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Drug and Alcohol Addiction in East Lindsey

Rehabilitation is an opportunity for a brighter and healthier future.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we understand how important it is to find the right one and undergo the right treatment in order for this future to be possible.

We’re a referral service that works hard to ensure that everyone who signs up with us receives the best care possible within East Lindsey.

In order to offer this to you, we’ll need to conduct an assessment over the phone that will help us to get to know you better. We’ll learn about your budget, mental health, your readiness to recover and the strength of your addiction.

All of this will help us to recommend you the right centre and curate the best treatment plan for you.

Why is Rehab So Highly Recommended?

At-home rehabilitation doesn’t often work for a number of reasons. One of the main ones is the fact that you are unable to focus purely on yourself.

Life is still continuing around you, you’re in a place where perhaps your addiction started or in a place where you’re constantly reminded of it.

Rehab isn’t like this. It’s a time away from a life where you can work on yourself and discover how best to battle your addiction.

Here, you’re given the chance to rework old habits and you’re given new, much healthier, ones. You’re also provided with the correct tools to maintain these healthier habits long after you’ve left rehab, as well as lessons to combat triggers.

You’re also given the chance to meet others who have overcome similar battles to you, who are eager to encourage you and create a bond that will help you get through some of the most difficult weeks of your life.

Because of the impact rehabilitation has on your future, we highly recommend that you do your research before you join one of our programmes.

We also recommend that you confide in a loved one who can research rehab and addiction with you as well.

This will make you feel supported and less alone during such an important journey. Reading up on addiction will encourage a healthy mindset as well.

It’ll show you the effectiveness of rehab, so you will trust the process and be more eager to go through with your treatment with the understanding that if you really throw yourself into it, you’ll see wonderful results.

Inpatient or Outpatient?

We always encourage that our patients remain within a localised rehab. This is because, although the area will be new and completely away from a busy town, it will still be familiar and comforting.

It will also be close to loved ones so that they can visit you whenever they want to, and it will be easy for you to get to.

Furthermore, after your stay with us, we’ll provide you with support groups and aftercare. If you don’t live in East Lindsey, it will prove to be incredibly difficult for us to give you the help that you’ll need and the right care in your area.

This is also especially crucial if you choose to be an outpatient. As an outpatient, you’ll be going home every night and visiting one of our centres every day, so easy access to your centre is a must.

Although this programme is very rarely recommended, it’s only really for those whose symptoms of addiction and mental health is minimal and bearable.

We’ll also only recommend it if we believe that your home is safe and comfortable, and we’ll need a promise from you or a family member that structure and control will be added to your household.

Our outpatient programme is mainly used by people who want to work during the week, who have family they need to care for or who might not have the budget to be a resident.

If your budget is a problem then we urge you to reconsider, and perhaps seek financial aid from a multitude of different charities who would be willing to help you if you can prove that you truly want to recover.

The reason our inpatient programme is so highly revered is because of the success rates. Within our rehab centres, you’ve pulled away from the outside world.

Our centres are clean, comfortable, and filled with healthy activities that encourage creativity during your free time. We ensure your life has stability and routine when you’re with us.

We cook your meals and snacks to ensure that your physical body is fed whilst your spiritual body heals. You don’t have to worry about anything other than recovery when you’re here.

This is vital because digging into therapy, learning more about yourself and exploring your mental health and addictive habits can be incredibly overwhelming. Some people, only have the mental capacity to cope with this and this alone.

Travelling back and forth as well as having to look after yourself and someone else at home isn’t always feasible for those recovering from addiction.

This is why our inpatient programme is always recommended but is not the only route for you to go down.

The Importance of Seeking Help

It’s easy to ignore the signs that you need to request help. As humans, we can be incredibly harsh on ourselves.

We speak to ourselves in ways we wouldn’t dare speak to another human we loved or cared about.

We see seeking help for ourselves as a sign of weakness, but at Rehab 4 Addiction, we want to remind you that asking for help is a sign of strength.

You want to continue your journey of living, and you want to do it in a healthy way, without the crutch of numbing solutions such as alcohol or drugs.

That’s wonderful and so powerful. Asking to speak to a member of our team about your future is such an inspiring thing that we want to encourage you to do.

Every day more and more people lose their lives to addiction within the UK, we want to do as much as we possibly can to decrease that number, starting with you.

We understand finding help can be scary. But at Rehab 4 Addiction, we want to help you. Simply call 0800 140 4690 to book a free assessment, then we will find the perfect rehab for you.

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