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People throughout the world struggle with addiction. It’s a health concern that affects millions. For any person, it’s a challenge to switch from one regular habit to a new one.

Where an addiction exists this is even harder due to the bodily systems that are involved.

Addiction is much more than drinking alcohol or taking a drug. As such it requires specialist doctors and workers to treat it.

At Rehab 4 Addiction we have extensive knowledge of drug and alcohol services throughout the UK. We are connected to the services available in Crayford and can refer you to the most suitable services to suit your treatment needs.

The most effective and intense approach to treatment involves a stay at a rehabilitation clinic. Professional teams are invested in providing a comprehensive package of treatment to patients.

\This means that professionals in different areas work collaboratively to support the patient.

This has to take place with the patient’s consent and understanding. Rehabilitation is only possible when the addicted person wants it to take place and is consulted.

A person’s centred approach is essential.

Effects of substance misuse

When a person has an addiction it creates trouble throughout all areas of their lives. It affects the internal and external aspects of who they are, how they think, and how they function.

Alcohol and drugs are toxic substances. It’s only natural then that when taken regularly and/or in large amounts then this will start to have dangerous repercussions for a person’s mind and body.

These toxins upset all the natural balances in a person’s body that makes them function healthily.

Long-term abuse creates physical damage to the body. Many people develop problems with their liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas, and brain.

Chronic conditions are extremely common as time goes on.

Mental health deteriorates and can create serious alcohol and drug-related problems such as alcohol-induced dementia, or drug-induced psychosis.

The majority of people who have addictions also have mental health problems. It’s usually impossible to identify which came first. As such, rehabilitation programmes need to account for both conditions.

Many people who have substance misuse issues will have prioritised the substance above all else. This often includes spending money and getting into debt.

It might mean stealing, borrowing, or “ticking”. Addictions regularly feature serious financial problems.

For family and friends who love someone living with an addiction, it can be extremely stressful and worrying.

Addiction causes a lot of problems within families and friendship groups as boundaries are tested and destroyed.

As well as this, many people will also have housing and job issues. Addiction really runs rife through and ruins most areas of a person’s life.

Is it possible to change?

There are few certainties in life. One, however, is that change happens. All over the world, everywhere you look, things and people change.

Quitting an addictive substance will for millions of people be the most difficult challenge they ever face. It is possible, though.

Millions of people recover and choose an abstinent lifestyle throughout the world every year. This is demonstrated in drug and alcohol services outcome reports and in 12 Step programmes.

In order for change to occur a person needs to reach a point where they’re able, to be honest with themselves and others.

It’s also essential that a person is willing to participate fully in rehabilitation programmes and is determined to do all it takes to quit.

How going to rehab can help

A residential stay at a rehab clinic provides the best start to a life of recovery. This is because of the support that’s offered.

Practitioners have had many years of training and have lots of experience working with people with addictions. It’s really important for addiction to be treated with a compassionate approach by people who are experts.

People living with addictions often feel judged and looked down upon. This is usually due to labels that society gives people who have addictions.

The truth is, addiction is a disease. Just as a person deserves to be treated for physical diseases, they deserve to be treated for addictive diseases too, which are both physical and psychological.

People who work in the area know this and are trained to treat addiction from a medical and therapeutic perspective.

A stay at rehab provides treatments that focus on every aspect of the problem. This is to ensure the most solid start to a life of sobriety.

When a person goes to rehab they get off the substance, giving their body a break from the toxins, they’re taught how to build new coping strategies and are supported into planning for the future.

The future is important when it comes to rehabilitating. This includes making lifestyle changes in the present that will make staying sober easier.

Speaking with therapists helps people to identify how and where they can make helpful changes to help prevent triggering unhealthy situations.

What’s it like to stay in rehab?

A rehab clinic is designed to make people feel welcomed and comfortable. It’s meant to feel like a type of “home away from home” but with a professional and therapeutic side.

This is because it’s important for people to know they are cared for but professional boundaries must be maintained in order for successful recovery to begin.

A referral through Rehab 4 Addiction will provide your chosen clinic with an understanding of your needs. Upon entry to treatment, a psychiatric assessment is also necessary.

This enables professionals to identify, with you, the most effective paths of treatments. At this point, a timetable of support will be developed.

A stay at rehab is intense. It’s also the most structured and helpful way to begin a life of abstinence.

Local rehab programmes in Crayford

There are many rehabilitation programmes in the Crayford areas. It can be stressful trying to figure out what you’ll be most suited to.

Contacting Rehab 4 Addiction makes this process much easier. We can take care of your referral and ensure all the arrangements leading up to your admission date are in hand.

Call us today on 0800 140 4690 to find out more.


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