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For thousands of people throughout the UK, accepting and admitting that they have an addiction can be extremely difficult.

Not only is there stigma attached to having this illness, but it also comes with a huge question: do you want to quit?

Anyone in this situation, however, knows that wanting to quit isn’t simple. Being able to be really difficult because of how substances alter the brain and vital organs.

Even when a person wants to stop every day, the compulsion and in some cases, dependency takes over.

This is often heartbreaking for the people who care for the person who is ill with the addiction. For the person with a drug or alcohol problem, it creates a lifestyle that is challenging and hard, to say the least.

Many people come to a crossroads where they want desperately to go down the path of recovery, but everything about the addiction pulls them in the opposite direction.

Addiction is a health concern and as such should be treated just like any other illness. If you’re ill, you rest, you let people look after you, and you have treatments that help to heal and recover.

If you live in the Desborough area, there are a variety of options to support you through your recovery from drugs and alcohol.

How do I know it’s time to go to rehab?

Anything in life that introduces challenging circumstances can make us question whether it’s the right time to do something.

It’s natural for many people to stick their heads in the sand and avoid the issue, or to outright deny that they are ready to face the problem.

With addiction, it might never feel like the right time because the nature of addiction means that a part of you will always crave or want the substance.

You might set a date in the future giving yourself time to “get it out of your system” and “enjoy it” as much as you can now.

The thing is, nothing about the substance will ever change. You already know exactly how it feels, what it does, and how it’s affecting your life.

There might be excuses not to go to rehab, but there are rarely solid reasons because ultimately, your health and wellness is so important. Your life is important. 

The longer a person is addicted to and consumes a substance, the more damage they’re doing to their body.

Toxins build up in the vital organs and this increases the risk of many other health problems and even increases the risk of heart problems and cancer.

Addiction is notorious for damaging relationships within families. And finances are often ruined.

With all the areas of life it deteriorates on top of personal physical and mental health, there comes a point where there’s no denying that treatment is very likely to help and in some cases, essential in order to survive.

What makes rehab better than quitting on your own?

You might think it’s better to “quit on your own” or to go “cold turkey”. Unfortunately, this rarely works.

In order for change to occur, something needs to indeed change. Addiction is characterised by repetitive thoughts and behaviours and an entire lifestyle built around it.

This is why it’s so hard for people to quit without help or without changing their approach.

When treatment is accepted, a person is able to access a wide range of therapies. These provide understanding, reflection, and a space to learn how to re-frame your approach to life.

Treatment supports a person in how to face cravings and how to handle withdrawal symptoms.

Critically, entering a rehab programme provides a support network. An environment where connections can be made to others who are in recovery and who support your life of sobriety.

This is especially useful in supporting a long-term path for healing.

What happens at rehab?

Rehab clinics are designed to be welcoming and comfortable. When a person is beginning recovery it can be incredibly stressful, this is why rehab clinics are calm, homely, and secure.

An environment that promotes healing and safety is essential when you’re at the start of ending your relationship with drugs and alcohol.


If you stay as a resident at a private clinic, you’ll begin with the detox period. This is essential.

Only when the substance is out of your body can you move on to a place where healing can start.

The detox period usually lasts between seven and ten days for those with physical dependence. This is due to how the substance needs to be reduced in a tapered way in order to manage the effects of withdrawal.

Medications such as Librium and Subutex are prescribed where necessary.

For people with psychological addictions without the addition of physical dependency, the detox period is usually shorter.

The therapies

Therapies come in different forms. Some will treat the psychological aspect of addiction.

This provides a space where you can take back control of your thoughts, and therefore also control the addictive habits and change them.

There are therapies that help you to understand why the addiction developed and what makes it challenging to stop.

The therapists are trained to show you techniques to manage cravings and also understand how you can change your life to make abstinence sustainable.

Alternative therapies are also available. Art and music therapy, as well as yoga and mindfulness, provide a well-rounded approach to your healing.

These treatments are nurturing and reveal how to relax within your body while exploring interesting hobbies as well.

Group therapy is a really important space for people who enter rehab. The 12 Step framework provides a solid structure to healing.

Connection to others who can relate is critical to making your life of change and new beginnings easier to do.

What happens when I call Rehab 4 Addiction?

Our job at Rehab 4 Addiction is to support you in the first step towards recovery. As such, you can call us and talk to us about the addiction you face and how it’s affecting your life.

We’ll explain your treatment options in Desborough and you can ask us as many questions as you want.

We’ll then lead you through the referral process making this as simple for you as possible.

There is a short pre-assessment that enables us to match you to the most suitable treatment options. We handle all the arrangements so that you can relax.

A referral through Rehab 4 Addiction can happen quite quickly, especially if you decide a private clinic is more suitable for your needs.

To find out more and begin a life of recovery, call us today on 0800 140 4690.


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