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Getting Help From Rehab In Dagenham

Do you suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction? Are you tired of the lies, arguments, and struggles associated with your behaviours? You’ve come to the right place. At Rehab 4 Addiction, we are committed to helping you find the best treatment facility for your needs. We work with hundreds of centres across the country, and abroad, to help you discover your options and the new life of sobriety you deserve.

Is Rehab In Dagenham Really Necessary?

There may be cases where rehab is not necessary but for the many people, it can prove essential for anyone who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, especially those who have repeatedly relapsed in the past.

Common signs that it is time to seek professional treatment for your addiction are:

  • You have attempted to quit drugs or alcohol in the past but have failed
  • You want to stop but you cannot
  • Tolerance has been built up, meaning you need a larger quantity of the substance to feel the effect
  • Withdrawal symptoms are experienced when you go without
  • You have engaged in illegal activity to fund your addiction, such as stealing, fraud or embezzling
  • Drink or drug driving is becoming more frequent for you
  • Others are constantly worried about your drug or alcohol use
  • Drugs or alcohol are all you can think about and it is the highlight of your day
  • You are aware of how much your addiction is ruining your life but you just can’t stop

Additionally, rehab is vital for those who may be subject to a particularly difficult detox period, which, if not medically supervised can sometimes prove extremely detrimental to the health of the individual.

Other people that may find rehab a necessity are:

  • Those who wish to stop using their chosen substance but cannot do this alone
  • Anyone who has received a dual-diagnosis such as depression or anxiety, eating disorders, or other mental health conditions
  • Anyone who requires life-saving treatment to break free from the destruction that drug and alcohol addiction has brought to their lives
  • People who are looking to live a fulfilling life free from substance abuse

Rehab In Dagenham Philosophies And Approaches

Many of the drug and alcohol rehab centres in Dagenham provide an array of approaches to suit each patient but, for the most part, six main approaches are frequently used. Depending on the centre, different varieties of these approaches may be used. These include:

These operate on the basis that the addicted person will follow a program of steps that ultimately free them from their addiction. This type of treatment is often associated with alcoholics/narcotics anonymous but is widely used in other organisations.

Each program lasts for around three months but this can be altered to suit the needs of the patient. During the program, the person will spend time in 'step' groups as well as taking part in therapeutic activities designed to aid their recovery.

These treatments follow a structure that is based around religious texts and morals. They may include activities such as learning from the texts, praying, or reading, and whilst the participants do not have to be of the faith, the staff will be practicing members.

These communities are made up of staff and clients who work as a team to learn and grow. Participants may take part in both group and one to one sessions and, as they progress they may be given more responsibility within the community.

With a focus on psychology, these treatments are usually much lengthier, between six and twelve months.

CBT is a common type of addiction treatment that aims to challenge negative thought patterns and find new ways of reacting to them, essentially changing the behaviours associated with these thoughts.

Integrated treatments are individually designed to fit the needs of each patient and will often be made up of a variety of different approaches.

This aspect pays closer attention to practical skills as opposed to psychological treatments. They may offer work experience of access to a variety of adult education classes.

The Detox Process During Rehab in Dagenham

When attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Dagenham, one of the first things that you will do will be to go through a detox. This is the process of removing all traces of the substance from the body by abstaining from it.

The first part of your detoxification will include an evaluation, during which a doctor will assess your physical and mental health and look at the level of drugs in your system. This will allow them to determine whether you require any medication and what the best course of treatment will be.

You will then go through what is known as stabilization where you will be given appropriate medication and psychological help to ensure that you can go through the detox and the associated withdrawal symptoms without coming to any harm.

What Happens After Detox?

Finally, the medical team in charge of your care will prepare you for your treatment and what is to come. This enables you to be ready to face any challenges and often means a better chance at success.

Inpatient treatment is considered to be the best and most successful form of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction and is vital for a detox. Withdrawal symptoms can be, for people, unbearable, and in some cases, dangerous.

For this reason, it is important to have a medical team on hand 24/7 to ensure your physical health remains intact. Additionally, the psychological impact of detox can be very uncomfortable but your doctors and care team can support you therefore, reducing your chances of relapse.

The Benefits Of Private Rehab In Dagenham

Residential rehab programs offer the best success rates for those looking to overcome drug and alcohol addiction and there are many reasons for this. Most notably, being in a private rehab takes away any temptation since they are free of substances but they are also staffed with people trained to offer you effective relapse prevention advice.

Many people find that the stresses of life cause them to relapse, so taking time out in a residential rehab centre can eliminate this problem. There are no triggers, no opportunities to meet people from your past, or slip into dark places where you once used.

Additionally, a private clinic can offer an excellent level of support and access to around the clock medical care, meaning that your physical and emotional health will always be a priority. You will have access to medication and medical staff to assist you should the detox process prove uncomfortable.

Whatś more, your treatment facility will tailor a plan that is unique to you, meaning that the specialists who work with you can help you to achieve success more easily. You will also be provided with suitable medications to help you through and have access to effective psychological treatments that can uncover and treat any underlying issues that may have caused your addiction to develop.

When you leave the facility, you will have the benefit of many techniques but will also be able to access ongoing care and support, allowing you to remain free from drug and alcohol addiction in the long term.

Conclusion: What Do We Provide?

All of our facilities and centers offer the highest standard of services for heroin addiction which include:


  1. Prescribed Medical Detoxification
  2. Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation
  3. Proven Counselling Treatments
  4. Holistic Therapies
  5. 12 Step Recovery Model
  6. One-to-One & Therapy
  7. Motivational Interviewing

  1. Trauma therapy
  2. Psychiatric assessments
  3. Dual diagnosis care
  4. Aftercare & Ongoing Therapies
  5. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  6. CQC Registered
  7. 24-Hour Care

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we pride ourselves on the quality and depth of advice we provide to those seeking recovery from heroin addiction. Our admissions team offers a referral service for people seeking treatment for heroin addiction, drug addiction, behavioural addiction, and eating disorders.
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