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Drug and alcohol rehab can be a terrifying prospect when you are struggling with substance abuse. While you may be finding it hard to handle the obstacles and challenges of your addiction, facing them and trying to seek treatment can often be too daunting a task.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we understand the difficulty of this situation. Addiction can play tricks on the mind and body, and rehab can easily be put off or ignored as a result of confusion or fear.

Doubts about whether rehab is necessary, whether you need to leave your work and family to conduct rehab, and what will happen while you are away, are all common and valid concerns.

That’s why we are here to help. We can answer some of these questions – hopefully putting your mind at ease when it comes to some of your reservations about rehab – and get you on the right path towards a healthy, addiction-free life.

Do you really need rehab?

One of the biggest doubts an individual struggling with substance abuse tends to have involves whether there is even a problem in the first place. Is there an addiction, and does it really require treatment?

Unfortunately, it is common for addicted individuals to fall into a state of denial when it comes to their substance use [1]. As a natural self-protection mechanism to avoid facing the physical, psychological, and social effects of their behaviour, individuals often believe nothing is wrong and ignore the concerns of others.

As a result, it is important to know the signs of addiction which tend to highlight whether rehab is needed. Those struggling with addiction often exhibit the following behaviours:

  • Uncontrollable cravings for a certain substance
  • An inability to stop or resist the desire to use
  • Withdrawal symptoms when a craving is not satisfied

In many cases, individuals also experience wider ramifications when they have an addiction, such as financial problems, increasing social isolation, and poor health.

While you may reject the prospect of drug and alcohol rehab, considering it to be unnecessary, it is essential to consider the behaviours listed above.

If you exhibit them, you will need to see treatment and come to terms with the reality that your substance abuse will not improve without help.

Do you have to leave home to receive treatment?

Once an individual has made the difficult but all-important step of admitting that they need rehab, they can be filled with new and equally frightening questions. Above all, many worry about whether they will need to leave their family and have time off work in order to receive treatment.

The answer to this question entirely depends on the situation you are currently in and how developed your addiction is. Once these factors are considered, the choice lies between two sets of rehab programmes.

Outpatient rehab

If your addiction is rather recent or only causes mild withdrawal symptoms, then this rehab programme may be more suitable.

Outpatient rehab involves individuals going through the fundamental components of rehab – physical detoxification and addiction-related therapy – while having the option to return home between sessions.

Granting a greater sense of independence, outpatient programmes allow an individual to retain a sense of home life and partially continue working while making progress with treatment, attending sessions on weekends, in the evenings, or on a part-time basis.

Residential rehab

For addictions that are more severe and harm an individual’s ability to function normally, however, outpatient rehab is not an option.

In these cases, residential programmes are more suitable as they provide an individual with accommodation and allow them to engage with the same treatment programmes while in a safe environment.

While freedom and independence are sacrificed, this form of treatment is ultimately beneficial as it grants the peace of mind that an individual can conduct their treatment with the supervision of medical professionals.

Withdrawal symptoms can be managed, personal safety can be ensured, and progress can be monitored.

How will your family cope during rehab?

Of course, an individual does not only worry for themselves. It is incredibly common to also have fears about what will happen to their family while they undergo rehab, especially if it involves going into a residential programme.

For an individual who has a partner, children, or even an elderly parent, going away to rehab can spark anxiety and resistance towards the idea.

However, this needn’t be necessary as there is a lot of support which an individual’s family can receive during this difficult time.

Rehab programmes can often provide activities to help family members learn about addiction, enable them to help you in your rehab journey, and support them in caring for themselves. Therapy can be provided to help them manage difficult emotions caused by addiction as well.

Treatment programmes which look to help families cope with and understand addiction are more likely to have an overall success rate with the individual themselves [2].

The importance of getting in touch

Drug and alcohol rehab is often a difficult reality for addicted individuals to accept. Denial can be a big obstacle to overcome, and the number of questions that surface at this stage can be overwhelming.

Seeking treatment, however, is so important. Addiction does not get better by itself, and if left to continue it can escalate to a lethal level. Therefore, stopping the addictive cycle with rehab is an essential part of recovery.

By getting in touch with Rehab 4 Recovery, you can get started on this journey, ask the questions that are holding you back, and ultimately find effective and long-lasting treatment.

Finding the right treatment in Cuckfield

If you are in the Cuckfield area and are unsure as to what rehab programme would suit you best, allow us to help.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we can conduct a telephone assessment with you and get a good idea of what your situation is. Taking into consideration the length of your addiction and the withdrawal symptoms you are experiencing, we can assist you in finding the right treatment for you.

We can determine whether you would benefit from outpatient or residential treatment, what kind of additional support your family would benefit from, and wherein the Cuckfield area can supply such services.

Contact us at Rehab 4 Addiction

When addiction strikes, getting the right care and attention is essential to making a full and lasting recovery. If you need help finding the right drug or alcohol rehab centre in Cuckfield, let Rehab 4 Addiction help!

Contact our team today for free advice and recommendations. Call us on 0800 140 4690 and let us help you start the road to recovery.




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