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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Devizes

Addiction is unpredictable. One day you may feel as though you have it all together: you’ve resisted temptation, avoided triggers, and made healthy choices for yourself.

The very next day, you may relapse. Victims of drug and alcohol addiction feel out of control because it feels as though their addiction is dictating their lives.

This lack of control is also experienced by family members of those suffering from addiction.

They may be desperate to help their loved ones out of addiction, but they are faced with the harsh reality that they cannot force anything.

So, if we cannot magically cure addiction, what can we do? We can seek high-quality treatment that is proven to successfully prevent relapse.

Usually, this is inpatient treatment, though outpatient treatment and home detoxes can also help people.

Addiction must be treated like a physical illness. Just as you would go to the doctor for physical pain, you should go to an addiction specialist to deal with the symptoms you are currently experiencing.

The easiest way to access help is to call us at Rehab 4 Addiction and we will research appropriate forms of treatment in Devizes.

Myths About Drug and Alcohol Addiction 

Below are some of the myths and misinformation that surrounds drug and alcohol addictions.

1. Addiction is a choice

Addiction arises for many reasons, from trauma to genetics, so we cannot blame people for being drawn to substances. Though consuming drugs and alcohol is a choice, feeling tempted to consume them is not.

2. There is always one root cause of addiction

When you go to addiction-based therapy, you will be encouraged to figure out the root of your addiction. However, there is often not one single cause. It could be childhood trauma and bullying, divorce and grief, or simply genetics.

3. Addiction is untreatable

Owing to the fact that addiction cannot be taken away, some people believe we cannot treat addiction. This is not true. Detoxing and therapy are proven to be successful ways of treating substance abuse issues as they target the physical and mental health of the patient.

Myths About Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Below are some of the myths and misinformation that surrounds drug and alcohol recovery.

1. Rehab is the only option for recovery

Though rehab is our top recommendation, there are other forms of treatment available in Devizes. The two main types are home detoxing and outpatient treatment, both of which have helped countless people regain control of their lives after addiction.

2. Rehab doesn’t work

There will always be people who relapse and have to stay at rehab a second, third, or fourth time. However, this does not mean that rehab is never successful. It has the best success rates of any treatment type, and it has saved the lives of many patients.

3. Rehab is only for people whose lives are at risk

Rehab is designed for anyone who has a complicated relationship with drink and drugs. This does not mean you have to wait until you are dealing with a severe addiction before you can enter rehab. Regardless of the severity of your problem, you will be welcomed at rehab in Devizes.

Deciding to Attend Rehab in Devizes

Carefully consider whether drugs and alcohol are negatively impacting your life before deciding to go to rehab.

The most common signs that this is the case are: you are struggling to stay employed, you are experiencing physical symptoms of addiction, your mental health is deteriorating, you are experiencing relationship problems, and you are struggling to cope with the pressures of everyday life.

Recovery is a decision you must make for yourself. As much as your family and friends may encourage you to get help, you are not likely to be successful if you aren’t committed to abstinence.

This means that if you are worried about a family member who is struggling with addiction, you, unfortunately, cannot force them to seek professional help.

However, you can contact us for advice as we have counselled many people through this issue. Our lovely advisors will validate your feelings and advise you on how to handle the situation.

Usually, they will encourage you to have an open conversation with your loved ones in which you acknowledge their hardships and urge them to get help.

However, in extreme circumstances, an intervention may be necessary, and we can facilitate that for you.

Getting Help With Rehab 4 Addiction

Make the most of our free initial conversation to access the help you deserve.

We can either find a rehab centre in Devizes that meets your every need or arrange an alternative form of treatment for you. The choice is yours.

Though we highly recommend attending rehab in the gorgeous area of Devizes, you also have the option of travelling to another part of the UK.

This is entirely your decision, so if it is something that interests you, mention it on our call and we will centre our research around a different location.

Ultimately, our main goal is to refer you to personalised treatment, so that means taking note of your every need.

Call us today on 0800 140 4690

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