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You may think that the hardest step of committing yourself to a drug and alcohol addiction treatment programme is actually going through the addiction treatment process, however, in reality, the hardest step of drug and alcohol addiction treatment is opening up about the fact that you do indeed suffer from addiction, and recognising that you should seek professional help and support. 

While committing to complete addiction treatment services, such as residential rehab facilities and the detoxification princes and suffering through withdrawal symptoms are very common challenges associated with addiction treatment, it’s the part of self-acknowledgement that can usually be the most difficult object for many. 

Of course, we understand what a tough step admittance is to take, as many people who suffer from addiction are afraid of the judgements and disappointment from loved ones that may come with it.

However, first dealing with the daunting idea of opening up about your struggles is an absolutely unnecessary step to take if you ever hope to successfully overcome them. 

A natural reaction is usually to hide away, shut yourself off from the world, isolate yourself and cut yourself off with any connection to friends and family.

You may even attempt to get yourself out of your addiction alone by going cold-turkey and suffering through withdrawal symptoms or to simply continue using drugs and alcohol as a means of escape when things get too much to handle sober.

However, we recommend never attempting to withdraw from drugs and alcohol alone, as not only is this incredibly dangerous for both your mental well being and physical wellbeing, it could also result in the opposite effect and lead you to fuel your addiction even further. 

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we are able to offer you a degree of support and understanding you likely won’t find anywhere else.

We’re an industry-leading referral service, an expert in displaying both compassion, care and a completely judgment-free service.

Through our expert services, we will support you from the moment you get in touch with us even until after you have successfully completed your drug and alcohol treatment program through our patient aftercare support electives.

We can offer you emotional guidance as well as a friendly ear and professional advice while connecting you with a well-suited drug and alcohol rehab facility in Crowborough.

Finding a Suitable Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Crowborough

Trying to source a suitable, high-quality and affordable rehabilitation clinic and drug and alcohol addiction programme on your own can not only be challenging but also completely overwhelming.

You also may not be in the appropriate headspace to fully understand just how important finding the right rehab clinic for you is. 

That’s why Rehab 4 Addiction is here. Our services aim to understand your needs completely, giving you as much emotional support and you possibly need and matching you up with the addiction treatment programme that we feel would benefit you the most. 

We do this by way of an initial assessment. This is carried out between you and a member of our expert team when you first get in touch with us, and we do this in order to find out everything we need to know about you; your history with addiction, your financial situation, your general day to day life, and any other preferences you may have such as location or type of treatment. 

We will gather as much information as possible until we feel confident that we know enough about it to get you exactly where you need to be.

Tracking down a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic and addiction treatment programme in Crowborough on your own could hinder your need to actually seek out that help and support you not only need but truly deserve.

It may also motivate you to fall deeper and deeper into your addiction, putting you off the course of recovery entirely. 

That is why, when you feel prepared enough to take your first big step on the road to recovery, we recommend you reach out to us as soon as possible. 

Opening Up About Your Addiction

Are you someone who is struggling to come to terms with and acknowledging the fact that you do have a problem with drugs and alcohol?

Perhaps you’re finding it most difficult to open up to your friends and family members about it due to the fear of rejection and disappointment.

Perhaps the chase is you have a general distrust of the rehabilitation process or medical professionals for one reason or another? 

Whatever the reason may bed, we understand why you may feel it’s a better option to go at battling your drug and alcohol addiction alone, or why you may wish to hide the full extent of your addiction away from the outside world. 

While wanting to hide away and not deal with your addiction is a common thing, it doesn’t do anything by way of recovery. Mostly because it’s more about you masking your addiction rather than setting about to actively overcome it. 

Keeping this in mind, whenever you come to the actualisation that you do in fact suffer from a drug and alcohol disorder, this is usually the best time to push yourself to open up about your addiction.

Doing this is the most effective way of putting off any dangers and damages that will be caused by your drug and alcohol abuse eventually if this is not the case already.

Considering your own wants, your own needs, your own feelings and your history with drugs and alcohol is a wonderful starting point when it comes to your recovery.

Please, go easy on yourself. Remember that even though it may feel like it, your addiction is not your fault, and can be an uncontrollable, unstoppable beast for millions of people out there. 

Once you’ve been able, to be honest with yourself, your next step should be gathering the support of your loved ones, or even of medical professionals. This ensures that you are provided with the support system you will need in order to reach a point of sustainable recovery. 

Getting to Grips with Your Addiction Via Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services

Once you’ve made the brave step of opening up about your drug and alcohol addiction problems, and you feel comfortable enough to discuss your struggles openly, it means you’re now at the perfect point in your recovery journey to start actively working through your problems. 

The main role of drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation centres is to give you a safe, comfortable space that will help you truly be able to withdraw from your addictive tendencies and any triggers you may often encounter while in the “outside world”.

It also aims to teach you the vital tools you will need to learn when it comes to preventing any potential for future relapses. 

They do this by a variety of treatment services, which will always be conducted with your best interests at heart. These are put in place to not only promote a psychical recovery from a drug and alcohol addiction but a psychological one too. 

The first step to this will be the detoxification process. Detoxing will help kick start your recovery journey in the best way possible, although it can be the most difficult addiction treatment task to get through.

However, once completed, it will motivate you even further to kick try and kick your addiction once and for all.

The detoxification process will help you flush all the nasty substances from your body completely, and although this means you will have to battle through withdrawal, completing this step gives you a higher chance of a successful recovery.  

There will also be therapies involved, such as one-on-one sessions and group therapy sessions, which will aim to help you open up fully and begin working on any underlying issues surrounding your drug and alcohol addiction.

You will also be provided with cognitive behavioural therapy, drug and alcohol relapse prevention, family drug support and stress management sessions.

By doing all this, you’ll be working through both causes and influences and will hopefully help you to change your outlook on substance abuse as a whole, resulting in eventual acceptance and reaching a point of sustainable recovery. 

Long-Lasting Recovery

Understandably, successfully completing your addiction treatment programme is an incredibly significant achievement.

But it’s important to keep in mind that although you may feel confident in your ability to overcome your addiction completely, the hard work doesn’t stop there.

You must always be motivated to work on your problems with drugs and alcohol in order to keep your newfound sober living normalised. 

With post-rehab, this becomes a possibility for you. By embracing the aftercare services we offer, you can ease your mind a little by knowing you still have the support of our rehab clinics whenever you feel that you need it. 

You’ll also be offered the chance to partake in accountability sessions to help you remain responsible for your recovery and a new way of sober living.

You’ll also have access to counselling sessions, and be given lifestyle recommendations that should help your transition back into “the real world” go as smoothly as possible. 

Like with most things regarding drug and alcohol addiction recovery, this prospect may feel overwhelming. Especially if you still have yet to come to terms with your addiction problems. 

However, all it takes is small steps towards progress, one at a time, and soon you will find yourself able to work and achieve things you never thought possible at the beginning of your recovery journey. Leading you to live the happier, healthier, sober life you’ve dreamed of for so long. 

Allow Rehab 4 Addiction to help you get there.

Get in touch with our expert team today – the sooner you begin the sooner it’ll be all over and done with! Call us on 0800 140 4690, or get in touch with us through our website.

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