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Living with the stress and strain of addiction can take its toll. Interestingly, lots of people will reach a point where they want to quit.

However, after months or years of avoiding this idea, it might suddenly seem really confusing to know where to turn for help.

For some, it’s incredibly uncomfortable. This might be because they’ve been told many times where to go for help, but it’s only now that they want to or feel prepared to.

If you’re stuck wondering who you can talk to, rest assured the Rehab 4 Addiction team is here to help.

We support people to access rehab centres every week. There are a huge number of treatment centres throughout the UK.

Depending on your preferences, there will be options that will totally suit your requirements.

The benefits of a referral to rehab

There are many reasons a referral to rehab supports you effectively. Firstly, it takes a huge amount of time researching rehab clinics and then contacting them to ask questions and find out more.

On top of this, you might wish you could find out really helpful information on how clinics specifically respond to your type of needs.

The number of clinics available as well as the stress of deciding while living with the day-to-day struggle of addiction can make people sign up to the first rehab clinic they come across.

This is inadvisable as you could end up missing the opportunity to attend a rehab much more suitable for you.

Rehab 4 Addiction supports people efficiently by getting to know exactly what their addiction is and how it’s affecting their lives. We find out what your goals are and support you around accessing the best treatment for them.

Using our service also ensures you’re able to quickly enter a rehab centre. This is essential because lots of people find it hard to maintain focus and determination to quit if an admission date is weeks or months away.

Our referrals place people into rehab clinics that they’re suited to and which also offer the highest recovery rates

While we manage all the arrangements and liaise with the clinic and professional staff on your behalf, you’re able to concentrate on you.

This is a time where you can gently prepare mentally and emotionally to face your new life of abstinence and recovery.

The personalised recovery programme you can find in Ellesmere

Whatever your drug and alcohol problems there are services that will suit. The first thing to note is that when you decide you’re ready to go to rehab, it’s best to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

It’s easy for the substances to weaken your resolve if you’re constantly facing triggers and withdrawal.

Once Rehab 4 Addiction has carried out a pre-assessment we can match you to a clinic. The team at the clinic will then start to build a tailored programme for you.

When you enter the clinic, they’ll hold a mental health assessment and this will further develop your personalised recovery programme.

When treatments are recommended especially for your needs you have the highest chances of success in recovery.

How rehab supports you to recover for the long-term

There are many ways rehab supports you to recover. The initial part of rehabilitation involves a detox. This will prepare the body at a physical level.

Staff support residents to stop taking drugs and alcohol by caring for them through the withdrawal process. This is also a time where medications are often prescribed.

Patients are provided with nourishing meals and healthy drinks in order to start rebalancing the body.

After detox, staff lead residents through psychological and alternative therapies.

This is where techniques are used that enable people to understand how the addiction exists and what they can do to take back control of behaviours.

Therapies provide safe spaces to explore thoughts and feelings. They also provide a solid foundation to begin long-term healing into the future.

The strategies patients start using have supported millions throughout the world to recover their mental health and to heal from addictions.

Aftercare support is available to you in Ellesmere

It’s natural for people to wonder how they’re going to remain sober after leaving rehab. It’s imperative that each person has clear aims with what they want to achieve.

In terms of reaching their goals, a person needs to be fully committed to them.

Determination and honesty are huge traits that have to be developed in order for people to recover long-term. It’s also essential that people continue to access support after a stay at rehab.

A residential lasts up to twenty-eight days. People then return home with an aftercare plan.

It’s important that you’re committed to sticking to the plan outlined in your aftercare programme. It will usually include counselling sessions as well as peer groups you can regularly attend.

Along with this, you’ll have to be willing to implement lifestyle changes to keep you focused on healthy life of newfound meaning.

What does it mean to invest in your treatment?

Investing in treatment isn’t just about paying to go to rehab. Investing in rehab predominantly means investing your time, effort, and energy into a completely new life.

A part of your life where you are committed to change.

For many, this is the most challenging process they will ever face. It’s important to bear in mind that people never regret quitting, but people constantly regret having not quit.

You can find a life of abstinence, but you’ll need support in getting there because addiction is a disease that requires treatment.

How to contact a local rehab clinic

To find a local rehab clinic in Ellesmere or elsewhere in the UK should you prefer, all you need to do is give the Rehab 4 Addiction staff a call.

One of our friendly team members will be available to answer all your questions.

Rehab 4 Addiction is linked to drug and alcohol clinics that offer the highest level of treatment.

We can explain these all to you. With your permission, we can then refer you and support you throughout the admission process.

Call us today on 0800 140 4690.

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