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If you are worried that your drinking has got out of hand, or that your drug use has developed into a dependency, it may be time to seriously ask yourself whether you have developed an addiction.

If this is the case, there is no better course of action available than to enrol at rehab. Rehab clinics provide the best standard of care for addiction and handle everything from detox to aftercare in a safe and professional manner.

They are also statistically proven to be the most effective way of tackling addiction. The only challenge is that there is so much choice out there, and most people won’t have any idea where to begin.

We at Rehab 4 Addiction are experts in the recovery process, particularly in terms of residential rehab.

We can arrange referrals to some of the best private rehab clinics in the UK, and take care of all the practical complications that come with seeking treatment.

We arrange rehab placements through the means of a telephone assessment, which is conducted with empathy and in strict confidence.

Getting to know our service users in more detail means that we can then make an informed recommendation on a specific facility, and then make referral easy and straightforward.

Finding the right treatment for addiction

If you have ever researched rehab options on the internet, you will know that there is a staggering amount of choice out there.

Not only are there thousands of clinics across the UK, but all of them take a different approach to treatment, and all of them will have a different overall treatment cost.

Some offer outpatient care as an option, some do not. Some have a religious emphasis on their treatment, others take a secular approach. So, as a member of the public who needs help with addiction, how are you supposed to make sense of it all?

This is where Rehab 4 Addiction can help. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the large network of rehab clinics across the UK, and we know, in detail, how each one operates.

Once we find out a little more about you as a person, we can advise on which facility you would be most compatible with.

If you are happy to accept our recommendation, we can make the referral to that centre as easy as possible, and provide practical help and advice with every step of the way.

Start your assessment by giving us a ring on 0800 140 4690.

Supervised detox at a rehab

As we mentioned previously, the reason that rehab works so well is that it provides all the different types of treatment for addiction within the same building.

This means that you can go through detox, which is a necessary part of anyone’s recovery, in the safest possible environment.

You will be under the care of a medical team, who will monitor your detox carefully and can help you through any difficulties you may have with withdrawal.

For problem drinkers, it is likely that detox will mean reducing the amount of alcohol that they drink over a week or so, as it is considered dangerous to stop suddenly. This is why you should never try to detox by yourself.

Therapy tailored to you

Rehab presents a great opportunity to address any issues that you have, with the help of medical professionals.

You will go through a personalised treatment schedule, which will include various one-to-one talking therapies, as well as regular group therapy sessions and educational classes.

The aim is that you leave rehab with a clearer understanding of your own issues, and how they relate to your addiction. You will also have been provided with the psychological and practical tools needed for recovery success in the future.

This will be incorporated into your relapse prevention plan, which is the focus of your final days at the facility.

Complementary treatments

Despite what you might think, recovering through rehab is not all about intense therapy sessions and introspection.

Many of the scheduled activities centre around enjoying yourself at the moment, being mindful, and allowing body and mind to rest and recuperate.

You may find that your schedule includes various forms of light, enjoyable exercises, such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, or gardening.

This kind of holistic approach is very common in rehab and can add a great sense of tranquillity and mindfulness to the overall experience. Being in beautiful, peaceful surroundings should also help.

Call Rehab 4 Addiction today

We hope that, after reading this page, you feel more confident about pursuing treatment through a private rehab facility.

Achieving recovery will be a tough journey, but it is so worthwhile, and the alternative of a whole life in addiction does not bear thinking about.

For a no-obligation consultation, or if you just want to ask any more questions about rehab or what we do, please call us freephone on 0800 140 4690.

Our phone operators are highly trained and experienced and can help you no matter how you are feeling – you can go at your own pace. No matter what your needs, our friendly team are waiting to hear from you.


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