. All we ask from our clients is that they are committed to treatment and invested in recovery.

This investment can increase your chances of success if you are in recovery for your own reasons and not for anyone else’s.

Our team is made up of helpline advisers, many of whom are also in recovery. This means they can speak to you about the benefits rehab can provide and can offer advice without judgement.

If you are ready to leave your addiction behind, call our team today and make that first step. We understand it may be hard, but it is your best chance of achieving long-term sobriety.

What treatments are offered in rehab?

Treatment at rehab begins with a detox programme for most clients. When the body becomes dependent on a substance, there will more than likely be a reaction when this consumption is stopped.

Detox can be an unpleasant experience, but medical staff are on hand to help manage any withdrawal symptoms that present.

Many people attempt to go ‘cold turkey’ when stopping their consumption of substances. This method is not recommended by Rehab 4 Addiction and can have fatal consequences.

Our programmes are medically assisted, which means staff are always available to help you during this time of difficulty.

From prescription medication to therapy sessions, by choosing residential rehab you will be in the best hands.

Don’t struggle through this alone, reach out for the help you deserve.

What are the symptoms of addiction?

With addiction, it can be quite hard to spot the signs in someone else.

If you are concerned about a friend or loved one, take a look at the list below. Do you recognise any of the signs?

For alcohol addiction:

  • Is their judgement impaired?
  • Are they easily angered?
  • Has their mental health declined?
  • Do they smell like alcohol?
  • Is their speech slurred?

For drug addiction:

  • Does their mood change rapidly?
  • Do they struggle to sleep?
  • Do they have poor hygiene?
  • Have they stopped being interested in everything?

These signs and symptoms are upsetting to see, and you may even recognise them in yourself. For support, call our team.

We don’t just offer support to individuals with addictions but for those worried about friends and family. During your call, we can discuss interventions and ways you can offer support.

With addiction, there is no time to wait. If you recognise any of these signs in yourself or a loved one, contact our team today for more support.

What is residential rehab?

Residential rehab can be beneficial to anyone, whether they are struggling with a severe or mild addiction. In today’s society, residential rehab is far more affordable meaning more people can access high-quality care.

Many clinics accept medical insurance and work with you to create payment plans.

This makes a lot of clients feel less anxious about the prospect of rehab as it breaks down the stereotype that it is unaffordable.

This form of rehab sees you leave your home for around 28 days and enter a residential clinic.

Here you will undergo a detox programme and subsequent tailored therapy, as mentioned earlier.

By choosing private treatment, you will have access to luxury amenities and facilities. Residential rehab works by utilising both holistic and traditional methods of therapy.

This produces excellent results within clients and reduces the risk of relapsing.

Can I recover at home?

Many people want to recover from home, and this can be possible through outpatient treatment.

However, if your addiction involves extreme social and emotional triggers, this form of rehab will not be recommended.

Outpatient treatment consists of clients remaining at home during treatment but visiting a local rehab clinic daily for sessions.

This form of treatment is usually most successful for those with mild addictions and who aren’t faced with distractions and temptation at home.

Aftercare and life post-rehab

By visiting a rehab clinic in Corsham, you can allow yourself to begin your recovery journey in a luxury environment.

By opting for residential rehab, you can disconnect from your reliance on substances whilst looking forward to a future of sobriety.

Private treatment also means you can experience excellent aftercare to ensure that your first twelve months of sobriety are as successful as possible.

During your time in treatment, you will work closely with support workers to draw up plans for relapse prevention.

These plans will be put into place when you complete treatment and can help you healthily navigate any difficulties that arise upon your return home.

To experience this level of care, you must commit yourself to a structured rehab programme. By contacting our team today on 0800 140 4690, you can begin your route to recovery.

With your investment, we can help you locate the most suitable clinic in the Corsham area and begin your admission process as soon as possible.

If you would like to seek advice for a loved one, we also recommend you get in touch today to find out more about the best ways to assist them during this challenging time.


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