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It may be hard, but if you are considering finding help for a drug or alcohol dependency you must act quickly.

Studies have found that those that find the help they need as soon as possible are more likely to achieve long term recovery.

This is due to them acting before they are able to change their mind and they actually begin the recovery journey.

So once you have made the decision to begin your recovery journey what does that actually entail?

After all, now that you have decided to abstain from drugs or alcohol that should be all you need to do right?

If recovery were that simple rehab centres wouldn’t need to exist.

A drug or alcohol dependency is caused by prolonged substance abuse that has changed your brains chemistry. During your first few uses, the substance abuse released dopamine, the feel-good chemical in your brain.

However, over time your brain has grown dependent on drugs or alcohol to continue to produce dopamine and going any period of time without it results in your body reacting violently.

This violent reaction is known as withdrawal symptoms.

They are very uncomfortable and can actually prove to be dangerous when experienced alone as they can easily prove to be overwhelming for your body.

These symptoms are the main reasons you can’t just grin and bear your way through your recovery journey. It isn’t a simple case of mind over matter, but instead a health and safety issue.

The best possible place you can be for your recovery to begin is in the security of a rehab centre.

Finding the right rehab

Now that you are considering finding a rehab it is important to find a facility best suited to aid in your treatment.

You may, at this time, be considering the rehabilitation programme available through the NHS.

While this is a viable option it does, unfortunately, have its drawbacks. The services offered by the NHS may be completely free, but they are stretched thin.

The mental health sector is massively underfunded and overworked leaving many that need their help to wait long periods of time for a spot to open up.

Even when you’re the top of the waitlist your treatment is very likely to be provided outside of the Darlaston area and will be outpatient leaving you to travel in for each session of your treatment stretching it out longer than needed.

It may be time to consider a private option.

Within the Darlaston area, there is a wide variety of rehab centres available to you, each is unique and offers treatment that could aid in your recovery journey.

We understand with so much choice it may prove overwhelming to actually narrow down your choices. To look through what every centre offers and find one best suited for you and what you need.

At Rehab 4 Addiction our dedicated teams take the time to get to know you and work to find you your ideal rehab centre.

We do this through our free initial assessment where we learn what your needs and wants for treatment are and refer you to a local rehab centre that can best meet those needs.

To begin your free assessment simply call: 0800 140 4690

What to expect in rehab?

While every rehab centre is different at their core they are a place of healing.

Our recommendations are only made to clean and safe centres that will offer you the highest quality treatment available.

Most rehab centres share the same type of treatments that have proven to aid in the recovery process.

The first treatment you are likely to receive upon your arrival at the rehab centre is detox.

The detox is the process of ridding your body of all drugs and alcohol by working through the withdrawal symptoms in a safe environment.

During the detox process, you will be monitored 24 hours a day by fully trained medical who can keep you as safe and comfortable as possible.

They do this by monitoring your progress closely and offering medication to relieve the withdrawal symptoms should they prove to be too much for you to handle.

The detox acts as the perfect starting off point as it allows you to focus on the rest of your treatments without the distraction of cravings.

It gives your body a fresh start and once completed the worst part is over.

Following your detox, you will move on to therapy.

Substance abuse and its eventual dependency is a symptom of a deeper mental health problem rather they just being a bad habit.

In order to achieve long term recovery, you will have to get to the core of why you abused substances in the first place.

In most cases, this will be done through group therapy where you and others staying at the centre at the time will sit down with a therapist and talk through your problems and gain support from those around you.

In some cases private, one to one therapy sessions may be recommended as more intense sessions could be required to best unpack your trauma.


When you leave rehab you won’t suddenly be on your own.

Every centre offers aftercare services so that you can continue your treatment out in the real world.

You will be offered a relapse prevention plan, this plan includes tools to avoid triggers for your cravings and is designed specifically for you.

You may also be offered to follow up therapy sessions to have your mental health monitored by someone who can accurately track your progress.

The best aftercare service, however, is that of the support group. You will be referred to a support group within the Darlaston area where you will have accountability and those that understand what you have gone through supporting you.

Every session is monitored by a trained professional who, along with the others at the support group, will be able to help you build better interpersonal relationships and work together towards long term recovery.

What now?

Now is the time to take a deep breath, centre yourself and give us a call to begin your journey towards long term recovery.

A drug and alcohol-free life is just one call away and better than you could ever imagine.

0800 140 4690


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