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It feels like the world hasn’t been good for a while now, doesn’t it?

Like as time passes, everything is just getting harder and harder to manage. Maybe small things you used to be able to brush off and ignore are getting to you.

Maybe you find yourself snapping at people who don’t deserve it. That you feel so overwhelmed and isolated that you really don’t know what to do.

You just want to feel good again.

Whether these feelings caused you to turn to substance abuse or if they are a result of long term drug or alcohol dependency doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that you need to recognise that the bad feelings you were running from will only leave you when you receive professional help.

You need to ask yourself, do you need help?

Those suffering from a drug or alcohol dependency are more often than not dealing with a mental health crisis that needs addressing. You are not alone in your need for help, and you do have options available to you.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we help you understand what exactly your options are. We do this by getting to know you.

Through our free initial assessment, we hold an informal interview that we use to understand the state of your mental health and your history of substance abuse.

From this, we can create a profile on you that allows us to find a rehab centre within the Cromer area that has the facilities to best help you.

Once we have made our referral, you can book in as soon as possible and begin your treatments.

Rehab and the media

At its core, a rehab centre is a place of healing that’s dedicated to helping you overcome your drug or alcohol dependency.

Unfortunately, over the years, rehabilitation programmes and the people that rely on them have been demonised by the media.

They have made rehab centres out to be scary, dangerous places where cruel staff will leave you in terrible conditions to suffer through withdrawals until you are sober.

First things first.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we would never refer you to a rehab centre that we haven’t thoroughly checked. Our number one priority is keeping you safe while you work towards a healthier life.

You can rest easy knowing that whatever rehab centre in the Cromer area you find yourself in will be clean, safe and above all, professional.

Rehab centres, like other medical facilities, are often portrayed as scary to those who don’t rely on them as they simply don’t understand the treatments and the positive effects they ultimately have on the patients.

One key treatment often demonised is detox.

In the media, the detox is portrayed as this horrible thing that you are left alone to deal with. Where you are just locked in a room to wait out the withdrawal symptoms so you can miraculously emerge a few days later with no more cravings.

This, in reality, is the most dangerous way the detox could be done.

In a rehab centre, detox is the process of allowing your body to work through the withdrawal symptoms in a safe and controlled environment.

Where if the symptoms prove too much or get to a point where they could be considered dangerous, the medical staff can provide you with medication to relieve them.

You will be monitored and cared for throughout the entire detox process and kept as safe and comfortable as humanly possible.

Your mental health

In order to achieve long term recovery, you need to get to the core of what caused you to turn to substance abuse in the first place.

Substance abuse should be viewed as a symptom of an ongoing mental health crisis rather than just a bad decision.

The most common reasons behind substance abuse are:

  • Domestic abuse
  • Serious illness
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Witnessing a traumatic event
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Exposed to substance abuse at a young age causing it to become normalised
  • Homelessness
  • Bipolar disorder

Many people use substance abuse as a way to self medicate and numb the pain they’re in.

Unfortunately, all this does is allow you to ignore your problems at the moment and push them off to a later date when they have gotten so much worse.

Numbing the pain of the wound isn’t the same as healing it. You need actual professional help in order to improve your mental health.

Within a rehab centre, this is done through group therapy. This allows you to sit down with others staying at the centre and work together with a therapist to unpack your trauma.

Many find this form of therapy helpful as it allows them to begin to build interpersonal relationships with others that really understand what their going through.

It is a place free of judgment with people who just want to do the same thing you do.

To achieve long term recovery and live a happier and healthier life.

In some cases, you may be referred for one to one private therapy sessions. Where just you and a therapist will work to improve your mental health.

You can rest assured this is perfectly normal and simply means you require one to one care for your recovery journey to be the most effective.

The primary purpose of therapy in whatever form it may come in is to teach you tools to take with you once you leave the centre. These tools can be used to avoid triggers for your cravings.

You will also learn healthier coping mechanisms to replace your current substance abuse.

Therapy allows you to build a support network that will continue to help you even years after you have left the rehab centre.

Getting started

At this point, you may be ready to give us a call and begin your journey to long term recovery.

That is great, but you have to be prepared for the fact that this won’t be an easy journey. It will be hard, and it will take a lot of work.

We can’t promise you won’t struggle or even that once you’ve started, you won’t need to restart a few times to finally get on track.

But we can promise that the decision to seek treatment for your drug or alcohol dependency will be the best one you will ever make.

You deserve to live a happy and healthy life free from the substance abuse that is dragging you down.

If you are ready to begin, all you have to do is give us a call at 0800 140 4690

You are so much stronger than you will ever know. You can do this.

We believe in you.

Good luck.


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